Top 10 Most Influential Male Celebrities

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6. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Austrian American bodybuilder, actor, businessman, and politician, currently serving as the 38th Governor of the state of California. Married to the descendant of Kennedy clan he has 4 children, and lived the ultimate “American dream”. A victim of a child abuse Schwarzenegger made a promise to himself to become rich and “to be somebody”. And he did. He was sculpting his body as well as expending his knowledge and mind. His determination and competitive spirits brought him all the way to the top. His major achievement was becoming “the Governor of California”, early on into his position; he signed a bill creating the nation’s first cap on greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, he does not accept his governor’s salary of $175,000 per year, and instead donates it to charities. His passion for sport, which gave him a chance for better life, inspired Schwarzenegger to become an official games spokesman for the Special Olympics World Games in Shanghai, China. Over the years he donated 4.1 million dollars towards different charity organizations.


7. Nicolas Cage

American actor, who starred in over 60 films. His public image of a pretty boy did not stand in a way of his true acting talent. He’s been recognized Independent Spirit Award, an Academy Award for Best Actor and Toronto Film Critics Association Award. His charity works includes involvement with homeless charity “Chrysalis”. After the Hurricane Katrina hit United States Cage personally donated 1 million dollars towards rebuilding and help for the victims of natural disaster. He also donated $2 million to provide shelters, medical and psychological rehabilitation for child soldiers around the world.


8. Jackie Chan

A Hong Kong actor, action choreographer, filmmaker, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer and stunt performer. His action movies and stunts had wowed his fans all over the world. However, not many people now his active involvement in charity work. He is currently a supporter of charities including UNICEF, Operation Smile and his own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, last year saw Chan using much of his spare time to visit the remotest parts of China on the Dragon’s Heart Charity Missions. His own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation helps young people in a variety of worthy causes, including medical services, aid to victims of natural disaster or illness, scholarships and youth activities. He is currently serving as an UNICEF ambassador and personally donated 100.000 to Chrysalis, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged and homeless individuals.


9. Paul McCartney

A multiple Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter, poet, composer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, record producer, film producer, painter, and animal rights activist. He gained his popularity as a member of all man group “Beatles”, which became music’s classic. McCartney is listed in Guinness World Records as the most successful musician and composer in popular music history, with 60 gold discs and sales of 100 million singles. He is also known as an advocate for animal rights, vegetarianism, and music education; he is active in campaigns against landmines, he is a patron of “Adopt-a-Minefield”, seal hunting, and Third World debt. He personally donated 1.9 million dollars towards helping the victims of the Tsunami.


10. Steven Spielberg

American film director, screenwriter and film producer. Forbes magazine places Spielberg’s net worth at $3.1 billion, his movies become instant Blockbusters, he is listed as the most powerful and influential figures in the world of the motion picture industry. He personally donated 1.5 million dollars towards the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, patron of the” Righteous Persons Foundation”, founder of the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. For his contributions to society and film industry he was honoured as an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth.


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