Top 10 Traditional Christmas Gifts

As times have progressed, Christmas is still being celebrated across the world, not only by Christians but by other religions as well. The reason behind this is that Christmas is now considered not only as an occasion to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ; it is a festival to celebrate relations. It is a brilliant chance to get together and create new memories. A beautiful tradition that is still in continuation today is presenting one’s family and dear ones with gifts to acknowledge their love and care. Not only touching, the gifts are a very important touch to the festival. When it comes to presenting others, everyone wants to hit the perfect note as the present is going to be signifying the emotion that the presenter has in heart for his loved one. For certain people, it can be easy to pick a present for and one can have a vivid idea in mind as to what to choose. For others, it can be slightly tougher and a hazily thought-of idea can be pretty disastrous. However, certain presents are traditionally considered as a wonderful thought and can never be a failure.


1. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts

The most cherished and treasured gifts on Christmas are rarely materialistic, rather they are the ones that are presented more precisely for the recipient himself. This makes them more special than any other, and often people choose a personalized gift that compliments their relationship with the receiver. Gifting family recipes, poems or other such personal articles is one of the most delightful and amiable thoughts. A lot of times people gift their family members or special friends their most precious belongings in order to strengthen the bond.


2. Edible gifts

Edible gifts

Holidays are a time to feast heartily. And what Christmas feast is complete without drinks? Be it beers, wines or cocktail sets, a thoughtfully selected drink can always make an exquisite thought for a gift. The good times are sure to ‘flow’ when wine lovers are presented a festive bottle, or beers to throw back on a casual evening for others. Alcohol never goes out of style, and is even customary on certain occasions. Hence, it has been counted amongst one of the classiest gift ideas. Not only traditional; when chosen considerately by one who has a distinction of taste, it easily passes as an elegant idea. Whether it is a drink for immediate use or a bottle that can be stored to further the quality of its contents, it is certainly amongst the soundest gift ideas and will be for ages to come.


3. Books


Books are often outcasted from this list as people refrain from gifting books to those of us who are not absolute worms when it comes to reading. However, they tend to forget that there is always a specific section that can interests a person, and a good book on a topic of their choice might interest them. Even if this is a risk, there are always decorative books that can make up your ideal gift, like coffee table books. In this manner, they do not necessarily have to be used to read, and can make up for a refined ornamental item to deck one’s shelves or fireplace. For the tougher ones to choose for, books on journeying can be gifted to avid travelers, while recipe books can be presented to the cooks, and so on.


4. Winter clothing

Winter clothing

Traditions might get shaped into newer practices year after year, but Christmas would always remain festival of the cold. Though some places do not have very low temperatures at Christmastime, there are others that snow heavily during late December. This makes a Christmas a brilliant occasion for gifting people with winter clothing. Ranging from mitts to sweaters, the present has been an ideal gift option for years, and is certainly not a risky idea that a person might or might not like. If a knitter, one can also make these clothing items by self, which makes it a rather touching thought.


5. Trip to a loved destination

Trip to a loved destination

It is not uncommon that people plan trips to new places, cities or countries for themselves or their families but constantly keep postponing it due to regular reasons like not getting the time or the will to do so. It is a wonderful opportunity to present plan these trips or buy the tickets to the destination they have always wanted to visit. Gifting a chance to bring one’s dream trip into realization is known to be a very nicely received present.  A lot of people arrange for their closest one to spend Christmas at their loved city.


6. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts 

One of the most poignant yet humble gift ideas for Christmas is a self-made card or gift. The reason why a handmade gift has always been popular choice is because one can’t put any value on it. When manual work has been put into bringing an idea to life, no matter what the outcome, it turns out to be an excellent present for the receiver because something has been created exceptionally for him. The uniqueness behind the idea makes for a very special present, no matter if it’s a crafted piece, an artwork or written matter. It requires little thought, and is nevertheless exceedingly thoughtful.


7. Household articles

Household articles 

Like other major festivals, not only Christmas is considered an occasion to celebrate, it is an occasion to bring about the change that many people desire in themselves as well as around them. It is the time to bring freshness into our ideas, habits and surroundings. One of the ways people carry this out is by bringing about new details into their home or work environments. Gifting your close ones with articles or furniture to equip with at their place has been a well-acclaimed consideration.


8. Toys


Christmas is a much awaited occasion of the year for everyone. But for the kids, it’s a magical occasion packed with excitement and mystery. They crave for the snow, the decorations, the sweets and the feasts, and most importantly for the gifts from Santa. This makes toys and other playthings big in demand in the season, and it is always joyful to see their faces at early Christmas morn when they unpack their desired wishes or unexpected presents. This makes Christmas a superb occasion to gift the maturing kids with their first bicycles, the tots with their toy-cars, or goodies and dolls for the little girls.


9. DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts

One of the very helpful and sophisticated ideas is to gift the interested and energetic ones in our lives are the infamous do-it-yourself kits. Not only are these exceptionally handy, they are very creative and appreciated everywhere. The variety provides buyers with a large number of options, ranging from food to accessories and home décor to crafts, and one can buy a DIY kit to build, cook, or carry out almost anything. On an occasion as gallant as Christmas, gifting or making homemade gifts through these yourself is very traditional.


10. Accessories


Unlike bigger or heavier gifts, choosing a smaller accessory as a gift is preferred more because not only are they lesser in cost, the variety of the kind increases and these are actually preferred more by many. Since older times, items like jewelry or watches are gifted on Christmas to friends and family. Crockery or particular cutlery articles are also gifted due to their usefulness.

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