Top 10 Tattoo Ideas for Women

Why get a tattoo? Why label yourself, and make yourself a prisoner of your present imagination? People brand on their skin a permanence that they fail to find in their own lives. In the melee and the thrum of daily existence, it is the only thing that can be true and unchanging in itself. A tattoo, is a sign that as humans, our aspirations are more remarkable to us than we are, and that our dreams are sometimes the only things we ever cling on to.
When you get a tattoo in honour of an ideal, you will always fall short of ways to do justice to the absolute ideal it represents and you in all your dynamism and complexity. Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience and shows a passion for an idea or symbol that makes it more than just “something you like”. Tattoos upon the hip, the nape of the neck, the collarbone are said to be the “hottest” at least for women. There are many designs out there, and many interesting locations to get them on. Women, here are some ideas:


1. Ribcage tattoo


Get a tattoo on your ribcage, it will be larger than life, and if you are a bold, courageous person who values and possesses strength and vitality, there is no better person to pull it off. The ribcage tattoo has been made more famous by celebrities like Rihanna and Angelina Jolie. Ultra Stylish, with magnificent varieties of design, and great potential for lovers of edgy and unique body art, ribcage tattoos also have the benefit of being easily concealed. This spot is also one of the relatively less painful areas to get a tattoo on your body.  The possibilities are staggering, ribcage tattoos are less painful AND you can hide them from your parents or your boss! Is there a better idea than this?


2. Ear tattoo

Eart tattoo

Most difficult to execute, yet exceedingly charming and stunning, ear tattoos are usually small and very detailed and only a high quality professional tattoo artist can perform it well. The ear tattoo can be done on the ear lobes, behind the ear, around the ear and even inside the ear. They look tremendously awesome with ear piercings and if you can find a good tattoo parlour and are willing to brave the pain, go for it.


3. Arm Band Tattoos

Arm band

Primal era tattoos for women have almost always been inspiration from nature, religious symbols, representations of identity and social class, amongst others. Enduring even in tribal areas today, such symbolism has commonly been found upon the upper arms in the form of an arm band tattoo. Arm band tattoos are actually quite uncommon and they will definitely turn heads.  They give off a very rugged appearance to the wearer, and emphasize healthy toned biceps and triceps. Wires and thorns are popular motifs. If you are a tough woman who does not like to be messed around with, consider getting an arm band tattoo. Make it a quote, a flower bands, dragon bands, skull bar wire, celtic pattern or a tribal design, it is up to you. They are popular among women because of their versatility in design and also the fact that they can be easily concealed.


4. Art piece

Art piece

Get a colour depiction of your favorite artwork upon your body. Whether it is Da Vinci’ Vitruvian Man, or a Dali or a Picasso or a Klimt, show your passion for art and beauty by getting a tattoo of a famous art piece. It shows class and good taste, and is guaranteed to be a piece of Body Art in every sense of the word.


5. Portraits


Get portraits of people you admire, the people you love and who inspire you. It could be a celebrity figure, a famous cultural icon, or someone who is related to you. Only rely on a very talented tattoo artist to do justice to this. A visual representation of a person who inspires you is like a permanent medallion of an idea that you are captured by. Michael Jackson, Jim Morrisson are popular portraits etched. You can get a caricature or a real life sketch, upon the left of your chest above your heart. Whatever it is, this is guaranteed to be a stunner.


6. Name of a Lover

Name of a lover

Saif Ali Khan has done it. Angelina Jolie had done it (but later got it removed when her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton ended) and probably thousands of others have done it, famous and non-famous alike. Tattooing the name of your lover, imprinting a representation of them upon your body could well be one of the greatest, most overwhelming ways of showing your devotion, worship and commitment. It is a brilliant and touching display of love, and when you willingly undergo tremendous amounts of pain, prick by prick to let them leave their mark upon you forever (at least until you remove it). Today, tattoos seem to be more permanent and more lasting than do the marriages themselves.


7. Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign

If you are a believer in the Zodiac, and lap up everything Linda Goodman has to say about your personality, your past, your relationships, work life and romantic life, a great artistic symbol to imprint upon your body could well be the symbol of your Zodiac. The symbolism for the Zodiac signs have centuries and eras of history beneath them and they have evolved from ancient Greek symbols. Each sign tells a story, and can even be found in the constellations. There is a lot more depth and artistic potential to the symbols than people understand and certain schools of faith believe that tattooing your Zodiac on your skin can impact your future.


8. Names of Your Parents

Names of Your Parents

Label yourself with your creators’ names. They, who have given birth to you, brought you into this world to make you the living, loving, fabulous human being you are. Keep this as a constant reminder to respect your parents and the sacrifices they have made to raise you, the love they have showered upon you and all that they have given you.


9. A Quote


It is common to have that one aphorism, one quote or inspiring proverb that guides our life and steers us through the difficult parts. Literature and art gives us a wealth of inspiration in this manner, and a great way to imprint your life’s philosophy is to literally be a walking embodiment of the quote or aphorism that drives you. It could be a song lyric or a saying in its original script. Be creative and convert it into exciting visual art, infused with other symbols and signs that give you meaning. A famous Italian model wrote all over her body the words that remind her of her life choices. “Float.”, “Breathe”, “Smile” appeared on her collarbone, her forearm and her wrist in magnificent looping calligraphy.


10. Butterfly


One of the most common tattoo symbols (studies show) that women opt for, is the Butterfly. It represents metamorphosis, transformation, and growth. What better symbol to represent the stages of life than a butterfly? A woman who is constantly shedding old skin and who has blossomed into total beauty? In the olden days, a butterfly tattoo on the back of a woman’s neck in medieval England discreetly indicated that a woman was a prostitute. But of course significances are different today, and one can always get one on the nape of her neck as a symbol of sexuality.

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