Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for a Night Out

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Night outs are fun any day, rather nights. It means a night of relaxation with friends, escaping from the torturous clutches of our daily routines. We all look forward to that one night out we have been planning for a long time with friends, don’t we? There’s nobody to stop you. The best part about night outs is after the few initial minutes, you can really be yourself. Because others will be so busy being themselves, they will hardly notice the flaws in you. Okay, it’s getting a little on the serious side. Let’s focus on the fun factor. What do I like most about night outs? The hours of planning and preparation, at time even days. Everything, starting from the theme of the party 9if the night out is going to be held at a friend’s place), the outfits, the menu and what not? Girls find it extra fun because they get to show on their best side, which is otherwise restricted because of office or college. So how do you get ready for a night out? Well, I know there are hundreds of things to do or make sure are get done before you step out for that fun night. But let’s say, here are the ten most important things you should do before having a night out. So with this introduction, if you have already something cooking up in your mind, let me help you a little more for that next night out you guys are planning.


1. Music


Everything is incomplete without music, isn’t it? You are out, having fun and you don’t have music? Too bad. So while you are preparing yourself for the night out, talk it out with your friends about the arrangement of music. Best, if you have a DJ friend in your group. If not, then you and your other friends make arrangements for the music. And Bwo-ho! You are all set for a night out. Great, no?


2. Go single

Go single

Having your partner around at a night out is nothing but a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R. You surely do not want any restrictions put on you when you are out with your friends after a long time. How would you feel if your partner constantly nudges you to go to a quiet corner and wants to spend time with you alone? Or asks you not to get too close with your friends of the opposite sex? Or even restricts you from having a few drinks? Your anger will be increasing, but you cannot let it show because you do not want to create a scene. So isn’t it better to go single? Plus, you have the opportunity to flirt a little too, the healthy flirting I mean.


3. Carry Ample Food

Carry Ample Food

Again the human body factor comes into play. Even if you step out of your house with your stomach fully loaded, you are bound to feel hungry towards the onset of dawn. You never know where the night out will end up, so do carry some food in that bag. Because when you are hungry, you surely miss out on half the fun, because your mind is elsewhere. But please, carry dry foods and ample of it, so that you can share it with your friends too.


4. Get your Bags Ready

Get your Bags

After you yourself get ready, get your bag ready. Carry all the items that you think you might need at night. If it is your make up kit, go ahead. There is no harm in that as well. Keep everything in your bag, your phone, your mouth fresheners, and whatever you need. Also carry an extra dress, in case the one you are wearing gets spoiled somehow.


5. Accessorize


Girls and guys, you surely want to look your best when out for the night. Well, you have taken rest throughout the day and at night you look fresh. You have definitely decided what to wear and all, but do not forget to accessorize. A good dress is incomplete without matching accessories. The cute wedges you have, or the stilettos, or even the loafers, depending on what you are wearing. Keep the makeup minimal. Dress to kill.


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