Top 10 Rainiest Places on Earth

Rainy season, the season in which the brownish nature changes to a green wonder. People love this time as it is a lazy period of the year where people sip tea, dance and play in the rain. Some places on the earth become a total wet due to heavy rainfall. Rain, the hope which every farmer dreams to get a good yield. People, in today’s world are thinking of using rainwater in different ways so as to save water. Due to rain nature has developed many tourist spots and even rain resorts. Most importantly, rain helps plants to grow and gives water to animals. Rain is believed to be the romantic season of the year. It is also said that rainwater is the fresh and is suitable for drinking purposes. In this planet, many places become a heaven to love. Just because of heavy rains and a cup of coffee. Nature has developed many rain forests due to this which houses many unique pieces of the animal kingdom. Some of them include the Amazon basin rain forest, Sunder ban basin rain forest etc. Even some of the beautiful tourist spots are developed due to rain. So here are some heavens on the earth which record heavy rainfall throughout the year.


1.  Cherrapunji, India (498 inches of rainfall)

Cherrapunji, India

This place under the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya is also called the rain capital of the world. This place is locally called ‘Sohra’.

Cherrapunji means the “land of oranges”. This place records a total of 498 inches of annual average rainfall every year. Soils in this plateau are poor owing to deforestation and washout caused by heavy rains.  Vegetation in this location is even xerophytic in spite of the fame of Cherrapunji as an extremely wet place. Valleys around Cherrapunji  are covered with lush and very dense vegetation, containing numerous endemic species of plants, including Meghalaya subtropical forests. This place has a subtropical highland climate, with monsoonal influences typical in India. The Indian Government has developed many rain resorts in this place and is a nice tourist spot. Both Cherrapunji and Mawsynram hold the world record for having the highest average rainfall in an annual year. Sometimes there happens a dispute as to which is the rainiest place on the Earth: is it Cherrapunji or is it Mawsynram?. This place is ranked first in the top 10 rainiest places on the Earth.


2. Mawsynram, India ( 461 inches of rainfall)

Mawsynram, India

A small village in the east Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, records a total of 461 inches of average annual rainfall all around the year. According to the Guiness Book Of World Records, Mawsynram recorded a total of 1000 inches of rainfall in the year 1985. Due to the alignment of the east Khasi Hills in the nearby area, the monsoon wind which comes from the Bay Of Bengal is blocked by this. It is also located 15 km from Cherrapunji, the wettest place on the earth. Average monthly temperatures range from 10 degree Celsius in January to 20 degree Celsius in the month of August. A rare stone called megalith is found in this place. This place also has many waterfalls and is a good spot for tourism. Mawsynram stands second in the world’s rainiest places on the Earth.


3. Waialeale, United States Of America (451 inches of rainfall)

Waialeale, United States Of America

Named after Mount Waialeale,  a place in Hawaii Islands recoreds an annual rainfall of 451 inches every year. The greenery in this place has led to the rise of new species of plants like Astelia waialealae, Melisope waialealae and the endemic Dabutia waialealae. There is also a beautiful lake which stores the rainwater. The name Waialeale literally means “rippling water” or “overflowing water”.This place stands in third place among the rainiest places on the Earth.


4. Debudscha, Cameroon (404.6 inches of rainfall)

Debudscha, Cameroon

Lying on the foot of Mount Cameroon, the highest peak In Africa this place receives rainfall up to 404.6 inches makes it the complementary place on the Earth for having rainfall record. It is a village in the south western region facing the South Atlantic Ocean. The Mount Cameroon (4095m) blocks the dark clouds thus making the place a rain hub.


5. Quibdo, Columbia (353.9 inches of rainfall)

Quibdo, Columbia

The Green Valley Of Columbia and the capital city of the Choco Department, gets to receive an annual rainfall of 353.9 inches which makes it stand at the fifth spot of the rainiest places on the Earth. This place is situated on the banks of River Atrato. It has a tropically wet climate and has a cloudy rain forest which makes it green. This place has also its name for shifting cultivation which prevailed from the movement of freed black slaves period. Also gold and platinum is said to be discovered in the valleys of Atrato. This place is also shelved around the Panama Canal.


6. Bellenden Ker, Queensland, Australia (340 inches of rainfall)

Bellenden Ker, Queensland, Australia

Lying on the foothills of Mount Bellenden Ker, this place in northwest Australia experiences an average rainfall of 340 inches per year. There is a mountain range named after this place. It was first seen by Captain James Cook but wasn’t given the name. It is named on 22nd June, 1819 after the English botanist John Bellenden Ker Gawler. This place has Mulgraves River on its southwest part with the Russell River flowing in the southeast part. Due to heavy rainfall, this place has also developed several waterfalls like Kearneys Falls, Fishery falls, Josephine Falls, Tchupala Falls, Silver Creek Falls, Wallicher Falls, Nandroya Falls, Whites Falls and Clamshell Falls.


7. Andagoya, Columbia (281 inches of rainfall)

Andagoya, Columbia

This village in the west-central part, named after the Spanish conquistador Pascual de Andagoya, in every year fails to touch the 300 inch rainfall mark. A place full of puddles, gets an annual rainfall of 281.0 inches rainfall every year. The inhabitants are receiving their fair share of precipitation, but still not saturated.


8. Henderson Lake, Columbia (256 inches of rainfall)

Henderson Lake, Columbia  

Receiving a total of 256 inches of average rainfall every year, Henderson Lake lying in the Vancouver Island in British Columbia is at eighth place in the list of rainiest places on Earth. This place nests a fish sanctuary in it. This place is also the wettest place in Canada. The lake pours its water to head of Uchucklesit Inlet on the north side of lower Alberni Inlet.


9. Kikori, Papua New Guinea (242.9 inches of rainfall)

Kikori, Papua New Guinea

Lies in the delta of Kikori River, a place recording 242.9 inches of average rainfall every year, is placed ninth in the list of wettest places on Earth. This place is densely forested and also has Oil Exploitation in the delta. The place is intricate with rivers, having clay type soil. Its first commercial   oil deposits were found by the Kutubu Oil Joint Venture, thus setting up the oil pipeline from the Gulf Of Papua.


10. Tavoy, Myanmar (214.6 inches of rainfall)

Tavoy, Myanmar

Recording a total of 214.6 inches of average rainfall every year, this place in South-East Asia stands next to top nine wettest places on the planet. This place is at the head of Tavoy River pouring water in Andaman Sea. This place engaged in coastal trade and has a hunting reserve. This place is mountainous lying on the foot of Bilauktaung Range, thus becoming barrier between Myanmar and Thailand. Rice is the stable crop here and the place is rich in tin and tungsten. Timber production is important here.

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