Top 10 Disney Princesses

Every girl on this planet wants the life and love of a princess. The beauty, the wealth, the comforts and of course, the idea of that one perfect man, their knight in shining armor,  who will sweep her off her feet and take her away forever, where they will live happily ever after. The idea of living a fairy tale life is pleasing to one and all. What never crosses our minds is that these fictional tales of adventure, friendship, love etc have a happy ending but these princesses have to go through a lot to reach the point where they can live their happily ever afters. One pioneer who made many classical and timeless princesses come to the big-screen was Disney. Walt Disney, along with his trademark Disney characters, also got many fairy-tales to the big screens in the form of movies. These movies have a larger than life appeal as everything in their fictional fairy-tale land is breath-takingly grand and pompous. We have seen many beautiful and brave princesses but some are so different that they just stand out. Of course, each of these tales is supposed to teach us many morals, but some morals too, stand out. So here is a list of the top 10 Disney princesses.


1. Cinderella


Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy-tales of all times and we can see why. An overworked and under-appreciated beautiful girl who gets the one chance thanks to her godmother to live her dream and go to the ball with the Prince. She is witty, smart, caring and brave. Her story is what many girls can relate to and find momentary bliss or peace that out there, somewhere, there will be a prince who will be searching for the girl whose feet fit into the shoes. But as we know, it doesn’t do well to dwell upon dreams so get up and work hard to achieve what you want and you will, for sure, have the happily ever after you want!


2. Snow White

Snow White

Snow White’s beauty is well-known to everyone who has read fairy-tales. The black hair, white skin and the red lips were all what we girls desired. But Snow White was much more than just her beauty. Her voice and her good-nature was what did her good with the seven little dwarves. Many people argue that she waited too long in the cottage, but fear is an emotion we all face and to rule it out of a fairy tale would be unwise. She was the first Disney princess and she will always have a very special place in everyone’s hearts.


3. Belle


We all want our prince charming, but a princess who settled for something much less than a prince charming is what we love about Belle. Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic about Belle, a girl who is married to a beast. Of course, at first she detests it but only because she is scared of the beast and he is rude to her. But as time passes, she gets to know the real man beneath the beast and with a kiss, she breaks the curse and the restores the beast into a handsome young prince. Her beauty, simplicity and her openness to look beyond over looks is what inspires us.


4. Ariel


The Little Mermaid who did some pretty big deeds, indeed. Ariel from the Little Mermaid is another one of the brave and feisty princesses. She is a mermaid but is obsessed with humans and she saves the life of Prince Eric and falls in love with him. But as we all know, love is never easy. She faces a lot of problems, but she is ambitious and although what she desires is difficult to achieve, she doesn’t give up. With all that, her beauty, her singing and her general romantic nature is very appealing.


5. Jasmine


Forgiving, thoughtful, brave and with a very inquisitive mind, Jasmine is one of the best Disney princesses. A girl who has grown up with all the luxury in the world wants to let go of it all to travel and to see the real world out there. She is beautiful, yes, but there are other qualities, such as her courage which makes everyone fall in love with her. She doesn’t accept the marriage her parents decide for her and even runs away. Aladdin, the man who loves her, lies to her but she forgives him because she knows he did it for love.


6. Rapunzel


Now, we all the normal tale of Rapunzel, who waited and waited in a high tower. But the Rapunzel we are talking about is the more kick-ass one. Rapunzel from Tangled is brave, fierce, and unbelievably cute and makes the best pair with Flynn Rider. She is the most happy-go-lucky princess even though she has spent years of her life locked up in a tower. She is not someone who is going to stay sad and cry over spilled milk. She takes her life into her own hands and decides that she will escape and go to her real home to her real parents. And so she does. The tale is funny, entertaining and thoughtful and if you haven’t watched it yet, you definitely ought to.


7. Pocahontas


The most wise and good-natured princess produced by Disney is Pocahontas. She is very close to nature and life, in general and understands them the best. Fearless and passionate, she is not afraid to break the rules that are not right and she will and she does give up everything to save the lives of her near and dear ones- even give up on her own love. True to herself at any cost, she isn’t afraid of anything and will risk everything to do the right thing.


8. Mulan


Let’s talk about a princess who saved China and saved two communities who are raging a cultural war with each other. Yep, that’s Mulan for you. Mulan is brave, fierce and a strong-willed woman and she is by far, the best warrior Disney has ever gotten to the screen. When her country is at war, she enlists in the army under the disguise of a boy Ping and fights the deadly Huns. Not your everyday princess story, Mulan’s maturity and bravery is what every girl should be looking up to.


9. Merida


Think of the deepest orange color for hair in the Disney princess and won’t have to even blink to say that we are talking about the most recent princess that Disney gave us. Merida from the movie Brave, which released in the year 2012, is the most non-conventional Disney princess and we love it! She isn’t the naïve or the pushed around princess and she gets what she wants by working hard for it. She doesn’t fit into the tag ‘beautiful’ by Disney standards with that messy orange hair and short stout, but she is as fierce as one can be. Her archery skills are top-notch and we are all gaga for Merida. You go girl!


10. Tiana


Tiana from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog, which came out in the year 2009, has to be one of the most strong, independent and a self-made woman. She worked hard to what she wanted to achieve and she followed her dreams no matter what. Tiana is very mature even though, like every girl, she wishes on stars. But she doesn’t let stars decide her destiny. She works hard, owns a restaurant and proves herself as a feisty woman and should be a role-model to girls today. On top of that, this one saves her Prince Charming! What more can you ask from a princess?

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