Top 10 Most Harmful Foods for the Body

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We are the generation that lives off junk food and fast internet speeds. Some of us sit around with growing stomachs and others with growing diet charts. Whatever the case may be, in both situations there are many food items that we eat that are harmful for us. Even the food that has been sold as “healthy” can have rather damaging effects on our body.

Being young and in good health – none noticeable as yet – we don’t really care about our intake so long at tastes good and fills us. In the long run, however , we face a number of health related issues from gastroenteritis to high blood pressure, diabetes, pains and aches, cancer, and other rather ailments that are extremely threatening to our lives. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are the three most deadly diseases that threaten are day to day lives. Foods that may simply be an add-on can be more dangerous than we can imagine. Sugar for example is listed as the public enemy number one. Little amounts in tea and coffee may not do too much noticeable damage but donuts glazed in sugar, sweets like gummy bears and the like, consist primarily of various types of sugar. What starts out as a single cavity might end up as a life-long ailment of diabetes.

Another kind of food over-taking our society is fast-food. The innumerable number of fast-food chains makes it simple and easy to get some of tastiest food at your beck and call. Everything from deliciously meaty burgers, to deep fried fries and ketchup, pizzas and bagels and the lot. Just the thought of this kind of food is enough to get our saliva glands working. Eventually these are the things that cause the fat build up and hardened arteries and slowly but surely bring down our lifespan. Fighting diseases is quite a handful when you have so many tasty treats to choose from; even enabling ones will power and restraint becomes a task that can actually be exhausting.  Club that together with pure laziness and it will equal a rather unhealthy person with a list of complications they might suffer from later on in life.

Keeping one’s health in check not only gives the person a longer life but increases energy, memory capacity and a whole bunch of other wonderful things occur thanks to keeping fit. It makes the person’s life better rounded than most.

Having said that here are the top 10 most harmful foods that you should most definitely avoid:


1. Bacon


Writing condemning points about bacon hurts me but facts are indeed, facts. Bacon has both nitrates and nitrites and has been linked with cancer and blood disease. It has a crazy fat content with saturated and polyunsaturated fats as well as high sodium content: one slice of bacon contains 150 milligrams of sodium.


2. Sweets and Candy

Sweets and Candy

Candy and sweets have a lot of surface effects on the body like tooth decay and weight gain but these also lead to certain diseases like diabetes, etc. An excess of candy can cause children’s teeth to rot and fall off at a very young age. It can also cause lifelong diabetes in adults. A candy or two a day or every few days won’t be too damaging however in excess it has some drastic effects on the human body.


3. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Natural as they may be, these products have some far reaching effects if consumed in excess. Some people are completely lactose intolerant. First there is the problem of flatulence where gas in the digestive tract may occur when the bacteria in the large intestine breaks down undigested food. The low levels of lactase caused by lactose consumption increases the amount of undigested sugars in the body. Then there is nausea and malnutrition to add to the list.


4. Fried Foods

Fried Foods

A lot of the time fried foods and fast food go hand in hand. And like fast food, fried items on the menu have the same consequences. High in calories and just generally unhealthy for one’s system. From heart disease, diabetes, gastroenteritis, bad eating habits, obesity, slowing down of the metabolic rate, high BMI, etc., fried food may be tasty but also rather deathly in the long run.


5. Fast Food

Fast Food

Frankly, I don’t think many good things have been said about fast food in general, everything associated with it have been negative comments and opinions, besides of course the mindblowing flavours blowing your mind and tastebuds to bits. One of the major effects is obesity which invariably leads to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It also leads to peptic ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract and irregular eating habits which messes up the metabolism of the body and digestion, etc.


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