Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Weekend

365 days a year that is approximately 52 weeks and probably 104 weekends leaves you with enough time to spend for yourself or the way you want. Resting is the most common activity performed by people on the dual days of weekends and also wish for an extra day in weekend but resting is not fun enough for the restless mind of humans when boredom attacks, stress bar doesn’t go down and idleness climbs the peak. What to do in weekends is your question? The confusion, doubt, query can be resolved. Here are Top 10 fun and useful ways to spend your weekend days.


1. Volunteer


Be a part of something that can bring a change or is an act of kindness. Volunteer yourself into a public service or a charity act. There is no scarcity of services that need volunteer. Enroll yourself into weekend teaching service let everyone who desires for education know the taste of alphabets and words. Feed the ones who starve all weekdays until some group of good hearted people decide to provide them with food. Volunteer for neighborhood cleaning programs.  Possibilities are infinite where you can volunteer yourself and prove yourself useful and worthy for social welfare and social upliftment.


2. Meet Old Friends

Meet old friends

“It takes a long time to grow old friends” quoted by John Leonard.

When you are involved in the race of life often time doesn’t allow you to be with friends. Weekends can be the best time for get-togethers after a long interval of time. Renew the decaying bond of friendship in time. Make plans with them to travel, visit any place. Awake those memories that you will laugh on now. Experience the feeling of meeting old friends, learning how things have changed, realize how time has passed and how far you have travelled on the path of life for friends are the best way to measure life.


3. Photography


Capture the moments of your life. Frame it later or share it instant on social networking sites as per the latest trend. Tell tales through your photographs. Join photography workshops; learn new methods and techniques of photography. Visit places you like and click photos of those places. Bird watching and photography is also a trending hobby among people. Start clicking pictures you like, the way you see things. Professionalism comes later.


4. Write Letters:

Write letters

The generation of internet and virtual message services letter writing may seem a little old fashioned but some things are better old fashioned way. Write a letter or postcard to you afar staying friends. It may be surprise for your friend but the special and nostalgic feeling of letter writing is irreplaceable. To the impatient energy filled youth it will be new experience and may probably seem boring. The real fun begins when you get a reply to your letter.


5. Experiment in Kitchen:

Experiment in kitchen

A way to a man’s heart is from his stomach a very famous proverb of course. Learn new dishes, explore new dishes, create new dishes experiment your experiences in kitchen to make something new out of it and dig he way from his stomach to heart. Well women have the same passion for food as men. So, weekend time can also be a good time for men to learn cooking and surprise their women with new food. Spice up the life, may be add some sugar. Baking cakes and cookies-sounds good? May be it will taste better if you try it once. Now if you are not good at cooking use the weekends to learn cooking. Buy a How to cook book and learn from the scratch.


6. Art and Music:

Art and music

Every person is an unexplored artist. The real question is have you explored the artist in you? Or kept it pinned in the to-do list in the fast pace work life. Which is a better time than weekends to spend exploring the hidden artistic talents in you? Try drawing, sketching or painting- the basic forms of art or try graffiti, sculptures, wood carving, making the best out of the waste and many more ideas and you may have the caliber to add to the list your new innovative definition of art. Learn guitar, keyboard or any instrument that you fancy and try mastering them. Try composing music. Nobody hates Music.


7. Shopping:


Shopping is the best stress buster for women, works 99.9% of the times. Money cannot buy happiness but it can buy you a pretty clothes, diamond rings and new watches and you rarely find someone unhappy in brand new clothes wearing a brand new watch or a diamond ring. Spending is an effective way of buying happiness. Spending on yourself buys happiness but spending on friends and family buys love and happiness. Buying surprise gifts for your loved ones, friends, children if married. Make relationships better.


8. Start writing:

Start writing

Start writing about anything that comes into your mind; give a boost to your writing skills. Things that catch your attention, which motivates you, inspires you, touches you or moves you and writing it down makes you feel better. write about your motivations and goals. Write down about places you want to visit, things you want to do and people you want to meet. Make a blog ID and start blogging about things you like. Making it a regular weekend habit can improve you to become a better and professional blogger. If reading gives you new words expanding your ‘wordrobe’ then writing makes you wear those words on paper. People confident enough can start writing a book about the topic they like, thus making a constructive use of weekend days.


9. Play Sport:

Play sport

Try a hand in tennis or try a leg in football. Try any game, moving those lazy muscles; put it work before it rusts. Sports help in developing team spirit and cooperation. Sports develop strategic the functioning process of the mind. Sports are considered to be constructive expenditure of energy as it contributes to stress free and well-disciplined mind. How do you know you don’t have it in you? You try it and determine yourself. Beside sports is a good way to meet new people and make new friends. Go jogging and meet people, play badminton with them which is a trend among working class people who are equally concerned about health and fitness. Cricket and football is craze among children, teens and people with youthful energy. Play ground is a nice place to spend working out the muscles, meeting new people, playing games and being a team.


10. Read a Book:

Read a book

There are amazing people who can make you climb Everest, sail strange and unknown waters, fly the higher skies  that no one has explored, ride into a fairytale, fiction, adventure or any genre of book you like in week end. Add into your account some significant amount of knowledge, facts, figures, and statistics. Books may or may not help you escape reality, time travel, travel to exotic places by sitting in your room, meet strangers and live another life but it will definitely help your from scratching itself into idleness. It helps to gradually improve your memory with consistent reading habit. It molds your mind into analytical thinking making it possible for you to look at matters through different perspectives. It polishes your writing skills and expands your hold on vocabulary. It injects peace of mind better than any other drug.

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