10 Ways to Improve Your Immune System

No one wants to get sick and it is our immune system which helps our body to fight against the microorganisms which are responsible for causing various types of diseases. Immune system is like an army for our body which protect the body form its disease causing enemy. As every other thing deteriorates so as our immune system if we do not take proper care of it. Here are some ways in which you can boost your immune system.

1. Proper diet


We have a tendency to worry about our health when we are already on the bed. Why do we have to wait until we get sick to look after our body? One should adopt healthy eating habits. A healthy diet is a key to healthy heart and it improves our stamina. Not only this, a proper diet also helps to keep our bones and muscles healthy and strong. A diet rich in proteins, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and which contains very less amount of fats and sugar is a proper healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables like orange, lemon and tangerines which are rich in vitamin C helps to boost our immune system.

2. Maintain your hygiene


If you think that looking good and smelling good makes you hygienic, you are totally wrong. When we take proper care, it helps us to be protected from various infections and diseases. Do not forget to wash your hands after coming to home with water and soap. Cleaning your hands properly helps us to get rid of bacteria or germs which we pick in the course of the day. Do not forget to bath daily and brush your teeth properly.

3. Drink water


Water helps to clean out toxic waste from our body. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water helps to keep our body clean. Water helps to energize our body, make bowl movements easier and helps to keep a balance of fluids in our body. If you are feeling thirsty then avoid drinking aerated drinks to quench your thirst.

4. A cup of green tea


Green tea is a favored drink which has been consumed all over the globe for its many health benefits. Out of all the benefits, the most important is that green tea is beneficial for our immune system. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which helps to strength our immune system by fighting against the oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is harmful for our body as it damages our cells. Green tea helps to prevent autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis.


5. Limit your drinking habits


Drinking occasionally is okay but if you are a regular boozer then you have to limit your drinking habits. Drinking too much alcohol can cause immunodeficiency. Once your immunity is weak then you will be more prone to all kind of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. Drinking wine and beer in moderate quantity can be good for your immune system. So the advice for you right now is to consume alcohol in moderation.

6. Reduce the stress levels


Stress is a part of our daily life. Things which we do daily causes stress which can be both physical and mental. Stress in smaller amount is positive for our body but if we are too stressed then it can have serious harmful effects on us. One should avoid such situations or people who make them too stressed. Pamper yourself and find ways to de-stress yourself.

7. No to smoking


If you compare the immune system of a non- smoker to a smoker you will realize why quitting this bad habit is important for a healthy immune system. Even people who were smokers earlier saw a positive change in their health after they stopped smoking. Smoking has negative effects on almost every part of our body. It increases our chances of heart attack, causes lung cancer and even damages our immune system. So why harm ourselves for nothing?

8. Get proper sleep


Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is recommended by all doctors. If your mom is saying you to sleep early and wake up early do listen to her because moms are never wrong. When we get a proper sleep our immune system gets energised and stimulated. If you are deprived of sleep for few days, you will yourself see the result in your health. You can get a proper sleep only when you stop consuming too much of caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

9. Move your body


Exercising has many health benefits like it helps to keep our heart and mind healthy. Daily exercise also helps us to live longer and stay healthier. If you exercise daily your chances to get any kind of chronic disease reduces considerably. One should indulge in a 60 minute workout daily which must include aerobic exercises too. not only exercises one should keep themselves active. Adopt better lifestyle by choosing stairs, use your legs instead of your vehicles and have a better immune system.

10. Maintain your weight


Body weight may increase if the energy intake is more than the energy we spend. More calories can change our body response to different diseases and chronic condition. It is important to keep your body weight normal to improve our immune system.


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