Top 10 Tips How to Create a Good First Impression

Everybody wants to make a very good impression on the people they meet for the first time. This is because of the fact that people generally judge you from your first impression and make a mental image of your being. The phrase first impression is the last impression is true to the core. If a negative preconceived image of you is drawn by the other person then there are chances that it may cause some amount of harm to your conversation that is about to proceed. Thus to build an image of your being you must be simple and modest. The ten most important points how you can cast an image in public are stated as follows:


1. Be an individualist

Be an individualist

Always maintain your individual identity in public. Do not go with the majority. If you think something is right and people do not support it or very few people support you, stand by your point and help to maintain your individual approach towards things. Being an individualist helps in a number of ways like your confidence is reflected in public. Also your strengths are portrayed and the thing that you can stand with your decision is also exhibited. Thus this is a very essential approach to cast an impression in public.


2. Always be a winner

Always be a winner

Be a winner always. Do not try to maintain precedence over your counterpart in conversation, just do not ever let your counterpart achieve precedence upon you. Maintain the talk at an equal level and talk freely. Also listen to the facts of the other person carefully so that you can present them with more solid reasons of your own thinking. Approach the same things with a different attitude. This helps introduce novelty and hence the interest of the other person is maintained. You also get to be known for your exquisite abilities and thus you become more and more interesting. Thus you portray all the qualities of a winner and help yourself with the image building.


3. Positive attitude

Positive attitude

Positive attitude is a quality that finds its application in all spheres of life and can help win over anybody and that too very effectively. The manner is precise but efficient. If a person thinks positive about himself he is sure to think about all his positive features in his personality which help him convince anybody. He is bound to convince the other person by all means. All this is a result of his positive attitude. The common phrase, ‘your attitude determines your altitude’ holds perfectly true in all the cases. So when just thinking good about yourself helps create wonders why not do it?


4. Do not put on excessive make over

Do not put on excessive make over

Excessive usage of cosmetics and make up products make your personality less effective and hence you instead of creating a positive impression on a person cast a negative impression on the person. Some professional people do not find it appropriate for people to apply cosmetics and that too in excess! It becomes a common misconception that a person is trying to hide something under the cover of the applied makeup. So people take it in a negative manner. Thus a person must not put on a lot of make-up and must preserve the simplicity of the innate self. This is infact the most appealing feature to win over anybody.


5. Smile makes you friendlier

Smile makes you friendlier

‘Smile because the world loves you’ is a very efficient phrase that helps build positive attitude in people on a very large scale. This is a very effective tool to make yourself presentable. Give the other person to introduce humour else they would understand you are trying to fake things. It also gives them a feeling that you listen to them even if you are not listening to them that precisely. So make sure that the other person is also actively involved in the conversation and you reply to him actively. Thus you make your personality more impressive by the usage of this technique.


6. Be genuine and interesting

Be genuine and interesting

Always be interesting about the conversation. Do not let it go boring and do not beat around the bush about a particular situation. This makes the other person elicit a negative conclusion. Always try to be genuine and never fake or cook up stories unless you are a professional. Never try to show off about yourself no matter how tempted you feel about it. It is something that would only pull your impression down in public. So be genuine about yourself and do not fake yourself. This technique can be used very effectively in informal communications to emerge as somebody unique.


7. Feel relaxed

Feel relaxed

The most important aspect of being presentable is that you do not let the others sense your inner self. To do this one must always feel relaxed and to feel relaxed various techniques can be implemented. A very powerful technique is breathing. Breathe steadily but not heavily. This will always help you to relax whatever be the situation. Another technique to relax is by drinking energising fluids with a high calorific content. Thus this provide instant metabolism to the body and helps the body to acquire energy. These are some techniques which help you comfortable in situations where a lot of stress builds up. Thus make yourself at ease before the commencement of any conversation.


8. Dressing sense

Dressing sense

Keep your dressing sense appealing. An appealing dressing sense makes the observer build a positive image about your personality. If you are going for an interview, dressing formally is an approach that works always. Avoid dressing casually under such circumstances. This helps the other person to formulate a theory about your situation analysis efficiency. Thus you become a preferred choice in the list. Also avoid introducing a false image in public about yourself. Be original and act confident. This suits your genuine style and thus casts an unassailable image in the positive sense in the mind of the other person.


9. Maintain eye contact

eye contact

Maintenance of eye contact is an essential tool that helps the smooth flow of conversation and the impression casted by this technique is also a very successful one. Along with this do not be fidgety and maintain a steady posture. This is sometimes symbolic of the firmness of your facts and the steadiness with which you present them. If a person maintains eye contact with the person to whom the conversation is taking place there are chances that he may prove better than the other person in ways of conversation. A direct look into the eyes must also be avoided. Make sure that the eye contact is maintained but the other person does not feel uneasy.


10. Confidence is the basic requirement


Being confident is the basic requirement of creating a good impression on somebody’s mind. Your level of confidence will show in several ways like your behaviour, your visual communication, however you speak, what you say, and so on. So successful simulation of the confidence level of a person can help a person cast an everlasting impression on the intellect of an individual. This is a solid formula that makes you presentable and hence you tend to achieve your objective that you strive for.

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