Top 10 Reasons why America is known as the Land of Opportunities

America is the country which has been known as the land of opportunities for decades, a land which provides salvation to dreams, passion & talent, a land with unparallel opportunities, simply a land where all the fantasies can be transformed into real life. Millions of immigrants come to United States and those who don’t come are only because they were not given the visa. Believe it or not but America is the place that can fulfill a person’s desires, all the person has to do is the hard work, you work hard and America pays or it. There are countless examples of immigrants who came to America with nothing but a dream & hope and those people are today living successful lives. It is said that America is no longer a land of opportunities but America has opportunities for those only who know how to avail them. There might be some other countries providing beneficial opportunities but still they can’t be as good as the United States, there are things at which America still is the best. In a nut shell we can conclude that America has the best of what every person wants, now the question is that what is it that America has and not the other countries, what is it that makes America the land of opportunities, so the top 10 reasons why America is known as the land of opportunities are :


1. Most productive economy:

productive economy

US have the largest and most productive economy in the world, China’s economy seems to be going up but in comparison with US it is far behind. In 2010 China’s GDP per capita was $4,393 where the U.S. is much wealthier at $47,184 per capita, furthermore America trigger 20% of the global GDP. Also US encourages all small businesses, people coming from different parts of the world have full liberty to start their own business. No other country provides as much privileges to the immigrant as US. Other than that US is the biggest exporter of the world and second largest manufacturer of the world after china.


2. Most Valuable Brands:

Valuable Brands

America is home to uncountable famous brands like Apple, IBM, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, MC-Donald’s, Marlboro, biggest brands of the world hail from America, these brands have their chains all over the world and the business is un believable. Also the biggest IT companies are in America, America spends 606.2 billion US dollars in IT.


3. Super power:

Super power

Security is what every person needs, when a country is attacked its people are also attacked, when the economy of a country undergoes shifts, a layman’s life is affected. In order to have a secure life it is essential that the country he lives in must be a strong one, a country which does not rely on others. America is the world’s super power, having most number of resources, technology, nuclear power, free from all kind of threats from other countries, armed forces, etc. basically America is the country which doesn’t need to rely on other countries nor does it needs to be afraid of any one. The citizens of America can pursue their lives without any fear. Secondly the resources America has are foremost due to which multiple opportunities are available.


4. Best school and Colleges:

Best school and Colleges

America provides the best education; the top & best universities of the world are in America.  Harvard University, Stanford University, Princeton University, Yale University, Colombia University, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, America has them all. America provides the best higher education which is the bachelors, masters and PhD programs. Once you have done your academics from any of the universities in US, your life, future and career is secured. We can say that the biggest opportunity of a person’s life is provided by America. US has been ranked to have the best education system in the world, the quality of education in America is just amazing, the universities might be a part of America but the people teaching there are from all over the world, simply the best teachers.


5. Global spotlight:

Global spotlight

The platform America provides is the global one, the singers, actors, directors, producer, writers, celebs all are known throughout the world. America provides a platform to those who have talents, be it in terms any sports, music, acting, engineering, business, everything. This is the platform from where the entire world sees and appreciates you.


6. Ethnic diversity:

Ethnic diversity

Ethnic diversity means people belong to different races living together, where all these people represent different cultures and different life styles. America has room for all of them. Officially America has 6 different ethical groups with black, white and Asians living together in the same neighborhood and all of these live with contentment. America is free from all kinds of religious, racial, and ethnic borders.


7. Talent from around the globe:

Talent from around the globe

If we slant a look at the universities of America, the students studying there have been picked from different parts of the worlds and they are simply extraordinary. The engineers and other employees working in the all the multinational companies are handpicked from throughout the world. The people employed in the IT companies or NASA are the basically the cream of the world, so for those people who want to conduct their researches or those who want do not want to waste their talents, America is the place for them.


8. Minority rights:

Minority rights

The people coming from different nations or countries to America are technically a minority. They are different from the people already living in America in factors like race, language, religion. These things automatically lead to a sense of complexity, in such cases it is the duty of the law enforcing agencies to safeguard the lives, property and honor of such people, US provides rights to the minorities, unlike the other countries America has strict laws when it comes to minority. The people belonging to the minority are treated with respect and care.


9. Freedom:


Freedom is the basic right of a human being, he is supposed to do whatever he wants but certain customs of the family or society, or sometimes the responsibilities, the pressure of career etc, and these things do not let him do it. There are certain professions which are not accepted in society for example parents want their children to become doctors and engineers not a rapper, the youth of these days like unusual professions. The kind of Professions which either does not guarantee a secure future or they are not the respected ones. America is the country which freely accepts like professions, allows the people to live the life they want and gives ultimate freedom.


10. Immigrants are Welcomed:


Every second person wants to go to America, be it for education, job, and career or just for the sake the pursuing dream. America on the other hands welcomes them all; millions of people migrate to America and start a new life. It is because of the standard of life America provide that a person once here he never wants to go back, immigrants never find any similar to it. America is willing to absorb all kind of people, America makes them feel at home and provide warmth. If not legally then people try to go to America illegally as well, those who are not given the visa’s go to America through means which are not legal.

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  1. David Irving

    The person that wrote this is a moron. First of all in the little picture you used, a horde of those brands are not American you dummy. Sony is Japanese, Samsung is Korean, BBC is British, Royal Mail is British, Nintendo is Japanese etc.
    If you are going to talk about American brands, then don’t post a picture full of brands from other countries you uneducated fool.

    2. You talk about economy, but then bring up GDP per capita as your basis of bad mouthing China. Yet if you want to bring up GDP per capita the US is actually behind 19 countries.

    Also if you want to then decide that’s too sad and change back to overall GDP, China is actually ahead of the US in GDP.
    China in fact also have 820 billionaires as of 2018, 40% more than the US.
    PPP GDP is the preferred way of comparing countries for GDP, sorry.

    3. Education, the US may have good universities. But these are full of foreign students and foreign professors, so to write this off as an all American thing is ignorant. Also the claim of being the best university in the world is somewhat more subjective than you may think, this isn’t based on test scores of succession into the work field. It’s based mostly on subjectively believing your university is better than the rest, this is why in other parts of the world they have different lists for which universities are the best. The top student in US universities are mostly foreigners, of Asian origin. Sorry

    And if we are talking about schooling and education, I am sorry but the US students perform poorly.
    In the worldwide ranking for maths, science etc based on real school results the US ranks very poorly.

    The top countries are Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Switzerland, Estonia, Canada, Netherlands (that is in order). Guess where the US sits? At rank 41 for math, Rank 24 for Reading and rank 25 for Science.

    No, you are not at the top. You rank very poorly.

    4. Security? This has to be a joke. The US is one of the least safe countries to live. The least secure also in many metrics. In fact if you move from Japan to the USA, you are 14.7x more likely to be the victim of a murder. The US also has the highest incarceration rate in the world and some of the highest rates of police shootings (resulting in death) in any modern country.

    Your little attempt at making a list here is pathetic, you haven’t based anyone on actual facts. Just made yourself a self worshipping deluded propaganda piece. Congratulations.


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