Top 10 Tips to Prepare for Competitive Exams

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6. Self-confidence and belief


It is not possible to crack each and every question, so have full faith in yourself as well as your abilities. Leave the fear aside and make your mind free, you have to be confident as it will give you inner strength to fight in the exam mentally. Take right advice from right people but always follow your heart and work accordingly that will boost your moral. A goal is simply a dream with a deadline so always believe in yourself that no matter what happens you will succeed.


7. Stay calm

Stay calm

The key to excel in such types of exams is to keep your calm always and start your preparations early so that you would not choke at last moment. This would also prevent you from cramming things that need to be understood by you beforehand. As various concepts need time to build up so, give yourself sufficient time for learning and practicing. Be patient and calm. Learning is not always a speedy process. Some concepts and fundamentals may require a specified time and practice to build up. Have faith in yourself and stay positive throughout the preparation of your exam.


8. Go familiar with the pattern

Go familiar with the pattern

As competitive exams are there to take those students who have understood the concept well, are clear in their fundamentals, able to visualise the things and apply the theory to solve the problems so one must know the pattern of the examination in which he/she is going to appear as it is almost next to impossible to mug up the entire subject. While preparing for any competitive exam you have to figure out what are the important topics and on which topics a great command is required as gaining knowledge is not  the sole motive of any competitive exam. In it you have to undoubtedly study that too with great depth but only what is required and what is being asked in the examination. You should study only what is essential for you to know from examination point of you and work accordingly. Proper and correct planning is also one of the key features of cracking any competitive exam. Check the syllabus thoroughly and also remain in touch with the latest examination pattern and inclusion or exclusion of certain types of questions in the exam.


9. Eat healthy and meditate

Eat healthy

As it is rightly said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Your mid will function well only if your body supports it. This aspect is often overlooked by the students but at later stages it creates a wide gulf between the winner and the looser. Choice your food, a balanced diet is necessary as it boost your metabolism and you will fall sick lesser time. An ill person can never work according to his full potential and this is not able to produce what was required of him. Prepare a proper and healthy diet chart, follow it strictly. Do regular exercise and stretching of body, focus more on consuming less fat and more nutritious diet and meditate at times to increase your concentration power.


10. Clear your basics with correct strategy

Clear your basics with correct strategy

Fundamental knowledge of the basics which are the building blocks of your preparation should be there. Otherwise you will not be able to solve complicated problems. Always remember every complex problem is the result of one of the basic elements that creates confusion and thus increases the difficulty level of the question. Proper strategy need to be adopted in order to juggle well with the fundamentals, all doubts ought to be sought at the point when they occur.

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