Top 10 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

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The human mind is an enigma. It has the invincible desire to question everything before granting it a seal of acceptance. We have an inexplicable resilience to accept the inexplicable. We cannot comprehend the randomness of fate or cannot surrender to the fact that the design of fate does not always follow a rational course. We find it important to describe every little thing as the work of some grand manipulators working in the background. This inability to accept the world as we know it gives birth to a crop of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists tend to believe that there is always a greater power at play behind the scenes. In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the author talks about a world where the ‘Big Brother’ keeps watch over all of us, and we are but just mere puppets doing the bidding of our shadow masters. After considerable research (whether or not is it misguided is a different question altogether), some conspiracy theorists reach far-fetched conclusions with symbolism and allegory.

One of the most popular conspiracy theories that have stood the test of time is the one about the secret society called ‘Illuminati’. The original Illuminati (plural for the Latin word ‘Illuminatus’ meaning ‘the enlightened’) were a Bavarian secret society formed in 1776. This was a group of free thinkers who were opposed to the prevalent superstitions, social maladies, abuse of state power and the rampant gender inequality. The Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore outlawed this group with covert support from the Roman Catholic Church. Illuminati were disbanded in 1785. However they have stayed alive in the public imagination ever since.

The Illuminati are still supposed to be covertly active all around the world, infiltrating Governments and organizations as they get ready to establish the ‘New World Order’ or a new world which will be unified under one Government, one currency, one elaborate conspiracy of liberation.

Let us consider some of the most popular incidents that are supposed to be Illuminati Conspiracies. While some of them sound plain crazy, some of them however carry a mad tad of credibility.


1. The New World Order

New World Order

The ultimate aim of the Illuminati is to bring about human liberation in the form of a new world order. Here is an extract from one of the interviews with an ‘Illuminatus’ that has been doing the rounds of the internet. Here he explains the Illuminati’s vision of a New World order and how conspiracy theorists like David Icke are making small change of the Illuminati’s lofty ideals.

“Icke makes many perceptive observations, but he erroneously calls the enemy the Illuminati and the New World Order and so forth. In fact, the enemy is the Old World Order – the people who have been in charge from the very beginning. They have no need to change anything because the world is already dancing to their tune. Their tyrannical dynasties have stridden the world stage for millennia. The last thing they want is a new world. Icke is correct when he identifies royal families, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, media barons, top business executives and so on as the enemy. He is wrong to call them the Illuminati. We are the very people who are waging the fiercest war against the enemy, trying to stop them choking the human race to death. We are the last and only hope for humanity. Everyone who opposes a New World Order is deluded – having swallowed the deceptions of the enemy – or is actively in the service of the powers that be: the Old World Order.”


2. The Debacle of 9/11


The Twin Tower Tragedy remains one of the freshest wounds in America’s recent memory. Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that this was illuminati’s elaborate design as well. The incident was one of the defining moments when the U. S. Government decided to wage war against world terrorism, engaging funds in war leaving itself exposed to the Illuminati. And in true secret society style, the 9/11 debacle was predicted in a Johnny Bravo (Cartoon Network favorite) episode prior to the incident.


3. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

They say every American can recall exactly where they were when President Kenney was assassinated. People would like you to believe that the President was just another pawn off the Illuminati’s hit list. He had been trying to expose the Illuminati’s spider web and hence he had to be silenced. Look at the image for further explanation.


4. One Global Royal Family

Global Royal Family

Look at the image above and sigh in disbelief. Yes, the conspiracy theorists conduct their fair share of research.


5. The French Revolution

French Revolution

Many believe that the Bavarian Illuminati survived the original suppression of 1785 and went on to orchestrate the French Revolution. The people’s uprising against the oppressive rulers of France would otherwise have not been possible without the Illuminati’s orchestration. Conspiracy theorists claim that they have found a large number of Illuminati symbols scattered throughout paintings and documents of the Revolution era.


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