Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

We are surrounded by cute cats and cuddly dogs which are not so dangerous. There are so many other types of animal species we need to be aware of. These animals are extremely dangerous and are best to be viewed from a distance. We have given you a list here to make you aware of these deadly animals on the earth.

1. Human-The most evil animal


Yes you are reading it right. We are the most dangerous animal existing on this earth. We have made weapons, fought wars which have negatively affected the environment. Our hunting habits have made many species on the verge of extinction. The most constant thing men are doing from long dated back history is to kill each other and also destroy the ecosystem. All kinds of animals fight but we are the one who wage war. Not to doubt our capabilities of doing better in every field, we are getting better at destroying the environment through our developed scientific knowledge.

2. Clostridium Botulinum


The smallest on this list can be the deadliest creature on this earth. Just a teaspoon of this deadly bacterium can kill a population of millions. 4 kg of this organism is enough to kill every single living human being on this earth. They have neurotoxin in their venom which does not let the brain and the other parts of the body communicate. It is found everywhere on this earth but still we are surviving because this organism require specific conditions to get active.

3. Cape buffalo


Cape buffaloes are the most unpredictable animals on this list. They are the deadliest game animal known on this planet. They have a thick skin which cannot be easily torn. They are strong to turn over the trucks and jeeps. They can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. The death toll because of this fierce animal is 200 people every year. They kill more than any other African animal kill each year.

4. Sharks


Yes they are the perfect killing machine on this earth. Sharks have no predators apart from the other sharks so they are the one that rules the ocean. Whale shark is the largest shark but it does not prefer killing smaller sharks and survive on smaller fishes, krill as well as planktons. The most famous killing shark is the Great White shark which can weigh 2.5 tons and grow 20 feet long.

5. Mosquitoes


How can a small insect be so dangerous to be mentioned on this list? But you believe it or not, this small insect is very dangerous and has the highest registered death toll. Among all other small animals it is mosquito which is responsible for highest number of death. They are considered dangerous because they are responsible for spreading deadly diseases among humans and animals.

6. Inland Taipan


Belonging to the Taipan genus, Inland taipan is extremely poisonous snake on this earth. It is known that Inland taipan has the most toxic venom amongst all other snakes. The venom of this dangerous creature is adapted for mammal hunting and one bite of this snake can kill more than 100 men easily.

7. Sea Wasp Box Jellyfish


It is not only important that a dangerous animal should have an enormous body. This one on the list does not have a gigantic body, but this animal is extremely dangerous. Sea wasp is a type of jellyfish which has the deadliest venom in the world. These creatures weigh around 2 kg and have tentacles on their body. The venom is used to paralyze its prey and if it grabs you in its tentacle for long the venom is strong enough to dissolve your body.


8. Hippopotamus


They are big, strong and extremely dangerous animals surviving on this earth. Reports of hippos killing man have been registered in many parts of the world especially in Africa. They have very strong jaw and canines which are 20 inches long. They use these canines to hunt down their prey. Hippopotamus are very strong as they can easily kill crocodiles.


9. The African Lion


You must be wondering why lion on the list and not tiger. Tiger may be larger and faster than the tigers, but lions are the only cats who hunt their prey together in a team. Lions are known as the king of the jungle and surely they are the kings. They can easily hunt down animals larger and stronger to them. Lions can be six inches long and they weigh 150-200 kgs. They can run at a speed of 50mph and can jump over fences carrying their prey in their mouth. Besides men crocodile are the only predators of the king of jungle.


10. The African Bush Elephant


Apart from the dangerous living creature-man, African elephants have no predators. The largest mammal on the land is African elephant. Elephants are known to be friendly animals but in certain cases these friendly animals shows an unpredictable behaviour and they can be very violent. If an elephant gets angry, it is hard to control him. Anything that comes in his way gets crushed by his giant legs. It is a certain fact that the largest mammal is the most powerful one and ones it looses it temperament it can be very dangerous.


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