Top 10 Habits that can give you Long Healthy Life

Our daily habits have a very important effect on our health. If you are healthy it is certain for you to live longer. Our small good habits can make us healthy and even keep us young in our later years of life. We have become care- free about our lifestyle which is impacting our life expectancy. So if you want to live longer we have a few tips for you.

1. No to Stress


When you stay happy and worry less you can live longer. Stress is the major reason behind heart diseases and other kind of mental problems. It is more advisable for elder people that they should worry less as they can easily become the victims of depression. So stay happy and live longer.

2. No to smoking and drinking


Drinking moderately is healthy for us but drinking too much can be very harmful for our health. Smoking has no advantage, smoking is just harmful for our health, the nicotine present in the smoke can cause cancer and it also reduces the oxygen carrying efficiency of the blood. Hence quit smoking and also reduce your intake of alcohol to live a longer and healthy life.

3. Add fruits and veggies to your diet


If you are not fan of different types of vegetables and fruits then this is a bad news for you. If you do not consume all kinds of fruits and vegetables, your body will not get the proper kind of nutrients it requires to stay healthy and hence you may fall ill easily. Fruits and vegetables can be referred to us the nutritional powerhouse and they can reduce the risk of heart problems by 76%.

4. Drink water


We all are aware of the fact that our bodies contain 70% of the water. It will be no surprise for you when you read that drinking water can make you live more and will also make you healthy. Water is essential to keep our joints working properly, for regulating the body temperature and to supply oxygen to various cells in our body. So we should always keep our bodies hydrated. It is recommended that one should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to remain healthy.

5. Stay connected


If you love to be alone and yet want to live longer, then we are sad to inform you that it is not possible. The saying “good friends are cheaper than therapy” is certainly true. If you do not keep people around and stay in touch with your friends and family members, your risk to heart problems increases considerably.  Leaving a aloof life is as dangerous as smoking or having high cholesterol. People who live alone have higher risk to inflammation and increases depression in elderly people.

6. Stay away from the sun


Sunlight is important for us as it is the source for vitamin D for our body. Staying in sun for longer duration will not only get you tanned but in increases your chances of skin cancer. If you spent more time in sunlight it is likely for you to look older even in a very young age. Sun rays can make our skin look saggy and cause wrinkles on our skin. Do not forget to apply a sunscreen before stepping out in sun. Use umbrellas and hats whenever it is too sunny outside.

7. Turn off TVs and computers


Spending your half life sitting in front of the idiot box? Think gain, computers and TVs are making you get older fast. Wondering why? It is a simple logic, when you spend too much time sitting on the same place, watching TV or playing games on computers and munching your favourite snacks, you do not burn calories and add more to your body. It has been proved that people who watch more TV have greater chances to die then people who do not. Watching TV even an hour extra increases your heart problems by eighteen percent.

8. No to overeating


If you want to live longer then don’t fill your plates even when you are getting free food. Leave your plate a little empty while taking food to eat. Studies have shown that people in Japan who lives longer don’t eat more food when they are 80% full. So the advice is don’t fill your stomach totally and eat less. When you eat less you age slower as proven by a study. When you eat less, your body produces the thyroid hormone T3 in lesser amount and hence your metabolism does not slow down.

9. Breakfast is a must


Every dietitian in the world will recommend you to have a healthy breakfast. To lose weight or to remain active all day long you need to have your breakfast daily within 45 minutes of waking up. Eating breakfast daily is a key to add more years to your life. People who never miss their breakfast are found to be healthy just not physically but also mentally. Include a fibrous breakfast with carbs, proteins and a little of fat.

10. Exercise is what you need


If you are reading any kind of health related article you must have read this word everywhere- Exercise! Living in a world where we can do everything by machines we do not get our muscles moving. Technology has made our lives better but surely technology is not making us healthier. Exercise is a proven boon for our health. Doing exercise daily can add some extras years to your life. You do not need to do structured exercise, just keep your muscles moving, opt for stairs over lifts, and walk to the office if possible. These small habits are enough to keep you healthy and add some happy years to your life.


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