Top 10 Famous Political Scandals

Politics and Scandals go hand in hand. Politics is not a bed of roses always it’s a bed of roses and thorns. A saying is there without smoke there is no fire so here we can say without scandal no politics or vice versa exist. And there is not a single country left on this world where there has been no scandals attached to its history. Every country has its own share of success as well as failure. Political scandals can vary from sex, greed, money etc. It often ruins its country’s image. Now here is the list of famous political scandals.


1. Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga

This scandal will always be fresh in everybody’s mind and will always be in the limelight. And it was found out by the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He hosted bunga bunga parties i.e. surrounding Prostitutes. In 2011 it was alleged that he had an sexual relationship with the under aged girl popularly called as Ruby the heart stealer. Even he misused his power by helping her to come out of jail relating to theft case. As he was enjoying lavishly, the Italian country’s economy fell flat. So due to this Berlusconi’s rule came to end.


2. Mensalao Scandal

Mensalao Scandal

Mensalao means in Brazilian language a big monthly payment. In this scandal it was alleged that PT party paid bribe to many congress deputies in order to vote for the current legislation. Each member was paid an amount of 30,000 reais.Due to this many advisers to president Lula resigned and  several charges were slapped on them.


3. Profumo Affair

Profumo Affair

This affair still top’s the charts in history even after 50years passed. It is related John Profumo who was secretary of state for war and had an affair with a soviet spy called Keeler whom he had met her in a party. But he tried to cover it up when he was questioned in House of commons. And later he was forced to resign. But due to his mistakes even the then Prime minister’s reputation was also damaged.


4. DSK Scandal

DSK Scandal

Dominique Strauss-Khan was popularly called as DSK. He was the ex-International Monetary Fund Head, But he had to pay a heavy price as he had to step down from the coveted post due to allegations of rape. He tried to rape a New York city Hotel Maid. And in wake of this scandal his aspirations of becoming next France President was also tarnished by his own mistakes.


5. Katyagate Scandal

Katyagate Scandal

The Name Katyagate was given by Russian media. It was the most breaking news in Russian world of politics. A girl named katya seduced many opposition party members and high influential personalities and later the videos were uploaded or leaked online and it shun the grace of opposition party. Many important people were involved like Eduard Limonov, Belov, Alexander and also llya  Yashin.But the accused said that it was conspiracy by the government to embarrass them.


6. CWG Scandal

CWG Scandal

CWG means Common wealth Games which hosted by the Government of India. And This famous scandal attracted media worldwide. It spread like fire to whole world about its serious fraud. And the main accused was Suresh Kalmadi who was the chairman of organizing committee(OC).Center ordered to probe the corruption and mismanagement irregularities committed in Organizing committee. It was investigated and found out that contract had been given to Swiss firm having much higher bid even after there was a option of cheaper bid and it was estimated that due to this there was a loss of 90 crores.


7. Idi Amin Scandal

Idi Amin Scandal

Idi Amin was a military leader and later went on to become Uganda’s President. He served as a President for 9 years but it was the more heinous rule that a country ever saw. He was even called a Blood soaked Monster. During his tenure country saw many crimes being committed, people were killed very mercilessly and one such astonishing and weirdest thing is he killed the people and even tasted their flesh. Because he belonged to Kakwa tribe and it is believed that if you ate human flesh of a person whom you killed that persons spirit will never haunt. Even there were reports that several victims were buried alive. He also practiced cannibalism and during this time the economy of Uganda had failed as the inflation reached an excess of 1,000%.And as usual if there is a sun rise there should be a sunset so in his life his rule also came to end as he wanted to capture another province but it failed. So he had to flee and be in exile.


8. Moshe Katsav Rape Scandal

Moshe Katsav Rape Scandal

Moshe Katsav was a President of  Isreal. He belonged to poor family and later he eventually  raised to high class. He was charged with many serious allegations like sexual harassment, Breach of trust. But the most important twist to the story is that he himself created the problem by complaining the then attorney general that he was being blackmailed by an employee. But fate had something else in store as general attorney ordered official investigation into the matter. And later  allegations was found to be true as he had forced her to have sex with him twice and to add further woes, several other women stood up against him and opposed him and also revealed the details that he had also sought sexual favours from them and also harassed them when they were under him working. So in 2007 he resigned from President post and surrendered to the law.


9. Chen Shui-bian Scandal

Chen Shui-bian Scandal

Chen Shui-bian was popularly called as A-bian.He was the President of Taiwan country. His life story can be described by a phrase From rags to riches as well as Riches to rags. He was a reformer who rose to heights by defeating the opposition party which ruled since it was exiled from china. He was reelected again in 2004 but every person will change when Power is in his hand. He was the President who misused his authority and even his family members. His son-in-law was the first to come under scanner and later his wife was charged with corruption as she had transferred $21 million to numerous banks. Later Chen Shui-bian was involved in scandal, but according to Taiwan’s rule President is above the law but the opposition party opposed. Later in 2008 he stepped down and after investigation it was found that he had utilized whopping $3.15 million of public funds and taking $9 million in bribes for himself. He and his wife  was sentenced to life sentence and had issued a fine of $15 million but later the sentence was reduced to 20 years. Due to this his political career was over.


10. Watergate Scandal

Watergate Scandal

This scandal will always top the list of political scandals in US history. The name Watergate is fixed to this scandal because it’s the name of the hotel called Watergate and This hotel played the role in it. And this scandal is also famous because it has the credit that it made US President Richard Nixon to resign when he was still serving the country as President. The plot of the scandal is that four to six persons peep into Watergate hotel and stole some documents, they also took pictures and also wire bug the phones. But on June 17 they tried to enter again to fix a problem but they were caught by the security guards and were arrested. Later Richard Nixon tried to hide his involvement but was caught by the investigation authorities as there were proofs regarding his voice recordings that led to the conclusion that  he had paid money to CIA agent E.Howard Hunt Jr as Nixon’s bid for reelection was in jeopardy.

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