Top 10 Ways to Gain Respect from Seniors at Work

As much as it is necessary to work hard, be systematic and love your job, it is equally important to gain respect from seniors at work. A senior when happy can give you the best environment in office and also your dream pay scale with less effort. While performers who are innocent or idol in social networking tend to go through the monotonous position for years, the smart, the innovative group moves forward in less amount of time. This seems easier to be taught then in practice, while the senior has the leverage to be upset with you at no whatsoever specific reason you might have to refrain your anger multiple times according to the situation. Hence there can be some key aspects as to how you can make your working easy and admirable for those seniors.


1. Be smart


To sum it all, being smart will always be the key in a workplace. You might be hard working, religious, punctual but if you are not smart you shall never be able to get those extra credits. Seniors look for those sharp brains who can not only solve their small problems quickly but also be there in need. Hence a smart employee knows when to arrive at the office, when to leave, what work to do and what to postpone, which projects to take and which ones to let go. Do not be a follower but analyse smartly the situation at your workplace and make sure you do stuff which is helpful, diligent and admirable.


2. Support and coordinate


You are a power house of energy as a youngster and the seniors at your work place are slow and tired. They have done their bit of hard work and therefore might get lethargic at some instances, make sure you do not over board their files and rather be quick to off load them. Nobody hates the work being shared, though credit given to the seniors is always expected. Coordinate with your seniors, support them when required, help them when possible and make an effort to  keep the relationship healthy. Do not fight or crib for the wrong things because privileges are granted over time, rushing to them might fire back on you.


3. Respect and you shall get it back!


Often we hear of new comers coming and making fun of their seniors. Remember it is not your school, in corporate world seniors are considered to be an edge higher and are always given their due credit. If you try to bully them or make fun of them behind their back, remember you are new to the firm not them. The information shall reach their years sooner or later getting you into trouble; therefore maintain the dignity and decorum of the company you work in always.


4. Give weight-age to their experience


Do not move around like a know it all and show away your knowledge in the board room or elsewhere, it doesn’t happen like serials in real life. Most probably there is a chance of them knowing more than not for their education but because of their excessive experience, do not shove it off. Their experience has been attained through rigorous work over the years, therefore practicality of the firm can only be known when you work for the equal or approximate amount of time, when that’s not possible remember to respect and give weight age to their experience. Let them know when it helped you get out of tricky situations, it sure will make their day or at least put a positive impact on your feedback.


5. Learn


A person who thinks he knows all, might not know that he is wrong. For a youngster to know everything is like a kidney patient to be cured before he’s suffered the experience of being on dialysis. You should learn when they teach you, follow their orders when asked to and ask when you need to. But remembering asking too many questions doesn’t show your curiosity but your immaturity to learn slow. Therefore try and be extremely careful when your seniors speak and take note of all he is trying to convey to you. Your expert listening will always impress him for it is a courteous trait.


6. Appreciating Their Work

Appreciating Their Work

Seniors are old people of the company who have worked for a longer tenure, have more experience and also tend to be at a post higher than yours. You don’t need to race with them, rather learn from them. If a senior takes you as an assistant, his approach might be completely different from yours. You might not agree, but if it does right do not forget to appreciate him for his spectacular work, encourage him if it doesn’t and adore him for his knowledge. We might not be perfect but by appreciation we do tend to make the person comfortable and at home with incidences that take place in board meetings.


7. Ideas


Youngsters are collaborated into the company for their speed, excitement, urge and new generation ideologies. Hence your ideas shall often be referred to as ideas of the new generation hence don’t make them ever sound immature but extremely practical and feasible. If you have an idea do not let it fly out of the window, share it with your seniors and thereby except their advises or acknowledgment gracefully. Do not be shattered if it doesn’t go well, it is more important to let them know that your mind is always racing around and not dunged below the dust of files.


8. Take an initiative


Do not sit back and wait for a task to approach you. If you find yourself looking at the clock too many times, maybe it is best to approach a senior and lower their burden. This approach shall fulfill your two tasks one you shall not busy anymore, secondly you shall only learn from new and challenging tasks. Nobody wants to pay a person who is busy warming the seat, hence you should plan on your tasks and make sure you are always the approaching person rather than being approached.


9. Be systematic


Nobody wants haphazard knowledge of everything. A systematic approach to plans is always appreciated in firms where you follow a protocol. The rebellious or outstanding ideas tend to prop up in your mind, you should make sure it is firstly shared, discussed and asked permission for from your seniors. This shall make you respectful and make them feel a step higher than you. Respecting their ideas shall always help you understand the line of business and work periodically.


10. By working hard

working hard

You might not always receive a tender, calm and lovable office and at majority times you certainly won’t. This is often because he is tied up with so much of load and responsibilities that he doesn’t have time to tolerate your learning cycle. Therefore at these situations your hard work and dedication shall reap you the success at work. Do not find an easy way ever, the ritual way  followed by firm is always the best way to complete a given task, innovative ideas is another thing but using your own perceptions in decision taking situations might get you into trouble where only your hard work shall pay you out.

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