Top 10 Things We Know About Guided Meditation

If you are suffering from ultimate anxiety and stress, then one of the most efficacious ways to overcome these is that of “Guided Meditation”. It is the kind of meditation in which a person is voice-guided by either a live or recorded procedure of meditating. In this process, one can experience utmost relaxation and peace of mind through a verbal guidance. Here we are, to make you familiar with top 10 basic features of guided meditation.


1. Feel Happier and Creative

Feel Happier and Creative 

All of us desire to overcome our troubles and find happiness. You can attain long term happiness by constantly practicing meditation. It will make you feel good, spiritually, emotionally and socially. You are able to communicate in a better way and be nicer to others. Studies prove that it is one of the most intense ways to control one’s emotions.

When you are happier, you are more creative, especially in today’s modern, opportunistic and dynamic lifestyle. Meditation instills your insight with inspiration, and so, newer unbidden ideas can swiftly emerge out of your mind.


2. Sharpen Your Memory

Sharpen Your Memory 

Meditation raises the performance of brain by making it stronger and smarter. You will find it easier to memorize things after you develop a habit of performing guided meditation, which involves listening, picturising and imagining. There is a rise in ability to reflect and act because you acquire a sense of better and constructive thinking, when you visualize about positive aspects of life during the process.


3. Energy Booster

Energy Booster

Amid the day’s busy and tiresome schedule, you can rely on meditation for rejuvenation. It is good for restoring energy by eliminating weariness and fatigue. The reason is that, when you sit down for meditation, you move into a state of serene consciousness and that results in conservation of energy. While practising guided meditation, you can visualize your whole body breathing while you breathe in with your nostrils. This will refresh you and gear you up with more energy.


4. Stay Physically Fit

 Stay Physically Fit

Guided meditation has healing effects on the body and mind of hypertension patients as it is efficient in lowering the stress level. Researchers conclude that it is a great way to reduce the possibilities of heart attacks and stroke.  This is the reason why physicians, now prescribe meditation instead of pills to their patients. Mweditation helps to bring down the level of blood lactate and it is also capable enough in improving the immune system in the body.


5. Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Guided meditation is a tool with the help of which you can feel easier. You can learn how to centralize your brain on useful issues and not to worry about what happened in the past or what is yet to occur in future. This reduces the tension occupying your thoughts. It is a simple way to get rid of worries responsible for unstable and upset mind.


6. Breathing Process

Breathing Process

A healthy meditation can be accomplished by following a simple but correct breathing process. This enables the mind to stay focused and concentrated. You must try to keep your mouth mildly closed and breathe in slowly and effortlessly through the nose. The correct method is to breathe in deeply, hold it for a count of two or three and exhale. This cultivates in intense mental attention and stillness. As a result, you will experience a flow of sound ideas and thoughts through your mind. It also fills your body with infinite vigor and exuberance that helps you keep yourself hale and hearty.


7. An Imaginary Journey

 An Imaginary Journey

While practising this form of meditation, you enter into a completely stress-free mental state. You go on a peaceful imaginary journey with the help of an external source by visualizing a solacing atmosphere such as an oak tree with yellow leaves, the passive tides, gentle air blow, colourful flowers or the wide blue sky. This wonderful idea of entering into a vivid imagination will help you release stress and negative emotions or thoughts. You will be automatically lead to a naturally delighting environment free from worries, troubles and anxiousness. One can listen to or visualize anything that brings pleasure, as per the verbal meditation guidelines.


8. A Comfortable Posture

 A Comfortable Posture

While sitting for meditation, it is essential that you keep your back straight. It is often good to sit cross-legged but if this seems difficult, then one can sit in the closest comfortable posture. This helps in a subtle energetic flow within the body and mind when you are listening to the instructions for meditation. The hands and palms must also be set erect gently. The correct posture while performing meditation helps you gain mental and physical strength as well as a positive and energetic attitude, so that you do not feel sliggish or dull.


9. Undisturbed Environment

 Undisturbed Environment

For a proper guided meditation, you require a completely quiet and tranquil environment where you can silently listen to the voice guiding you. You need to keep yourself away from all the outside distractions such as ringing cellphones, friends, television, radio or other such sources of sound. Any noise reaching the years may lead to uneasiness or perturbation. A calm and undisturbed place is very necessary so that the mind does not wander while meditating.


10.  Follow the Words

 Follow the Words

The most specific purpose of guided meditation is to achieve an extremely relaxed and healthy state of mind by listening to a professional on CD or any other live or recorded voice, imparting instructions for meditation. The practitioner can even listen to his own recorded voice or can ask a friend to speak or read a guided meditation to you. The voice should be soft, slow and soothing. This will help you subconsciously, even while you are asleep.

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