10 Unusual Ways to Control Anger

Like all other emotions anger is also a healthy one until it gets out of control. If you are the one who finds it hard to manage your anger then you should think of anger as you pet. You have to tame it or it will take control of you. Getting angry often can lend you up in many troubles. Here we ahve some very easy ways in which you can avoid getting angry often.

1. Go on a walk


When we walk our negative energy gets channelized and flows out of the body and prevent us to react when we are angry. Daily walking helps us not only to keep ourselves healthy but it also helps us to manage our anger. When you get furious go to a park for a walk. The surrounding and the natural air will help you to cool down easily.

2. Leave the place


It is your duty to not let your anger take in charge of the situation. Whenever you find yourself in a situation which makes you angry then it is better to leave such a place which can get you angrier. If you keep hanging to a place which makes you angry it can be harder for you to manage your anger. Go to a place where there is no one else to disturb you and ignite your anger.

3. Talk to someone


When people get angry some of them have habit to shout and scream and some of them have habit of hurting themselves or other while other throw things. Before you have the urge to shout on someone you should talk about your anger problem to someone else. Talk to your parents or your friends. Talking to these people about your anger problem, you can get tips to manage your temper.

4. Countdown to ten


The only mantra to control our anger is to focus our energy or our thoughts at some other place. If we forget that we are angry we won’t let our anger out. So whenever you find the urge to shout on someone or fight with someone when you are angry start counting till ten. If your anger is still not vanished then you can count more.

5. Sing your favourite song


I know it is hard to remember singing a song when our heads our hot. But when you have pledged to control your anger you have to remember some ways to do it. What can be a better option then start singing our favourite song? This can be the best option to control our anger as when we sing our favourite song we forget the anger and start enjoying the song.

6. Play sports


Some people find it hard to tame their anger and hence it is a better option for such people to find some ways to control it. When we focus our energy at some other place then it becomes easy for us to control anger. Everyone gets angry at some point of their life but if we do something which can cause problems later in life then it becomes necessary that we hold our anger back. When we play sports like karate or wrestling we know how to channel our energy at the right place and hence it becomes easy to control our temper.

7. Get a punching bag


Some people have a short fuse and they get angry very often and get indulged in fights or heated arguments. Anger can be very destructive for relations. We often say things or react in a manner which can be harmful for our relations. If you can’t stop your urge to react then get a punching bag. It is good to hurt a punching bag with no feelings then by saying or doing something which can hurt someone’s feelings

8. Start exercising


We often react when we get angry. It is hard for us to hold on any reaction when we are fuming with anger. An easy way to let the anger go and stop ourselves from any reaction is to start doing some exercises.  Not only doing little exercises at the moment you get angry will help you to cool down, but if you exercise daily then it is helpful in anger management as ii helps us to relax and release emotions.

9. Drink water


When you feel heated there is an easy way to cool down your temper. Drink cold water not the icy one, but drinking cold water can make your anger go away. It is an old remedy for people who get angry often to drink water stored in a silver cup and kept in lunar energy so that lunar energy gets trapped in. It is said that this water with lunar energy helps to calm down the anger.

10. Think of something funny


When you get angry and it is hard to control your anger and you want to let it out, it is advisable to hold it back. You must have heard then you should never hold back your anger but this is just a myth. Whenever you feel angry, think of something funny. Try to remember a joke or memorize a funny incidence. When you think of something funny you will ultimately forget the reason why you were angry.

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