Top 10 Ways to Spot those who are Vulnerable and Self-conscious

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Vulnerable people are those who are at a greater risk of abuse than others. The abuse may be of any kind. Be it physical, mental, sexual or social abuse, vulnerable people are hit the worst. They have either lost their contacts with the family, their friends or relatives or those who are in need of financial or mental support. In a broad manner, speaking of the age restrictions on the vulnerable people, there is none. These days since the definition of abuse has changed, vulnerability has also changed its meaning.

Is a certain aspect of your looks bothering you? Does it bother you to the extent that you have stopped to go out because of it? People are wary of their looks, the twitch in the eye, their accent and sometimes start to doubt their abilities. Self-consciousness, as we know it is an acute sense of self awareness. It is a preoccupation with you and the worst part being that it is a bad habit. People start to worry themselves about everything they see and observe. Why is there a group of chattering and laughing? Are they talking about me or are they bitching? Thousand such questions will pop in a self-conscious person’s mind. How can such people be spotted? You might never know that the person you have been acquainted with so far might be vulnerable. You might be self-conscious about a thing or two. If you are worried, then here are 10 ways that can guide you through calling someone vulnerable or self-conscious.


1. Narcissist


Well, before I start with the negations of a narcissist person, I would like to add to it that I am a narcissist myself. I have a small handy mirror on my bed. Most of the time, I look into it. Does that guarantee me a self-conscious? It is up to the observer of course. If he thinks of it as an excessive compulsive disorder then you might say I am one. But if not, then I simply got lucky! The crux being look for those spending too much time in front of the polished metal and you will have the culprit.


2. Thought bubbles

Thought bubbles

The thought bubbles do not seem to leave you no matter how hard you try. They seem to haunt you in the days and at nights. Of course, you cannot see them. How do you think then we will be able to identify those with serious problems at their hand. Poof! Yes you read it right. Burst their thought bubbles. And you will have them back. It is possible that there is a twitch in their eye which makes them think twice and thrice about their appearance. Dialogs start to take shape and then form meanings in their heads before you can even guess what they are thinking of. It might be a tough job identifying. Good luck with it!


3. Guilt


The guilt of having done the wrong thing always bites you in horrible ways. There are ways in which you can ensure that the person in question is a vulnerable and highly self-conscious about himself. He feels guilty about the small errands and wants the time to reverse itself and take him back where he erred. Quite eerie? Before you go out venturing and thinking yourself out to identify such people, take a seat back and look into yourself. Are you the person being talked about here? If yes, then stop worrying yourself for every petty thing and if no, then you will find a lot of excuses to peak into others’ lives.


4. Pride


A self-conscious thought is one where you are so absorbed in yourself that you forget that you are living in a societal world where you ought to care about others as well. Talking about self-conscious behaviour, it reminds me of vulnerability where the condition can aggravate manifolds. When you start to take pride in yourself, you begin to take care. But when it becomes an obsession on your part, you should take precautions. It is quite simple to spot those who are self-absorbed and take too much pride in talking about themselves. Talking of loving one?


5. Empathize


Vulnerable people often empathize with others around them. Your core vulnerability lies in your emotional self. The state which is most dreadful to you is the state where you open your heart out to others. You fear that the person will take you for granted and will surely start abusing you knowing your weaknesses. When such people who dare to be vulnerable in spite of the cruel world, their empathy shows.


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