10 Back to School Accessories we Love to Shop for

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School is said to be our second home. The place where most of your childhood memories are embedded. The place where you  found your best of friends. The place you cannot forget even if you try to. There is always a glitter in your eyes and a smile on your face when you think or speak anything about school. School will always be one such place for every person young or old where he or she would definitely want to visit again. One such important and everlasting memory of school we cherish is buying of school accessories before the school reopens. Here are some of those ‘’back to school memories’’ we love to shop.


1. Best box:


One more accessory that a student will love to shop before his/her school reopens is the box. Nowadays we also get so many varieties of fancy box on the market. This is another faithful accessory that students love to shop. All the other accessories like erasers and pen can be stored in it.


2. Baggy bag:


Now the coolest and the most loved accessory of all is the school bag. We are always curious to see whose bag is the coolest in our school days. One becomes the star and a show stopper if his or her bag is the most adorable. People look up to him or her for he or she has the best bag ever. So selecting the bag before the school reopens is the toughest job that one does. We take our parents and roam to each and every shop to buy the best bag.

3. Sharpener/ Eraser:


Fancy sharpeners and erasers are in the market and in the fashion. Different shapes and sizes of sharpeners and erasers are used by students worldwide. Student’s fashion not only include the uniform but also include different accessories like pen,pencil, sharpener and eraser. They are a source of material happiness for students.

4. Perky pen:


Pen is always a student’s faithful friend. During your exams , during home works and class works pens remain with you. When we go to buy pen there are many fancy pens that we get in the shops nowadays, so it is always fun and marvelous idea to shop for different ranges and a variety of pens. When with pen, we get a good handwriting we choose that particular pen. This is the best way to choose a pen that is by writing and then seeing.

5. Cute crayons:


Colors are our favorite. Whether it’s drawing or whether it’s having a play with colors. Children love to play with colors and imagine and being free to color whatever they want to. So buying colors is a great idea for any student before their school reopens. It’s one of the favorite accessories that children love to purchase. With colors children also love to buy coloring books and different types of colors to explore their inner talent.

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