Top 10 Everyday Make-up Blunders

So Coco Chanel says, “A woman should be two things, fabulous and classy.” What makes most women believe they are fabulous and classy, besides obviously naturally being so is what Marilyn Monroe forgot to mention when she said all women should thank the inventor of high heels was makeup. However makeup gone wrong is a blunder in itself, and makeup blunders happen all the time. The commonest everyday makeup blunders however are as the list goes.


1. Foundation gone wrong

Foundation gone wrong

If the foundation isn’t strong, the building won’t last. You’d have heard it a lot many times. Does the word foundation ring the bell? The foundation is the base of your makeup. If that goes wrong, the other make-up is all in vain. The blunder most people make is that they choose not to invest in a good foundation. When have you ever liked a woman who has beautiful makeup except of course her foundation has oxidized and gone ashy. So the next time you go foundation shopping, ask the makeup assistant to assist you with the shade. Apply it, move around to check if it oxidizes and check if the shade is just right in different lightings. Of course it shouldn’t bleed as you sweat too, you don’t want people to know you are wearing foundation, Do you?


2. Jack of all trades, master of none

Jack of all trades

What creates a mess more than a blunder is a little of everything. Being the jack of all trades master of none is not exactly a pleasant possibility in the world of makeup. If you are doing your eyes very well, go subtle of the lips. Bright lips turn eyeballs only when the rest of the makeup does not scream for attention. You don’t want to duplicate for a Dracula theme party guest right? Alright, that was a slight exaggeration. Nevertheless having everything on your face is like splashing all shades of paint on your canvas and making no sense out of it. IT is just not happening. It will save products too. See how much money am I making you save? You sure need to thank me for the extra lip stain I made you afford.


3. A Porcelain doll

Porcelain doll

You are not at kindergarten anymore. Get out of the look like a doll phase. Do not overdo on pink and white toned makeup. Your cheeks need not have those perfectly circle blushed look. Your eyes do not need to look like those animated dolls. Makeup need not make you look like those fragile porcelain doll. Makeup needs to accentuate your features. It is to make you look a little beyond perfect. Get over the days of whitex bottles and get amazed by how makeup actually works.


4. Concealing what isn’t


Another makeup blunder that can never just pass. Can you pass a look where it certainly seems you wore an eye mask and went sun-bathing. Or maybe panda eyes even. Your concealer is to conceal, not highlight your flaws. Do not double up a concealer for a foundation, the other way round may still work. Do not conceal just because you don’t like the look of it. Conceal what needs to be concealed- the blemish marks that remained, under eye circles, scar marks or any other imperfections. Concealers are not to change how you look, just to make you look flawless.


5. Bronzing but don’t know what to bronze


So ladies you feel bronzers were made only to make your face appear more sculpted, or more luminous are both wrong. Bronzer by its very name suggests that it was made to give that bronze dusted look. A slightly highlighting tan if you so may call it. Over years of practise and evolving makeup tricks, most makeup dressers picked up the technique of bronzing so to provide the illusion of a more sculpted face but that mind you is a work of art with all the right shades. If you are contouring with a bronzer make sure you do not highlight too, not with the same shade. That might seem like you ran out of translucent powder and chose to dust a bronzer instead. If don’t get the trick, switch to YouTube, you’ll find more number of tutorials than the number of months you’ve lived.


6. Misunderstanding your skin tone

Misunderstanding your skin tone

So, this is a makeup blunder that even the high-end makeup store’s makeup assistant makes. Too much of makeup there right? They would often pass off yellow toned skins to pink toned ones- to sell their products. Most cosmetic companies often have more pink toned skin oriented makeup products. They make you believe a wrong skin tone and you gladly do. What is the bad part? The bad part is that the colours that bring out the best of your skin tone differ with your skin tone. Olive skinned beauties may not carry a deep orange shade of lip-colour as their pinker toned counterparts would. The entire concept of shades goes wrong and we ask what’s wrong?


7. Primer wasn’t prime


Dry skinned beauties can put their jealousies to rest. They score slightly better here for no primer does not mean shining all day with leaking makeup. I personally hate to make this pass as a blunder but ask the onlookers- they day you are trying to be the all shining vampire. Oily skinner ladies must use a mattifying primer before applying their makeup. That would prevent their makeup from bleeding and keep it in place longer. Good looks and economic too, prevents the touch ups doesn’t it? Saves products, saves money. So splurging slightly on a good mattifying primer won’t be a wrong buy as such.


8. Too bold, too bad

Too bold

Another blunder that happens too many times, specially to makeup novices is they wear makeup that’s too bold for that time of the day, or that place maybe. A bright red lip polish to a funeral is not a done thing. Smoky eyes to class can prove even worse. Save all that makeup for when you go clubbing. Soft, subtle makeup often does the trick better. Going bright is not going bold. Going bright may mean wearing a fresh coral shade on your lips- not with elaborate eyes. Imagine waking up to see a room full of ladies as soon as you wake up, all in bold makeup. You’d be mighty pleased?


9. Snow flakes are good, skin flakes are not

skin flakes

Oily skinned beauties go slightly lucky there. Only a very little though. A mistake that can embarrass you the most, and perhaps a makeup blunder- rather patchy one is applying makeup on dry skin. Dry skin appears even drier with those layers of makeup. There are skin flakes and more- everywhere. And you know when is it most embarrassing? When you are at a store to buy more makeup and the assistant tries that on you. You look closely in the mirror in lighting meant for makeup and you want to run- literally, as far as you can. Dry flaky skin under makeup not only gives a below perfect impression of your skin but also highlight the CARELESS attitude your mom keeps talking about. You know that she is right, but that is supposed to be a secret. NO?


10. Tweezing wasn’t your thing


You think eyebrows are a small little nothing on your face? Think again. No eyebrows might make you look more like who’s not to be named (Harry Potter fans know who that is) than yourself. Identity crisis there? This is one of the commonest makeup blunders that women make. They tweeze out a lot of hair form their eyebrow because they think they look simply out of place. What follows is tons of eyebrow pencil for a well-defined eyebrow. And boy, does it look artificial! People who have even the slightest sense of aesthetics will catch that in a jiffy. You don’t want to be embarrassed now. Do you? A little tip there is if you’ve tweezed some extra hair, instead of overloading on an eyebrow pencil, choose a matching eye shadow instead, and brush it on. IT will do a better job. GUARANTEED.

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