Top 10 Ways to Get a Job in Today’s Scenario

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6. Job Portals:

Job portals

Job Portals are one of the new trends that aroused immediately after the increase in the number of students getting unemployed increased especially during the recession period. The Job portals help the students to apply for the companies with their portfolio and resume and the companies shortlist them based on different criteria depending upon their requirements. Also the Job portals help in organizing the online tests with various metric levels so that it eliminates a lot of work to be done and simplifies the interview process and call upon only the qualified students who undertook the test. Though this reduces a lot of efforts from both student side and company side the number of students who get jobs through the job portals are comparatively less when compared with the total number of students who apply for it.


7. Off Campus Placements:

Off Campus

Off Campus Placements are yet another way where a student gets placed. Though this never gives a good positive result still these methods are still in existence for the company to publicize and advertise themselves with least cost factor involved making a huge impact among the students and the other people. The Off Campus placements generally involves huge amount of students being participating but only a few out of it would be processed for the next level and at the final stage only a bunch of students get placed through this method.


8. Placed through Luck:


Luck is one of the least factors that’s required to get placed these days. The possibilities of applying for a company and that being reviewed by the Hiring Manger and the callback everything is purely dependent on luck. There might be someone with a very good profile yet might not be noticed and gets lost with the huge bunch of resumes that’s being reviewed by the Hiring Manger and there might be one with the least skills yet been noticed by the Hiring Manager and would be called for the interview and get selected. So even Luck plays a major role in getting a job these days.


9. Referred by Referrals:


This is one of the very traditional methods people still follow where the student would be referred by his colleagues or friends to a company and make them hired. The possibilities of a student getting hired through this way is either positive or negative and it all depends upon the power of the referrer. Also in some cases the consultancy services play as the referral role where they charge money from the students for giving references to certain companies. The greatest disadvantage is not many who go through these get hired in the interviews.


10. Your Academics in your College Life:


Shocking! But true. People keep on believing that only the marks and the grades they score will help them in fetching jobs these days which is totally proved wrong. The technology has paved way to the creative and innovative thinkers to get a better job than those who just believe in the bookish knowledge and secure good grades and marks. The survey says that the percentage of students who have more percentage and marks gets placed in MNCs or not get placed whereas those who has the least marks or grades gets placed in top and core companies.

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