Top 10 Destination Wedding Venues

The first day of rest of your new life. This day needs celebration and has to be special. It is no more about just walking down the aisle or picking out the right dress. Having a single Kodak moment just won’t do for now we need a full blown, high definition full length 3-d experience. The background has to be just right, the music has to be unique and the theme should be different. It should define the personality of the bride and the groom. A personalized customized setting is a bare minimum today. The industry is cashing on this and provides all this in a nice bow tied box. Destination wedding has everything, venue, backdrop, meal and a honeymoon packed right in. Although it is difficult to narrow down the destinations to 10, the article gives a view of few popular destinations, the zoomed down options at those destinations and of course the ‘why go for it’.


1. Rock House Hotel, Jamaica

Rock house hotel, Jamaica

If what you are looking for is a sophisticated and polished wedding, this is not for you. If beauty in its natural form is what works for you then Jamaica is the Holy Grail. Instead of walking down the aisle, you can walk down the bridge. The beautiful sunset and the dolphins can swim by just when you say ‘I do’. Too good to be true? Believe it! The hotel is small with only 35 rooms, the reviews show the services to be outstanding and the golden setting sun will make the pictures a standing testimony to the most amazing day of your life

Apart from the beauty and the moment, the destination weddings have more benefits than what meets the eye. Th travel ensures only intimate and confined guess, the family feuds are reduced and the weddings becomes honeymoon with no hassle. The guests get a wedding cum vacation here and thus everyone is happy. If you are lucky and currency conversion works in your favor, the wedding may just be easy on your pocket. Happy planning.


2. South Africa

South Africa

If the bride and Groom share the love for adventure and outdoors, they can head to South Africa for their dream wedding. The stunning view aside, the wedding can actually take place at the animal reserve with the resounding roars of lions on the background. Too much? How about a chapel on the peak with the mountain range in the background. Then you can head for a wild Safari. Nothing like starting a new chapter of life with lions to witness this moment!  Popular options in South Africa are Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg, and MolenVliet Wine & Guest Estate among many others.


3. Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands

Popular as the honeymoon destination of Prince Williams, this island is a picture perfect place for the whole package. The hue granite boulders decorate the sprawling photogenic beaches. This is a place of class and adventure all mixed in one. There is option of scuba diving, surfing and of course the long walks down the white sand beaches. The love is surely in the air.


4. Dramatic Cave in South Wales, UK

Dramatic Cave in South Wales, UK

Castles and oceans just don’t sit right with you. So what do we do? Well how about a cave? No this is not a joke; this is among the highly popular places to get married at. Let me paint you a picture, a showcase in south wales with a lake. Two waterfalls dutifully fill this lake. This is the natural backdrop of the ceremony. A chamber named ‘St. Paul’s Dome’ gives you an intimate feeling. The slight edge in the air gives you a tingling feeling when you accept your better-half and vow to spend your life together. This will make for a memorable wedding for everyone.


5. Viceroy Resort Anguilla

Viceroy Resort Anguilla

If outdoor is needed just for the background and the artistic beauty on the inside is what really matters, this is one resort for you. The artistic beauty of the palace combined with the panache of the place will give you the sophisticated wedding of your choice. The overall effect will leave your guest breathless. The Caribbean view will make for a great honeymoon destination and the invisible pools of the resort will make for perfect meet-ups!


6. County Clare, Ireland

County Clare, Ireland

If castles and outdoors both appeal you and the choice is difficult, how about this county of Ireland. The Irish feel won’t let you down. The Dromoland Castle is among the most popular choice. The groom can ride a steed to whisk the lady away, a falcon can deliver your rings and Irish hospitality needs no description. The sipping of whiskey in the 400 hectors of Greenland, the archery lessons or dance in the ballroom, all offers you a one of a kind wedding. Need more? How about a helicopter ride after the ceremony all the way to Cliff of Moher, and a dramatic re-introduction s Mr. and Mrs. Savvy?


7. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, USA

If castle and mountains don’t appeal to you and what you need is the sea, Hawaii is the way to go. The sandy beaches, the exotic feel in the air and the coconut trees will have you say ‘Mahalo’. The wedding can be wild on the beach or by the beach at resort; the guests will enjoy it for sure. The guests would be limited thus assuring the intimate ceremony. Need we say more?


8. Udaipur, India

Udaipur, India

The jewel of a place, Udaipur. Tucked in the state of Rajasthan India, this little city packs quiet a punch when you need a destination wedding. With the shadow of Aravalli Mountain ranges and bank of Lake Pichola the backdrop is breathtaking. Add to this the cultural punch of India, the fireworks and the gigantic castle. This will give you a fairy tale wedding. The options range from the five star hotels like Taj, Oberio and Leela to exotic options like Jag Mandir palace, The Royal Palace, The Chunda Palace etc.


9.  Vail Mountain, Vail, Colorado

Vail Mountain, Vail, Colorado

The backdrop of Rockies is what wins this destination a spot on our list. With open amphitheater, a look down deck where you stand to take your vows and the vast stretch of Rockies behind you. The view alone can have you say yes a million times. If you and your partner have a love of the outdoors, a bond with nature or mountains have a soft spot then this is your place. The lodges, the walk by the gorges are all part of the package.


10. Chateau Wedding, France

Chateau Wedding, France

If you want the horse drawn carriage, the flowered aisle and spectacular chandelier with lights bouncing off it all night long, this is the place to go. The Chateau or places of France will have your photographer gasping for breath. The Old time castles retain their rustic beauty to provide you a wedding that can make Cinderella go green with envy. The lucky bride and groom get a picture in front of the castle in the carriage. The groom gets to woo his lady and the lady gets to live out every girls dream. And thus the magic begins with the castle. If this weren’t enough, the guests are entertained to the core. Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy and Chateau d’Esclimont are among the most popular choices.

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