Top 10 Tips How to Stop Snoring

Is your loved one keeping you up all night? It happens at my household often. Sorry to say but there are some of my relatives who snore a lot and their better halves are anything but happy with them. I am sure it must be a common yet grave problem with you guys as well. Snoring is said to commonly associate with a medical disorder with sleeping called sleep apnea. It is a potential life threatening situation which causes the sleeper to wake up and begin breathing again. The main reason behind this is the blockage of nose and inability to find air. It requires medical attention. Decide if your problem is much more than snoring. Occasionally snoring is not a big deal but if it is a frequent phenomenon with some of you, it can affect the quantity and the quality of your sleep as well as of those around you. Your wife might be pissed off with you. Your children would want a room of their own nonetheless. Snoring leads to irritability, tiredness and many such health problems. If it causing tremors in your love life and is resulting in serious relationship problems, worry not. Because the following tips will ensure that you do not get to sleep in separate bedrooms and get rid of this irksome problem.


1. See a doctor

See a doctor

Pregnant women often tend to snore. If you know someone who is suffering, lead them to a good doctor. Snoring during pregnancy can rob your baby off oxygen and this merely does not sound good at all. Your dentist can ask you to buy a mouth guard which keeps your jaw muscles intact and prevent them from getting lax. If you have chronic allergies, then your doctor can prescribe you antihistamines. Gurgle with a peppermint mouth wash to thin your throat lining. If cold is to be blamed, and then take medicines as prescribed. This will relieve you temporarily. Although prolonged usage of antihistamines and decongestants can be harmful. Use them if and only you have been guided by your doctor.


2. Elevate your head

Elevate your head

Prop yourself up in the bed by keeping two pillows. Lying flat on your back can aggravate your condition. If you are uncomfortable in keeping two pillows down your head, then elevate the ends of your bed by keeping flat boards or old books beneath the legs. Make sure they are flat and even. An uneven elevation can only cause neck problems. Forget about snoring problems; think about your neck ache now. Prop up your upper body if raising your head is too much for you.


3. Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Lose weight and avoid alcohol. Follow them and you will be happy with your wife again. There is a very unusual medical reason behind losing weight. If there is excess fat tissue in the back of your throat, it will hinder your passage. Consider losing a little if not a lot. Moreover this will give you a lean look and you will liked by all. Not that fat people have been stereotyped, but you will be suffering less from most of the health problems.


4. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Dry air can irritate the membranes in your nose and throat. Keep your bedroom moist and humid. Buy a humidifier, it is not that expensive. You can get it at any general store or at a pharmacist. Take a hot shower before going to bed. The concept behind this is to let you keep your breathing channels moist and have a good night sleep. Also if you do not drink enough water, your mucus becomes sticky and drier. This may sound gross to all of you. Believe me; it did to me while writing. So drink water and your secretions will be less sticky the next time.


5. Change your pillows

Change your pillows

When was the last you dusted your ceiling fan off the dust? I guess, months ago or maybe you do not even remember it. When did you change your pillow covers? Well, if not recent then it is high time, that you change them quick. Dust may accumulate on your pillows and cause allergic reactions inducing snoring. If you are allowing your dog to sleep with you, then you are inviting animal dander to hamper your sleeping order. Replace your pillows every 6 months or in a year. Do not spend unnecessary on expensive pillow covers. Stay clean and act smart.


6. Sleep manners

Sleep manners

There are manners to be followed while sleeping as well. Talk about a regular schedule. You follow it up the entire day but when it comes to sleeping, you fail to make a remarkable impression. Get plenty of sleep, at least about 6 to 7 hours per day. Go to the bed at the same time and wake up early. Early to bed, early to rise makes you snore less. Follow a good and healthy lifestyle. In short keep a regular sleep schedule.


7. Sinus problem

Sinus problem

You will find nasal strips at most of the pharmacies. Tape them on the outside of your nose. Do not worry about the way you look. Nobody will see you anyway. They lift up your nose while you breathe and open up the throat. You might have seen advertisements regarding their usage. They do work. Rinse your nose might also be helpful in sinus problems. It will flush out the mucus and will be a big relief. It works for me. Though I do not snore, but it helps in clearing my nasal way and prevents difficulty in breathing. You have my guarantee on this one.


8. Sleep position

Sleep position

Do not sleep on your back. Try the tennis ball trick in which you sew a tennis ball at your back. It will definitely hurt you if you try to turn on your back while changing your sleep position. Buy a full length pillow and sleep on it. This will ensure that you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your stomach can be stressful for your neck. Anything which obstructs your neck or respiratory organs is bound to induce snoring.


9. Avoid the avoidable

Avoid the avoidable

Alcohol intake, excessive smoking and other unnecessary and heavy dosages of medicine can also lead to snoring. So you need to get a hold of yourself and stop with all these vices. Moreover if you stop smoking, you will be very much welcome to everyone’s place including yours own. Smoking irritates the nasal area and the throat which results in the airways to be blocked. Avoid caffeine and heavy meals before bedtime. Like in the big bang theory, leonard is highly allergic to soymilk and other such dairy products, identify your weak points and avoid them.


10. Learn the causes

Learn the causes

Snoring is caused by the disturbances in the way of breathing. If you are aged, then it is the reason behind your snoring. Your throat muscles might get pinched in, and you might be feeling it hard to breathe. This is more common among men, as they have narrower passageways than women. Way to go ladies! Did your great grandfather or grandfather used to snore, and then you are bound to be suffering from it. Before you jump into the treatment procedure, learn about the causes which are wreaking havoc in your nights.

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