Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities of the World

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but when the world unanimously rate something as gorgeous you can’t help but check it out. We have natural wonders and manmade wonder, modern and ancient wonders, how about the cities as a whole? That’s beauty on a grand scale. Here is a list of most beautiful cities of the world. Each has some uniqueness, some character that can’t be imitated. This is what makes them stand out in the whole world. So get ready for a heavy dose of photogenic cities which puts postcards to shame!


1. Venice, Italy


In one word, this city is simply incomparable. From the accounts of the people who have actually visited it, Venice is a fairy tale come to life and only one unique enough to be called truly unique. The canals run through the city ad gondolas transport people from their home to wherever they wish to go. The romantic capital of the world has its own definition of life. As the evening sets in, the houses, buildings along the canal starts to light up. This is reflected perfectly in the water giving a magnificent setting for moon lit boat rides. The architecture, the art work, the food everything has beauty ingrained in it. Venice is showcased in cultural world with presence in arts, literature and cinema, from merchant of Venice (Shakespeare) to Casino royale (James Bond). It has a magnificent glass industry (started in 13th century) which makes colorful intricate glass designs and pattern. Venice has art in its veins and this creates beauty like never before.


2. Paris, France


What is to say about Paris that has not already been said in poems or literature? From the Eiffel Tower to seine river, this land has beauty spilled all over it. The magnificent lighting of Eiffel tower every evening grinds the city to standstill. Locals and tourists soak in the wonder and light. The Champs Elysees (most expensive street in the world) has its own charisma.  The Louvre is so extensive that it takes 4 days to check out every piece of art in the gigantic museum. The Rolland Garros is a place of worship for tennis enthusiasts. Be it arts, science, sports or fashion, this is a melting pot of culture and who can forget the food. French cuisine is popular and Paris boasts of its culinary skills. This is one place you would want to see before you die.


3. Prague, Czech Republic


The city of spires. Prague boasts of a cultural and historical mix like no other place in the world. The buildings belonging to various periods of history can be found here. The Charles Bridge is one popular spot to actually soak into the historical wonder of this city. The Czech capital has a population of 2 million people. It is a world Heritage site with over numerous museums, theater and art galleries. It has 4.4 million international visitors every year. Suffice to say, it is one hell of a city.


4. Lisbon, Portugal


This is the biggest city of Portugal and among most beautiful one in the world. The best beauty is effortless one and the city of Lisbon is a perfect example. It wasn’t planned to be but today Lisbon offers a million dollar view at every step. Proudly sitting on the foot of many hills and running to the banks of river Tagus, Lisbon has the prowess to enchant with nothing but a look. The colorful ancient streets with a subtle skyline are perhaps what make Lisbon click. The gothic and roman architecture doesn’t hurt a bit!


5. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

The blue of the ocean, the green of the nature and the sandy border to finish the picture, the city is said to be most naturally beautiful city of the world. ‘the marvelous city’ is the local name for this slice of heaven, the cobbled streets and lazy beaches make for a panoramic view from the famous Sugarloaf Mountain or by the Corcovado statue. The city has a wild nightlife with dance on the streets and the festivals of Rio need no introduction. It has 2.82 million international tourists every year thus it comes as no surprise that Rio has some world class hotels. It is often said that God made the world in six days and created Rio on day seven.


6. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Capital and most populated city of Netherlands has something for everyone. From the oldest stock exchange of the world to the Anne frank house, the canals the red light areas and the coffee shops Amsterdam has a fix for everyone. With 4.63 million tourists, Amsterdam is surely cashing on its natural offerings. With museums, art galleries, performing art, fashion and music offerings, Amsterdam has its air peppered with creativity. It goes without saying that the nightlife and festivals are to die for.


7. Rome, Italy


The seven hills proudly hold the magnificent city of Rome. Capital of Italy with population of 26, 45,907, Rome brings about certain images like the gladiator fights or struggling artist painting by the street, the musicians by the tiny cafes and the architecture smiling away. All this and so much more together forms Rome. With history dating back as much as two thousand years, the city is regarded as birth place of western civilization. The stupendous architecture (Coliseum, The Vatican, The Pantheon) aside, the streets of Rome are true memento to its eternal beauty. At every bend there is history and every turn brings great food. It is one must have city in your bucket-list.


8. Bruges, Belgium


This is not a metropolis in a shiny country but a small city of a small country. The major beauty of this city lies in its medieval and rustic architecture. It is one way to feel the effects of time travel for Bruges will take you back in time to the 19th century. With a population of 1, 17,170 this city is oval shaped and surrounded by a canal. The lanes of the city are impossibly romantic and unbelievably poetic.  As most of the ancient architecture is still intact, the concert halls and theaters provide certain class. It is a photographer’s paradise with panoramic spots all over the city. Touted as the Venice of the east, Bruges is located in central Europe and no trip to Belgium is complete without a soiree at Bruges.


9. Budapest, Hungary


This city is gorgeous by the day and stunning by the night. The Danube River divides the city into two parts. The chain bridge is a spectacular sight as is the parliament building. This capital city of Hungary has extensive world heritage site includes the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square among other places. Budapest features in many popular movies, most recently Mission impossible-Ghost Protocol


10. Florence, Italy


A true reflection of the Italian renaissance. The art and architecture of Italy are all blended in this remarkable little place. The spectacular view of the city from 19th century terrace Piazzale Michelangelo (it overlooks the entire city) gives a stunning view of the skyline, the domes the bridges and the hills in the distance mix together to give a picturesque view. It has over 3, 70,000 people and is a major fashion center of the world. It goes without saying that tourism is the major source of income.

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