Top 10 Ways to be a Better Public Speaker

A good public speaker is one who can influence the public without putting any extra effort in his speech.  When a person is well read and well informed about the topic he is going to speak in public he automatically becomes a good public speaker. The ease with which a good orator speaks mesmerizes everyone hearing him. In today’s world, it is very important to get involved in discussions and thus put up your own view point. So here are some of the important ways that would help you to make a better public speaker.

1.Interesting, but to the point:


A good public speaker will always make the speech and discussion more lively and interesting, but he will always maintain the direction of the speech. This means that by trying to make it more interesting you should never deviate from the actual viewpoint that you have to keep.  This is the key to become a better public speaker.


2. Add some humor:


A good public speaker will always convince others of his viewpoint with some interesting facts or adding some jokes to his or her speech. This is always a good idea to light up the discussion and speech. So a good public speaker should add up a little humor in his or her speech. This keeps the public attention and also doesn’t bore them of the discussion.

3. Understanding points of opposition:


A good speaker will always keep his/her own viewpoint ad also will listen to the opposition person’s viewpoint. Fighting or debating under loud voices will never help us understand the person better. So it is equally important to understand what the other person who might oppose you in public is talking about. This will add to your quality of being a good public speaker.

4. Language:


You should always speak in the language in which the audience is comfortable with. A good speaker will always have the command of the language which he or she is speaking. Language is a very important component for a good speaker. A good speaker will always know his national as well as his native language. This is because he might be called anywhere to speak in public. So this point should always be kept in mind to become a better public speaker.

5. Proper usage of words:


Fancy words might be a great idea for a speaker but that is one thing that should be thoroughly avoided. You should always use good and understandable words in public. You should always research on the kind of public that is going to listen to your speech. This information would help you to prepare a good speech which involves good quality of words according to the set of people you are referring to.

6. Quality speech:


It is never important, how long you speak or how much you are shouting and trying to claim the point of the public but what matters is the quality of speech. If you have a responsibility to talk in public then you must take that as the opportunity to convince them to that particular point. So your speech should be such that focus not on the quantity matter, but on quality matter that comes from a lot of research on that particular topic that is going to be presented in public.


7. Contact with the audience:


A good public speaker always has a very good contact with the public in which he is speaking. To build a good contact with the public you should see in their eyes confidently and claim your point. This also comes from talking about the topic that is interests the public. So when you are speaking in public make sure that you have a contract with them that they can feel that your presence is worthy of being and listening to.

8. Good subject matter:


The basic and the most important thing that a person should keep in mind is that the subject matter of what they are going to speak in public should be good. No matter how good your English and pronunciation is, if your subject matter is not well read and well researched then it is of no use to speak in public and keep your viewpoint. Your matter should always focus on the point you want to keep and prove in public.


9. Clarity of words:


When a good speaker speaks there is a clarity of words in his/her speech so that it is understandable by the public. If the words that you are keeping in public for a specific topic is not clear, then no one can understand what your viewpoint is. So it is very important that you pronounce your words very clearly and loud enough so that it is easily audible to the public and makes sense.


10. Confidence:


A good public speaker is the one who is confident. Confident about his personality, about the way he speaks, about his influence on others and about keeping his viewpoint. A confident person will never hesitate to keep his view in front of the public. Adolf Hitler, Rajeev Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi were good orators because they were confident about themselves and what their believes were.

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