Top 10 Important Lessons from Disney Movies

You on your TV or search on the internet and the first thing you find is some reference to any Disney movie or any new Disney movie being released, you fangirl like crazy. Yes! Everyone fangirls over Disney movies and it is like this integral part of one’s childhood. It was the colors, the animation, the characters, frames and everything about it which appealed all age group to glue themselves to watch it over and over again. The Disney movies from time to time have given many masterpieces with many underlying ideas and teachings, which I would to like to enumerate below. However I’m just enumerating few of the many Disney movies which gave so many good teachings to everyone. Mind you, all the Disney movies are famous so there isn’t any Numero Uno or least favorite movie among it. Enjoy the read.


1. Lion King – One cannot run away from his responsibilities

Lion King

When we think about Lion king story, all we see how good won over the bad at the end. How the evil uncle Scar was defeated by Simba and reclaimed his rightful throne which once his father used to rule. This is ultimate lesson we learn from this movie. But there is more to it. When Musafa was killed by his evil brother for the throne, we know how he hatched a perfect plan by projecting the young Simba as the accused for his father’s murder. This affected Simba so much that he ran away from his family and gave his uncle to demand the throne by proclaiming Musafa and Simba dead in the stampede of hyenas. Simba then led his life in wilderness where he made two friends Timon, the meerkat and Pumba, the warthog. He was not bothered about anything what happened back at his home. He lead his life under the motto “Hakuna matata” (No worries) and enjoyed his life. He then comes across his childhood friend Nala trying to attack his friends under hunger. She upon realizing Simba is alive persuades him to come back, save his land from drought and famine. Simba not having the courage to do anything refuses to get back leaving Nala upset and angry. Later realizing his father would want him to come back and save the land; he does that and reclaims the throne by throwing away his evil uncle Scar. What we see from this is that, no matter how much ever you try to run away from your responsibilities, life brings you back at the start of it. If you are bestowed with a duty, you need to fulfill it. You need to gather all the courage and complete it. That courage can be only within yourself and no one can bring you down if you are strong willed; ready to accomplish whatever you have thought of. By fulfilling what is expected from you, will not only make everyone around you happy but also satisfy your inner thirst of conscience.


2. Beauty and the beast – At times, you have to let go

Beauty and the beast

The most favorite love story till date, Beauty and the Beast is like slap on the people’s face who thinks love is only based on the outer appearance. But then again, one shouldn’t forget the undying love beast had for the beauty, Belle. When Belle is held captive by the beast on the condition to let go of her father, beast makes sure she is comfortable. Been born and bought up like a spoilt brat, main reason for the curse; he still acts like one and tries to control Belle. Belle being an independent and self-dignified girl plainly refuses his orders. Furious over her indifferent attitude, he is been told by his friends to act soft with the girl for she might be the one to break the spell. As times goes by slowly, they both have wonderful time in the castle with the lively furniture and accessories. They slowly start loving each other and Belle starts to bring out the hidden love in the Beast. But good things never last forever. If one would remember Guston, the pompous handsome bachelor was behind Belle for a wedding, which she bluntly refuses. This rejection turns into an obsession for Guston to get Belle either by hook or crook. He draws up a plan to lure Belle by kidnapping her father and in the meantime, attack and kill Beast. Beast knowing that her father was sick and how attached she was to him, sacrifices his love for her and let goes off her. Love isn’t always about attaining or earning love. Love is more sacred if you let go off, if that is what the right thing to do. Beast by doing this, shows how much his love for Belle was true. At times you have to let go. And there is a famous saying, if you love someone let them free, if they come back they are meant for you but if they doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.


3. Mulan – You are wonderful as you are


When this movie was released, it came out as the most unconventional movie by Disney defying all the ideologies related to how women aren’t capable of doing anything. When Mulan’s weak father is ordered to join the army to fight against the enemy and knowing that he wouldn’t survive in this war; a young maiden herself, she disguises herself as a man and joins the army in his place. Well at the end it is obvious, she won the war and it is eventually revealed she is a lady. The shock that came afterwards is again obvious and hilarious but one can’t deny the fact that a woman is as capable and powerful as a man. Now now calm down guys! I’m not being the feminist over here. I just have one thing to say to my fellow ladies, Mulan being a girl believed in herself and fought bravely to win the war. Everyone are as powerful and confident within themselves, only thing is you just have to believe you can do it. Stepping out of the stereotypical thoughts and defying the age old ideologies is important as this would allow you to identify yourself completely and create an identity for you. People around you will say thousand things to degrade you and even demotivate you. But that shouldn’t bring you down. Come out of this and set yourself as an example and inspiration for others. Besides, if she is strong enough to bear and nurture a small life within herself for over 9 months, she is strong enough to fight any odds against her.


4. Tangled – Tackle your fears


Tangled. The movie’s name itself is enough to make one remember the long blonde haired girl with green eyes Rapunzel, her pet chameleon Pascal and her ever charming smolder faced companion Eugene; their song rich journey through the woods and the action pack sequence with the horse Maximus. Everything about the movie was new and enriching. When we see the story Rapunzel was a kidnapped princess held by the Mother Gothel, who used her magical long hair’s power to revive herself everything she sung. But since the time she sees the flying lanterns on her birthday every year, she has dreamed of seeing it from near. Being a lost princess and fearing her lie will be caught, Mother Gothel never allowed her to move out. Every year she dreams of going out of her elevated tower but never found the courage to do so. However, on her 18th birthday she gathers all her courage and asks her mother for permission for which she bluntly refuses highlighting all the bad things that could happen to her on her journey. Yet, when Eugene ends up in her tower running away from the guards who was caught stealing the princess’s crown; she gets all daring and threatens Eugene to take her to see the flying lanterns and escort her back home. This was done on the condition on giving the crown. They both have a magical journey filled with loads of music and ends up making goons as their friends. She even gets her dream fulfilled. At the end, out of all the odds it is revealed she is the lost princess and was held up by Mother Gothel. If you see in a person’s life, he is always born and bought up in a secure environment. That person is been taught regarding the bad things he/she might face when that person steps out of the comfort zone. But fearing the negativity one should not refrain themselves from exploring world out of your comfort zone. You won’t know what you will get to know, few good moments and few bad moments; altogether you will get an enriched experience which teaches some of life’s harshest and nicest lessons. One should always tackle their fear and move forward bravely.


5. Brave – Mothers are divine


Brave, yet another colorful and funny Disney movie you would ever see. The story of Brave is set in the medieval times, where killing deadly animals were considered as an art and a feed to once pride and ego. You kill a deadly animal; you can go on bragging about it to all your competitors. Merida is like any other teenage girl who doesn’t like to be told what to do and what not to do. Her life revolves around her passion for archery and loves eating loads of food. She doesn’t like to be held on by the rules of growing up as a princess. The ever clumsy Princess Merida, defies the royal custom by doing archery in front of her suitors bringing upon chaos among her kingdom; for archery was considered to be a man’s art not a princess’s. This brings upon her mother’s wrath on her since the small age she was taught to act like a pious and sophisticated princess instead she grew up to be a warrior. Her mother was like any other mother who wanted her little doll to be grown up to be like a woman; calm and composed. When she was confronted for her mistakes, they both fought making Merida run away to the forbidden forest; leaving her mother upset. There in the forest she was guided by spirits to a witch who turns her mother into a bear when Merida asked her to change her mother. Fearing she will be killed by her own father, Merida makes sure she safeguards her mother from all the troubles in turn bringing them very close. One should remember, Mothers can be very controlling; giving your advices and directions what to do what not to do. But in this controlling nature of theirs, it is their unconditional care and love they have for you. Mothers want to refine you in such a way, you succeed in life. Mothers are truly divine, make you sure you turn a blind eye towards her anger and find the love in that anger.


6. How to train your dragon – Never judge a book by its cover

How to train your dragon

Toothless! Who doesn’t like toothless! If you don’t know who is toothless then you better need to go and see this movie first thing today otherwise I’ll make sure I send a DVD across to you. Just kidding! But being a Disney fan yourself, one shouldn’t miss this movie ever. The title isn’t that appealing but I bet you this movie will leave you in awe. The animations, the colors and the frames are really commendable. So this movie is about a clan named Vikings who lived in their land for many centuries and also the mortal enemy of the dragons. Yup! Dragons used to invade their land to steal food for themselves so they made up training techniques and plans to fight against these dragons. Out of this there was this one dragon named Night fury, being a fast one they don’t know how it looks. Hiccup isn’t like the usual child of a brave Viking; timid and shy, he preferred being alone in his own world. He never believed in himself. Although to fit in the society and win his father’s trust, he agrees to take up the training on how to kill a dragon. However as the times goes, he befriends himself with the night fury itself in the most unusual sort of ways. As and when he came to know about the dragon he came to know it wasn’t as bad and dangerous as it seemed to be. Later on during a trip with the dragon, Hiccup finds out the nest of a much bigger dragon which compels all the other small dragons to get food for it. That’s when Hiccup realizes the smaller ones aren’t as bad as themselves as they stole the food to save themselves from getting eaten up. Once in your lifetime, you will across a person who acts out of their character or simply isn’t being themselves. That’s when you shouldn’t be judgmental and label that person as wrong. Moreover, there might be some practice or traditional that is wrong by itself by its face value; you shouldn’t act blind and go with it. Instead look deep into it, analyze it and decide whether it’s right or wrong. Just because someone says that person is right or wrong and same in the case of any practice, you shouldn’t be judgmental by the stereotypical thoughts. Always have an open mind to accept new ideas and thoughts, even if it’s unconventional.


7. The frog and the princess – You don’t need to be rich to be successful

The frog and the princess

The most unconventional Disney love story about a simple hardworking girl and a bankrupt spoil brat Prince, The frog and the princess isn’t about the flashy princess clothes or I’ll-wait-here-till-my-prince-and-saves-me princess. It is about how you need to step forward to gain success and fulfill. Tiana is a simple girl with a big dream to open up a restaurant, which was her late father’s dream. Since being from a poor family, she has to work day and night to collect money to start her restaurant. Still she doesn’t find this as a burden rather her will power takes her forward. But in the pursuit of fulfilling her dreams, she misses out on her life’s pleasures. Be it hanging out with friends or having time for herself, she had none. Nevertheless, she didn’t regret that. Her whole dream gets shattered when Prince Naveen, who was cursed by the Voodoo witch doctor into a frog; asks her to kiss him to revive him back mistaking her as a princess. She kisses him when he assures her of providing finance for her dream restaurant, but turns into a frog herself. Still this didn’t bring her down, since she comes to know that he can revived back by best friend Lottie who was a princess. She fights till the very end rescuing him and releasing she fell in love with him. At the end they both together with hard work build the restaurant. Now let’s be realistic, you can’t sit in one place going through a lot of suffering and waiting for someone to put you out of it. Nope! It doesn’t work that way anymore. Now if we see this story, Tiana had a dream. A small dream, be it anything is much enough to drive you to the very extent to fulfill. She wasn’t sad that she was poor but instead did hard work. Even when faced with challenge, she was strong willed and overcame it with bravery. Disney has for many years taught the princesses to be very subtle and fragile, but this Disney princess being brave teaches one needn’t be rich to be powerful. A dream and strong will to fulfill is much more enough to make you successful.


8. Cinderella – Good things comes to those who wait


Cinderella is the one story which gave many little girls dreams of having happily ever after life like that of Cinderella herself. They are mesmerized by how a fairy god mother came and helped her to attend the Prince’s party. Be it creating the dress and the carriage out of anything, Cinderella was given a lifetime’s dream wish fulfilled. Cinderella was literally tortured by her step mother and her ugly twin step sisters. The fortune that was left by her father to her was taken by her step mother and treated her nothing more than a maid in her own house, doing house chores and every other small work. She wasn’t given a good life and every day she suffered silently. But that didn’t break her confidence because she knew one day somebody would listen to her deep wishes in her heart and would take her away from this suffering. She waited for many years and when the correct time came, fairy god mother fulfilled her wish. She got what she wished for, an understanding husband and a fairy tale happily ever after life. Some people would why she accepted all that torture from her step mother and sisters, my answer would be she was too moral to go against them after all she didn’t have a mother and having a step mother, keeping her happy was what she wanted. So she waited for something good to happen. Life gives us and puts us into grave troubles at times and during this time we go perplex, not knowing what to do we take hasty decisions. Sometimes when life gives us problems and suffering, it’s better to let it pass by rather than trying to fight it out. If you are patient enough good things will come to you eventually. When you are sad and depressed, nothing is permanent. This bad time would be replaced with good times.


9. Up – Never forget what you have


Up is considered one of the colorful movies made by Disney. You don’t believe me? How about remembering that scene about a floating house held by various balloons flying through the wilderness of South America! So now that you recall that, you won’t deny that fact it was indeed very colorful. The very movie kept us held from the time it began till the end. Everything about it was felt pleasant. Be it Ellie’s crooked smile at first, Carl’s blush cheeks, Ellie and Carl’s unique love story, Dug’s constant bickering, Kevin’s antics or Russell’s determination; everything made us live our childhood once more. That is how we were, constantly dreaming up one adventurous life for ourselves. While we make plans for a life filled with adventures, we end up forgetting people and leaving them behind. In the pursuit of having a life completely different, we often leave out many people from the page of our life. The thing we forget that, living with the ones who cares and loves you; cherishing every single moment is most important thing. The moment Carl opens their adventure book at the end that he realizes, seeing the pictures, that he indeed had an adventurous life with his wife, Ellie. For Ellie their marriage and all those moments together were valuable and eminent.


10. Snow White – Always be kind and helpful

Snow white

Lips as red as rose, Hair as black as ebony, Skin as white as snow. Yup! That’s our very own Snow white. Hated by her step mother so much because of her attractiveness and beauty, she wanted her killed. When she ran away from her home fearing death, she came across a small house lived by seven dwarfs. She with her kindness and love won their hearts. They vow to themselves to save Snow white from her evil witch mother but she is fallen prey of her trick and falls into a deep slumber. The dwarfs and all the animals becomes upset on this; showering their love on her. Many at times, people leading their lives forget to show a small act of kindness. They think living with elated pride and ego would take them to top of the ladder. But one shouldn’t forget, Pride and ego isn’t going to help you keep people dear to you near to you. A small act of kindness can fetch you love from people and whatever you good you do, will come back to you at the end. Do good, be good and get back love.

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