Top 10 Tips How to Overcome Separation Anxiety

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“Separation Anxiety”, most of you must have heard these words before and even if not then you can get an idea that it is an anxiety caused due to separation. Now when we are talking about this, the most common type of separation anxiety is what we observe among children when they are separated from their parents, say, at the first day of school or what your pet goes through whenever left alone. But apart from children and pets even adult can suffer from separation anxiety when they are not being able to stay with the people they are most attached to and it can be a serious mental issue which in many cases needs a proper diagnosis. One can feel separation anxiety when separated from their spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, siblings and also friends. If you also feel apprehensive and jittery whenever some of your close ones are away for some time then follow these 10 tips that can help you in dealing with your anxiety.

1. Seek Professional help

Professional help

Earlier thought to be a serious trouble for children, now separation anxiety has got recognition as a mental disorder that can grip adults too and in many cases it requires a diagnosis. Accepting and understanding your problem is the initial part of your treatment and understanding the fact that separations and reunions are natural will help you in getting through it. But if your anxiety creates a problem in your daily life then it’s always a good idea to seek some professional help. Special medical diagnosis is developed to treat the people suffering from separation anxiety and they are highly advisable.


2. Join Support groups

Support groups

Support groups can be extremely beneficial in dealing with this problem as you will be able to find few more people to rely upon other than your prime caretaker. Firstly you will have people around you who understand your problem and are willing to help. Secondly, even when you are being separated from some important person in your life, you do not need to feel lonely as you have still got a solid support.


3. Forget the past bad experiences if any

Forget the past bad experiences

Separation anxiety in children is a serious issue and often observed around. Children don’t feel very comfortable whenever they are left alone at house or have to leave their parents on the first day of school. Sometimes this issue of childhood continues till a long time and many of these people are those who have suffered some kind of abuse or have felt neglected earlier in their life. This may make them insecure and they develop trust issues with people. If such has been an issue with you then you got to understand that just because somebody abandoned you or left you in past doesn’t mean that you cannot trust anyone again. Different people don’t necessarily make the same mistakes.


4. Do not be ashamed


Separation anxiety is a natural thing that occurs with a large number of people. Sometimes it can be controlled with few simple techniques and other times it needs professional help. But in both the cases this is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover if you keep your thoughts with yourself then it will just increase your uneasiness. Share it with the person you get most tensed about leaving and they can comfort you and help in overcoming your insecurities and fears.


5. Do not think of worst case scenarios
Do not think of worst case scenarios

It is another common thing that keeps going on in the head of somebody who is facing separation anxiety. Worrying endlessly and keeping thinking that something bad is going to happen with your significant other is not a healthy habit. Many times parents get anxious every time their child leaves the house even if they are just going out for a lunch with friends. In such a situation try to kick out all the bad thoughts from your mind and reassure yourself that the person you love is in a safe environment and there is nothing ill happening to them. Choose to imagine them as happy and enjoying instead of stuck in a problem.


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