Top 10 Reasons why People Buy Apple Products

Apple Inc. is the second largest technical company in the world. Steve Jobs is the founder of the company and the current CEO of the company. Apple has left behind all the leading IT companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. It is ahead of all the other competitors in the market. The company is a very popular and admired company not just in the technical sector but on the whole.  It has the second highest revenue after Samsung. For a company to be this big and this large there has to be something in the company. What makes Apple a big company is the sales of its products. But the reasons why the products of Apple are so popular are mentioned below.


1. Head Turner:

Head Turner

Apple is a very big technical industry on a whole. Everyone knows about the speed with which Apple has grown and is growing. In an edition of Wired Magazine, it was written that Apple is the picture of or representation of the technical industry having happy and shiny future. This makes Apple products a head turner. Because everyone believes Apple is the new future, who will not want to have them. When a person sees a brand new Apple product such as iPod, iPhone or MacBook, you know that this is the future of coming generation and you don’t want to be behind them technically.


2. Look sturdy:


The products made by Apple are very stylish and good looking in every way. The way they look, it implies that the materials used to make them are of great quality and the surface of the products will be as shiny after 10 years as it is today. The credit goes to the CEO of the company, Steve Jobs who took care of Apple products as soon as he joined Apple again. The designing of the products is done by keeping in mind the consumer’s need. This stylish look of the product is one of the many reasons why everyone is so crazy about Apple products.


3. Safe and Secure:

Safe and Secure

A person who needs privacy and wants a security and safety from all kinds of hackers needs a system that provides maximum security. Apple products are believed to be very secure and safe from all scammers and phishers. But that is not completely true. Initially when there were not many people who used Mac OS, it was secure. But as the number of users increased, the OS is now exploited by the hackers and there are many security flaws in the PCs with Mac OS. Even the web browser is also vulnerable to the hackers now. But not everyone knows this and people still believe that the products of Apple are far from any security threats and keep buying these products.


4. Innovation:


Apple products are found to be very innovative. Steve Jobs and his team work very hard to introduce innovation in the technology and believe in ideas. The company is determined to reshape the traditional and conventional industry. It has given a different angle to the wireless industry also. The products of Apple have distinctive features which are new and different from all the other products by various industries. The Company has highly skilled employees who work day and night to make every feature and every module of the product as good as possible. The interface is completely new each time and highly user friendly each time. Apple is recognized by many magazines and technicians and is the most admired company out of all the technical industries.


5. Followed by other services:

Followed by other services

Now-a-days, most of the other services are designed keeping the Apple products in mind. Most of the cars these days are made with the facilities to synchronize them with iPod. If a car is made with synchronizing feature with iPod, there are no worries to install those annoying transmitters for FM and the songs can be played via iPod easily. So if you are buying a Honda Civic or the Scion and you want to listen to music while driving, better take an iPod. Many other services are offered distinctly to Apple products which attracts the user to buy them. Many sales websites which has an electronic section will mostly have a separate section for Apple products. Such distinct services make people buy Apple products more and more.


6. Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has a great influence on the company and the people. He was forced to leave the company once. But the company lacked innovation in his absence and suffered a great loss. Then when he rejoined Apple, the company regained its reputation and the quality of the products was highly improved.  Steve Jobs was a very creative and intelligent person. He bought the company into business when it needed his help. The person was a legend and a lot of people in the whole world follow him, his ideas, his work. Steve Jobs is like a god to many of the technical as well as non-technical persons. Those millions of fans of Steve Jobs buy Apple products just because they are created by Steve Jobs.


7. Creative Advertising:


The commercials for Apple products are very interesting, very creative and very much attractive. The marketing of the product is done in a very intelligent way. They created commercials that compared PCs with Mac. Such commercials made the PCs look useless and made people lose interest in them. There were many people who rushed to the Apple stores after watching the commercials right away. And when you visit their website, it is even more attractive and makes you feel the need of those products. Some commercials also involved an emotional touch to the products which even attracted another set of people.


8. Easy to Learn and Use:

Easy to Learn and Use

Apple products are easier to use as compared to other PCs. People started losing interest in the PCs because of the speed of the PCs and the lengthy procedures to implement things and execute procedures. On the other hand, the Mac OS is far from any of the useless trail versions of softwares. Also the speed of the system, iLife, etc. is much faster as compared with others. The reviews of the people who use Apple products states that the products are really very easy to operate with a very nice and user-friendly interface.


9. Because you can still use Windows:


Apple provides a way where you can use Microsoft Windows and OS X at the same time on the same machine. This is because of the concept of “virtualization” which allows us to use multiple OS on the Apple PC. John Hatfield, who is the deputy director at Contemporary Art Museum, said that Apple provided a perfect solution by providing the ability to operate Windows on Mac. This made the New Museum of Manhattan to use Apple Mac after replacing their previous systems. Many other organizations switched to Mac after this feature was introduced.


10. Creativity


All those people who are involved in creative business would prefer a system that would make their work easier and faster. By creative business we mean making creative websites, movies, blogs and other similar media or entertainment related hobbies. Even photoshop and picture editing studio are examples of creative activities. Apple provides a solution for them by providing iLife. Such functionalities in Apple products attract many people and increase the sales of Mac systems.

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  1. Conan

    Innovative….No. First proper tablet was the Pocket PC by Microsoft in 2000. Apples iPad was released in 2010.

    Smart phones – Blackberry released theirs in 2006 and Apples iPhone was released 2007 – but its arguable but the first smart phone was released in 1999 in japan.

    MP3 players – Asia sold “MPman” in 1998, Creative released one in 2000 and the Ipod in 2001.

    All they did was remake and repackage what others brought out before and marketed them incredibly well.


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