Top 10 Famous Political Scandals

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Politics and Scandals go hand in hand. Politics is not a bed of roses always it’s a bed of roses and thorns. A saying is there without smoke there is no fire so here we can say without scandal no politics or vice versa exist. And there is not a single country left on this world where there has been no scandals attached to its history. Every country has its own share of success as well as failure. Political scandals can vary from sex, greed, money etc. It often ruins its country’s image. Now here is the list of famous political scandals.


1. Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga

This scandal will always be fresh in everybody’s mind and will always be in the limelight. And it was found out by the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He hosted bunga bunga parties i.e. surrounding Prostitutes. In 2011 it was alleged that he had an sexual relationship with the under aged girl popularly called as Ruby the heart stealer. Even he misused his power by helping her to come out of jail relating to theft case. As he was enjoying lavishly, the Italian country’s economy fell flat. So due to this Berlusconi’s rule came to end.


2. Mensalao Scandal

Mensalao Scandal

Mensalao means in Brazilian language a big monthly payment. In this scandal it was alleged that PT party paid bribe to many congress deputies in order to vote for the current legislation. Each member was paid an amount of 30,000 reais.Due to this many advisers to president Lula resigned and  several charges were slapped on them.


3. Profumo Affair

Profumo Affair

This affair still top’s the charts in history even after 50years passed. It is related John Profumo who was secretary of state for war and had an affair with a soviet spy called Keeler whom he had met her in a party. But he tried to cover it up when he was questioned in House of commons. And later he was forced to resign. But due to his mistakes even the then Prime minister’s reputation was also damaged.


4. DSK Scandal

DSK Scandal

Dominique Strauss-Khan was popularly called as DSK. He was the ex-International Monetary Fund Head, But he had to pay a heavy price as he had to step down from the coveted post due to allegations of rape. He tried to rape a New York city Hotel Maid. And in wake of this scandal his aspirations of becoming next France President was also tarnished by his own mistakes.


5. Katyagate Scandal

Katyagate Scandal

The Name Katyagate was given by Russian media. It was the most breaking news in Russian world of politics. A girl named katya seduced many opposition party members and high influential personalities and later the videos were uploaded or leaked online and it shun the grace of opposition party. Many important people were involved like Eduard Limonov, Belov, Alexander and also llya  Yashin.But the accused said that it was conspiracy by the government to embarrass them.


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