Top 10 Ways of Fighting Injustice

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6. Get Involved:

Get Involved 

After you are done forming your opinions and equipping yourself, get out and get involved at the grassroots level. Volunteer with an NGO Teach underprivileged kids for free. Do your bit in areas you feel most passionately about: whether it’s Education, Poverty, Animal Rights, etc. There are numerous organizations out there that could use your help, and do tremendous amounts of work with more manpower.


7. Understand the Butterfly Effect:

Understand the Butterfly Effect 

Understand the chaos theory, where the quiver of an insect’s wing can set off a hurricane in a faraway country: in such a world everything you do or don’t do makes a difference. Understand that you are part of a larger picture. You are not merely an individual; you are a gear in the machinery of the world. This recognition is a beginning in the fight for justice. It is absent in the most war torn societies of the world, maddened by state and ethnic politics.


8. Think for yourself:

Think for yourself      

There is only so much your education can do for you. Put your ability and freedom to think for yourself to good use. Question every idea that you have ever taken for granted. Is it really okay to do something because everyone else thinks it’s okay to? Think of illegal downloading and peer to peer sharing of copyrighted content, or lewd and bawdy humor used in children’s movies. How much of it are you letting slide past? Is it really okay to do that? Put yourself in other people’s shoes, analyse, deconstruct, and don’t take anything at face value. Think, think, think. Most of the blunders ever made in the world have happened because people have failed to think enough, think rationally about the ideas they possess.


9. Speak Out:

Speak Out

This seems the most obvious, self-evident and ancient method of fighting injustice. Raising your voice when you have to, and fearlessly expressing what’s on your mind. Do not fear authority. Fear only the repercussions of letting the injustice go on and multiply. When you see it happen in front of you, for instance, domestic abuse or child labour, make it stop. Do something about it. And as the internet generation, we have so many avenues open to us. It is also important to have substance. If you are going to make a point, ensure that it is something you can defend until the end, with reason and composure. Become good at substantiating your views with cogent and well thought out arguments. Do not teach a child to be quiet when he or she is being bullied. Instead, teach him or her to assert herself or himself.


10. Equip Yourself:

Equip Yourself 

After all, it is a fight, so you must be armed. Arm yourself with knowledge, with a clear mind and an articulate voice. Arm yourself with empathy, the ability to place yourself in the shoes of another. Develop your leadership skills, learn to be an effective persuasive speaker. If you are a woman concerned about rape, learn to defend yourself physically. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel powerless. Widen your circle of influence.

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