Top 10 Possible Substitute for Sodas

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We all have tried to kick the habit of having soft drinks. It is a delight to guzzle down a fizzy cooler on a hot day or to wash down the burger or sandwich or just about everything! So how does one quit cold turkey? Who won’t want a chilled soda with a sizzling pizza? When in a restaurant, we almost intuitively ask for cold-drinks. Well the need to drink is like a reflex, it’s like our brain is hot wired to do it. Solution. The need is to drink and who said it has to be soda, it could be anything. Here is a list of top 10 possible substitutes for the calorie loaded, bane for teeth and kidneys, and one key reason behind obesity. Criticism for soft drinks, been there, heard that right! Presenting to you a wide range of delicious substitutes, dive right in.


1. Flavored water

Flavored water

Call it boring but end of the day nothing beats water. It fulfills the need of the body and everything else is just a fringe we have become used to. Now a cold icy drink of water will refresh you as a warm drink of water will sooth you. Here are few ways around. If you need taste, just add flavor to it. The flavored water is not the way to go; they have more calories than three whole doughnuts! Do it yourself. Cut up few strawberries and place them in cold glass of water. The list of  flavors is extensive. You can go with cinnamon and apples, watermelon and jalapenos, peach, basil leaves, lemons, orange slices. It is an open field. Common time frame is 3 hours for the water to be infused with the taste.  Create your own punch to suit your taste!


2. Green tea

Green tea

There is black tea and then there is green tea. Originally from china, this drink has convinced the world that it is ‘the’ health drink. From lowering the risk of a heart attack to increasing the metabolism by 4%. It is brewed in different ways and the additions vary as per the requirements. Starbucks serve a sweet version while home brewed can be totally sugar free. It doesn’t necessarily be hot for iced green tea is a trend. The rates for Japanese green tea can go as high as 1000 bucks for a couple of cups, Lipton offers mint or lime green iced tea powder ( makes over 10 glasses)  for 100 bucks.


3. Mocktails


At a party where soft drinks are your go to drinks, and alcohol doesn’t sit right, how do you avoid it? The mock tails are a way to go. Virgin drinks like Shirley temple, Virgin Mary Hawaiian Punch   or virgin colada can be soothing, refreshing and a positive substitute for sodas. The look great with the tiny umbrellas and will keep you away from soft drinks. Caution, some drinks have soft drinks as a chief ingredient so check before you drink.  Its one way to class things up.


4. Coconut water

Coconut water

This is one of the favorite drinks of the tropics. Found as a naturally occurring liquid inside the coconut, this drink is gaining popularity as a natural energy drink or a natural sports drink. It is found on the streets sold by local vendors or in plastic bottles, tetra packs etc. The shelf life of the bottled coconut water is 24 months. The bottled water can be plain coconut water or have coconut jelly or coconut pulp along with it.  It has a refreshing taste, low fat and sugar content and high in energy.


5. Packet drinks

Packet drinks

Who can forget rasna when we talk about substitutes for soda! The one packet which made 32 glasses was widely popular. Slowly they came in small sachets. Tang, Tropicana, naturals gained popularity in market. They are easy to make and easier still to guzzle down. They are lesser of the two evils, goes well with various food types. Red-bulls, Gatorade are a trend now. Though not really healthy, they do make a possible substitute. More traditional based jal-jeera is also widely available. Buttermilk, lassie are popular drinks and carter to different taste buds.


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