Top 10 Super Adorable Things Dogs Do

If you’re a dog owner, consider yourself lucky – according to a study conducted by psychologists at St. Louis University and the University of Miami(Ohio), it was determined that people who own dogs have better well–being outcomes and a better social behavior as compared to those who do not live with these companion animals. These people even have lesser health problems as compared to other people.

As the saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend” is indeed very true. When a person starts living with a dog, his behavior changes towards everything – he becomes more sensitive towards the environment, becomes more caring towards other human beings and creatures, and even begins to understand and value the feeling of unconditional love and loyalty.

Be it any breed: a Labrador or a Chihuahua, a Pomeranian or a German Shepherd, these animals always leave us humans in awe of how adorable they are. Their puppy eyes, wagging tales, soft fur, their licking, cuddling, everything that they do will make you believe that they are the most adorable creatures on this planet. They teach us how to love unconditionally, forgive easily, how to never be angry for long and always stay happy. They help people to de-stress and forget all the tensions and pressures of human life, and live every moment to the fullest filled with positivity about life and love. They especially help people with special needs or those who are physically handicapped or just victims of depression.

Dogs will always remain the most super adorable animals on earth. Here are a few things that make them so:



Whenever you throw a ball or a stick or anything for them to fetch while playing, they will always obediently run behind it and fetch it for you at any cost, no matter whatever obstacle may come in the way. They teach us to keep following whatever we desire, until we find a way to get it, and for the sake for our loved ones, never get demotivated from the obstacles in the way.


dog chasing its own tail

Sometimes while playing, they start running round and round trying to catch their own tail. They keep running without realizing that it is impossible to catch. Their innocence is so adorable and they motivate us to keep trying and trying, till we succeed.


Dog tail wagging

Whenever you dog wags its tail and comes running to you with eagerness in its eyes when you come back home from somewhere, you can feel the excitement in their behavior as they think you have brought them their favorite food or toy. It is so adorable that that it makes you want to give them all their favorite stuff and watch them eating or playing with the same.



Whenever they are around cats and they realize that the attention of their owner is divided between them and the cat, they start feeling jealous and insecure and they try to gain the attention by making noises or fighting with the cats. These fights and the attention-seeking war between both the animals is adorable in its own way.



They try to imitate the people who live with or around them. They try to stand on their hind legs, imitating the posture of humans, sitting on the table and eating with them and even trying to do other stuff like holding a book as if reading it or waving their hands in the form of a greeting gesture. They are always so fascinated by the humans around them and it is reflected in their imitation of us which is so very adorable.



Whether you are super-angry about something or just impatient, if you have a look at your dog and see them rolling their cute big eyes at you, you will just melt like ice under the sun and forget all your anger in an instant. Their eyes are so beautiful that they will make you think, had they been of a girl, you would have married her right away.



Whether it is stealing the bone from your plate, or making the whole house look like a junkyard, their mischiefs can never come to an end. Although it becomes a bit difficult to live in a mess all the time, but you get used to it and after some time, it starts feeling like home and all the anger and the negativity becomes to melt away.


coming home to a dog

Coming home is the best part of the day if you own a dog. As soon as they see you entering the house, they will jump at you, happily barking, as if you are seeing them after a very long time and shower you with kissing and licking all over your face, showing their affection towards you in the most adorable way possible, in a way which is totally unique to them.


wherever you go, always follow

It is impossible for you to leave the house, as they wouldn’t stop following you everywhere, and their stubbornness when they stand in front of the gate and refuse to move until you take them along, makes them all the more adorable. They even keep following when you are in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, until you give them something to eat or to play with.




Whenever you are sad, depressed, or just feeling low, you can just cuddle up and sit with them for as long as you want, playing with their fur, or just cuddling with them, and they wouldn’t get irritated at all. As you stay with them, your emotional hormones start settling down and you feel happy and relaxed, in a secure environment. It even improvises your health and living habits.  You can talk to them about anything, from the color of the wall to your big dreams and aspirations, and they would act as a silent friend who would listen to all your problems patiently and would never ask for anything in return. They will always remain faithful to you, recognize you in a huge crowd and come running to you, even you have not met them for months together. They will always stand by you and try to protect you from all harms, and this is the most adorable thing that they can do.

These are the top 10 of the million things that the most adorable creatures on this planet do in their own cute little ways. Not only do they look oh-so-adorable, but they also teach us humans a lot of lessons about life and how to lead it in the most contented and peaceful way possible.

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