Top 10 Fun Things about being Single

Everybody (more or less) dreams of finding that one special person they can share their lives with. Surely, being in a good relationship is probably one of the best things which can happen to you. However, this does not mean all those singletons out there start questionings their ways right away!

Being alone doesn’t always mean being lonely. There are a number of people who are single, by choice, and are really happy and satisfied with their lives. There are a lot of benefits of being single. In case all those around you have found their ‘someone special’ and you think you are missing out on all the fun, think again. Being single can actually be quite fun. Here are ten fun things about being single which every singleton must feel grateful for!


1. Individuality


When you are in a relationship, people (friends and family) has this annoying habit of viewing you and your partner as ‘one’. No matter how hard you may have worked to earn a name for yourself, or establish yourself as a strong, powerful, independent individual, relationships do affect your individuality one way or the other. Many a times you will be referred to as ‘someone’s girlfriend/wife’ or ‘someone’s boyfriends/ husband’. Being single saves you from the pain of losing your individuality, well in a way!


2. Free to flirt

Free to flirt

Undoubtedly, relationships can be a little restrictive. If you are in a relationship, it goes without saying that you need to bid farewell to good old days when you could talk to the guy you find hot or the girl you think is pretty. Even when your partner is not physically present with you, there is this little voice in your head telling you that approaching someone you find cute or hot is a big NO. Single people have the freedom to talk and ask out anyone they want. There is no jealous lover who will search for clues and check their phones to catch them red handed! Freedom to flirt is perhaps is one of the best things about being single!


3. More time for friends

Time for friends

It is hard to balance your professional life, friends and your girlfriend/boyfriend all at the same time. If you spend too much time with your partner, you will disappoint your friends and if you pay too much attention to your friends, your relationship suffers. Being single saves you from the trouble of dividing your free time between your friends and your partner. You can hang out with your friends for as long as you want, get drunk, go for late night parties without a care in the world. Relationships are really important but a life without friends is unimaginable!


4. The much needed me time

needed me time

Being single gives you time for a little self discovery. Well,  having a good time with friends and/or your partner is really important, but every once in a while, you need to spend some time trying to figure out ‘yourself’ and ‘your life’.  Unlike popular belief that being alone is boring, spending some time with ‘yourself ‘ can be really fun. You can watch your favorite movies or the re runs of your favorite shows, read a book, go for a long walk, sing out loud or dance without caring about looking stupid! One of the major benefits of being single is that you get a lot of time to do what you like doing!


5. No pressure of looking your best!

looking your best

When you are in a relationship, there is this constant pressure on you to look your best (atleast presentable) , especially if you haven’t been with each other for long enough . On the other hand, being single gives you the freedom to remain smelly, dirty, and hairy till you actually feel like grooming yourself. Not that I am saying being dirty and smelly is a good thing but let’s just agree we all have those days when  we don’t feel like taking a shower and all we want to do is roam around in our comfy pajamas. Single ladies, you can go without plucking, bleaching and waxing for as long as you want. A simple hairdo and minimal makeup will get you through the day! Guys, you can wear that hideous shirt which your girlfriend (if you had one) would hate and you secretly love!


6. Be single, be rich(er)


If you are single, you may spend your money whenever and however you want! In fact you will be saving a lot of money. You do not have to spend on buying your partner a gift on his/her birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day etc. Single guys do not have to worry about a girlfriend spending all their money on shopping sprees. Being single also saves you from all those expensive dinners in fancy restaurants. The bottom line is, if you are single, you will definitely be saving a lot of money!


7. No stress, insecurities or jealousy


Being in a relationship makes you feel happy and loved. However these are not the only emotions one experiences in a relationship. Sometimes, relationships can bring in stress, insecurity, jealousy etc. Being single will save you from a lot of stress and headache. It takes a little (and sometimes a lot) efforts to keep a relationship going strong. Those who are single have one less thing to worry about!


8. Sound sleep

Sound sleep

Sharing your living space with someone can be  really troublesome at times and sharing your bed, even worse! Being single saves you from all that unbearable snoring and roll overs which interrupt your sleep. People who are in a relationship but don’t live with their partners have to bear those long midnight conversations over the phone. Those sleepless nights may seem pleasant in the beginning but they definitely lose their charm with time. If you are single, there is nobody to disturb your much needed beauty sleep.


9. Power of decision making is yours

Power of decision making

In case you are in a relationship, or have been in the past, you have experienced that when it comes to taking decisions, you and your partner have to work as a team! Before making weekend plans with your friends, you need to discuss it with your boyfriend/girlfriend. No ! You cannot go on that much awaited road trip in case your partner feels it is not a very good idea. From very small matters (e.g. what will we be eating for dinner tonight?) to matters of great importance (e.g. taking this really good job offer in another city) you need to discuss everything with your partner if you want to keep your relationship running smoothly. Single people are the masters of their own fate. They have the freedom to take their own decisions.


10. You can focus on your professional life

focus on your professional life

Being successful professionally is perhaps one of the main aims in life for most people. Relationships come with additional responsibilities which may affect your professional life. If you are single, you can focus on your work completely. You may invest extra time in work in order to impress you employers so that they offer you a promotion! Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is easier for those who are single

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