Top 10 Countries that Have Shown No Regard for the Environment

This was a difficult topic but for the fact that only ten countries needed to be focused, it saved my hands from getting exhausted typing the name of each region of the world! This is not a joke; a fact indeed that we the privileged species on earth, named Homo sapiens have collectively and individually taken all minor to major steps to ruin the sanctity of the green planet. Whenever we hear ‘environmental degradation’, we tend to blame the environmentalists as to point out that they are not working towards the betterment of the planet and at the same time burn plastics, litter the ground with waste and wait for the so called “concerned authorities” to take the necessary measures to stop environmental degradation. The major problem is that of depletion of drinking water and the climatic changes that prove fatal to agriculture; forests and all living beings on earth. In order to show respect to Mother Earth, one can start on one’s own than waiting for benevolent officials to come up with the reforms. The article is written based upon the study of environmental impacts by a university in Australia.


1. Brazil


Illegal wild life trade, deforestation, environmental pollution and many more kinds of damage to Nature has earned Brazil environment reprobate status. Poaching has destroyed many species that we get to know them just by images in books or on internet and can never see them alive. The reasons and concerns pertaining to a nation may not looked upon as restricted to that particular nation, it is universal: even when people are dying due to environmental issues, most of us forget that any day we shall also become victim of environmental degradation, which actually we are unconsciously! The only way out is grass roots mobilization and take individual steps to clean one’s neighbourhood; if this is practiced everywhere and the waste is properly disposed, land pollution can be brought in control to  a greater extent. Cutting down trees should be prevented because if the level of oxygen goes down, we cannot depend on the radioactive elements or the pollutants to breathe in and survive! A nation is not just a ruling party’s personal possession, it belongs to the citizens as well and as responsible citizens of the world we need to do our part, because environmental hazards are not nation specific but worldwide threats.


2. USA


The developed countries rank top when it comes to air pollution. New automobiles are launched at a faster pace than pollution is increasing. Major reasons are mining, deforestation, constructions, nuclear power plants etc. The pursuit of power has deafened almost all the nations of the world towards Nature’s sorrows and cries. The countries take measures to cure the impacts but do not look into the matter of regulating industries and factories.


3. China


The problems in China is no unique than other countries: water pollution and air pollution has made the living conditions worse there. The major problem is desertification, the Gopi desert is expanding by approximately 2500 square kilometers per year and the government has taken measures to convert the area into a forest at the least by 2050. There had been instances when China has tried to tap the immense power of the natural resources and failed miserably losing her people.


4. Indonesia


The large scale deforestation has hook the ecosystem of Indonesia most of which is illegal. Industrialization without proper channelization for garbage disposal and resources have become hindrance for the environmental reforms in Indonesia. The waters carry toxins and harmful elements causing health issues to the people there. The wildfire of 1997 caused a considerable damage to the islands and the impacts  are visible even today. Indonesia is the victim of environment disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, floods and drought and the environmental pollution has marred the beauty of the land.


5. Japan


Japan like a phoenix rose from the ashes of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the world looked at the nation with astonishment and respect. The environmental pollution in Japan resulted from its move towards industrialization as the topography never supported mining or nuclear plants. During floods, the toxic chemicals dumped into the rivers reach far off lands and spread disease among the people. The nuclear plants and the radioactive wastes are a major concern not only in Japan but Asia as a whole because it could wipe off an entire continent. The news of the nuclear plant leakage in Japan had created a great panic in the continent and the next time if such a thing happens, the phoenix bird might not rise again nor the entire world exist.


6. Mexico


As per the census of 1999, over one million people in Mexico were admitted in hospitals due to health issues caused by pollution. The city has enforced certain laws like ‘no driving’ on specific days, yet the pollution is increasing and automobiles, industries and factories are the main reasons behind this hazard. It is sad that even after so many years nothing considerable has been done to restore the equilibrium of the ecosystem.


7. India


All the environmental issues converge here, garbage disposal to air pollution; species extinction threat to deforestation- the concerns vary and seems to increase at the mercy of corrupt officials and unaffected populace. The people are used to such conditions that they hardly pay attention to check if there are ways out of the “unhygienic and polluted” environment rather they praise the foreign countries for cleanliness and throw the waste at neighbour’s gate!! The slum area are the most pathetic and disease prone region and ‘n’ number of children die of health issues.


8. Russia


The major concern is that of environmental pollution of extinction of animal species like the polar bear , Caucasian leopard, amur tiger. Studies show that more than fifty percentage of Russia’s water is polluted and people residing in the outskirts of cities are facing health issues due to this. Another major issue is the depletion of the fossil fuel as the energy sector has not been technically advanced which would reduce the pollution rate to a greater extent. In this era, this sounds slightly irresponsible a stance by the government!!


9. Australia


The over exploitation of natural resources have put Australia in this list; the concern over the deterioration of the Murray-Darling Basin has sent tremors of concern all across the continent, but the plight of the ecosystem continues to be the same. The people are suffering from water shortage problems which seem to get worse each year. The water pollution caused due to dumping of wastes into the ocean and oil spills have alerted the land that steps are being implemented and the sport of whaling has been banned long back and now they have promoted whale protection.  Despite the efforts, many of these ecological problems are not dealt with proper measures.


10. Peru


The major concerns in Peru are soil erosion, water pollution, deforestation, extensive hunting, over-fishing and pollution and so on. Peru has the fourth largest rain forest area in the world and around 2.5 lakh hectares are cut down on an annual basis in the name subsistence farming, mining, oil drilling and road constructions. The level of oxygen would go down if this continues for a longer period of time; now that the government has taken measures to mitigate the impacts, the threat is unfathomably dangerous for all of us.

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