Top 10 Exercise to Increase Stamina

As the world is moving forward in terms of development, trade and commerce, the individual health is taking a back seat. Gradually, it is becoming that battery of the phone which is taken for granted and not paid any heed until it reaches a critical level. But as we all know, when the battery gets finished, the phone dies. The metaphor is absolutely clear and apt to denote the intensity to which this condition has been worsened. There is no dearth of diseases on earth, maybe that’s the reason for a one-way trip to Mars! In addition to that, a problem that is entirely universal is that people consider themselves as fit and healthy as long as they are not diagnosed with a particular disease. In this myopic view, people tend to ignore the fatigue and lack of stamina that has enslaved them. This lack of stamina becomes a part and parcel of their lives and they learn to live with it rather than taking any action against it. Through this article of ours, we aim to demolish the myth of a healthy being by getting you a reality check done that if you do not have proper stamina, then not just probably; most definitely you have a serious health issue that needs to be dealt with in the earliest possible. The list below provides you with top ten ways to deal with the lack of stamina and how to increase it.

The top 10 exercises that increase stamina are:


1. Circuit-Training


Circuit training involves the conditioning of the body in such a way that it is able to bear the fierce most atrocities. It focuses on various parts of the body. It is a combination of various exercises for short period of time. It uses the technique of high intensity aerobics. It strengthens the core strength of a person’s body. It is so rigorous and intense that it enhances the stamina level of a person with a rocket speed. It tones the muscles of the entire body and is works wonders in keeping a check on the heart muscles.


2. Running


Have we ever seen an athlete who gets tired or lacks energy? Have we ever been able to catch up to the walking speed of an athlete? Well, the honest answer to both the questions is an obvious no, lest you are an athlete yourself. What makes them so energetic is the rigorous running that they do. Now, you might not want to match up to their level. But, one should run daily in order to increase stamina. It is the best way to enhance the cardiovascular endurance. It keeps the pumping of heart at its best level and tones the entire body. In addition to that, it also relieves a person of his/her stressful thoughts, making it a wholesome exercise.


3. Cycling


When we say that childhood is the best phase of a person’s life, we surely have reasons for that. This simple and playful activity can prove to be very helpful in increasing one’s stamina. It regulates the heart muscles and tones the muscles of arms and especially legs. It increases our cardiovascular endurance. One should focus on cycling for a longer distance than yesterday. This simple exercise is so beneficial that it has made its way to the confines of a gymnasium. The only difference being that in a gym, you cannot indulge in sight seeing while enhancing your stamina, owing to the stationary nature of the cycle.


4. Swimming


This exercise, apart from being an “exercise”, is a way through which you can save lives. The best part about swimming is that it involves the movement of entire body and not just particular parts of the body. It tones the muscles and increases flexibility. It is a very good form of cardiovascular workout. It regulates the heartbeat and keeps the lungs under check. Again an exercise that is a lot of fun, it can be done as a weekly family affair too. And in no time will you be able to see the deep benefits of this exercise.


5. Walking


In all the lifestyle columns of all the magazines of the world, this exercise has surely been talked about at great lengths. Walking is an exercise that involves least effort. One just has to wear shoes and walk! This helps in regulating blood pressure. It is considered to be a great cardiovascular workout. The ease with which this can be performed is its USP. However, in order to attain significant changes in energy level, one must increase the speed and distance. And so you can easily increase the time duration of your energy level and stamina.


6. Aerobics


This is the fun sister of skipping. Aerobics is nothing but a form of dance that helps a person to loosen the rigid muscles and tighten the sagging muscles of a body. It helps in improving the flexibility also. It increases the energy level of a person to a large extent. It also helps in toning the body and bringing it to a proper shape. Like all the exercises, it also has the added benefit of weight reduction and burning extra calories. By inculcating such fun exercises in your daily routine, you can definitely increase your stamina easily.


7. Weight Training


No, this exercise is not meant only for the wrestlers. One might start with lighter weights initially. The aim is to be able to lift weights without having the feeling of falling apart. By lifting weights, the muscles become much stronger. This also plays a psychological part in enhancing the stamina of an individual as while lifting huge weights, the person does not feel intimidated by them and instead, gathers full stamina to lift the obstacle and emerge victorious. However, this exercise should be performed under strict supervision of a trainer and not be tried at home without any safety measures.


8. Skipping


Lack of stamina can lead to several mental and physical ailments. In order to improve one’s stamina, this child’s play can help one in long run. It helps in pumping heart muscles. It also involves the movement of arms and legs and thereby strengthening their muscles. This is one exercise that is not the one that would make you want to die at once. Instead, the element of fun that is involved in this exercise makes it all the more effective and versatile for all the age groups. In addition to increasing stamina, it has the added benefit of reducing weight that just serves as a cherry on the top.


9. Step-Climbing


This is one exercise that is so easy to do that we almost forget the large effect that it can create in our body system. Just a simple up down the staircase can prove very beneficial in increasing the stamina of an individual. The mechanism that step climbing involves is almost similar to a cardio exercise in a high end gym. This exercise is the best example of “best things in the world are free”. Just by making simple changes in one’s daily life like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can enhance one’s stamina manifold.


10. Yoga


This Indian set of exercises is one that has stayed with the entire human civilization for ages. The reasons for that are quite clear and evident. Yoga helps a person to get rid of all sorts of diseases. It has even proven beneficial in some acute cases of cancer. It helps in increasing the flexibility of body and also reduces mental stress. Not only that, it detoxifies the body from within and increases the overall stamina of a person. The individual practicing yoga becomes a very active person who does not succumb to fatigue.

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