Top 10 Weird Living Creatures you haven’t Heard about

There are so many different kinds of animal species inhabiting this planet. It is not possible for us to know every kind of species on this earth. We get surprised when we get to know about different kinds of species that have some strange characteristics. We have here mentioned the top 10 weird animals on this earth.

1. Blobfish


A very rare fish to be found, blob fishes are mainly found in deep waters of Australia as well as Tasmania. They are found at a depth of 2,000 to 3,000 ft. at this depth the air pressure becomes too high and gas bladders are not efficient to maintain buoyancy. It is the gelatinous skin of these fishes that helps them to float in water. It has a human like face and the most interesting thing about this fish is that they do not have any muscles in their body.

2. Axolotl


Axolotl are called as little monsters or water monsters and are also popularly known as Mexican salamander. They have got their name as Mexican salamanders as they are from south east area of Mexican city. What makes them weird? It is their reproduction style; they can reproduce when they are in a larval state. Another thing that makes them different is that these amphibians have no eyelids. Their cartilaginous skeleton does not get calcified even in the later stages of their life.

3. Hagfish


Hagfish belongs to Myxini class and are marine creatures which have managed their position on htis list as they have weird feeding habits. They releases a large amount of sticky mucus which is why they can be termed as disgusting creatures of the ocean. Hagfishes have long structures and if they are caught by any animal they secrete the mucus which turns sticky when it comes in contact with the water. They tie themselves in a overhand knot to release themselves from the captivity.

4. The Gerenuk


Gerenuk belongs to the family of Bovidae and these animals are native to Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Somalia. They eat leaves, tall bushes and shoots. They are antelopes which are thin and tall and have long legs and a neck. They measures 3 feet at the shoulder and their average weight is 100 pound.

5. Darwin Bark Spider


These spiders are discovered very recently in the year 2009. The silk web they weave is much stronger than the silk webs of other spiders. Their staple foods are mayflies, bees as well as dragonflies. The most amazing thing about these spiders is their very large web. It is said it is the strongest biological material discovered on earth. Though the web is very large, but these spiders are just 1 inches long. If someone gets caught in the web of this spider it becomes hard for anyone to escape out of it.

6. Naked Mole Rat


Mainly found in East Africa, Naked mole rats are rodents which are also popular by the name desert mole rat as well as sand puppy. They are 3 to 4 inches long animals that weigh 30 to 35 grams. These rodents can move backward as well as forward with the same speed. They have a poor visual acuity as they have small and tiny eyes.

7. Dumbo Octopus


Grimpoteuthis is not the popular name of this little octopus, it is famously known as dumbo Octopus as it has fins which look like the ear of a Disney elephant named dumbo. They are very small in size, just 8 inches in length. They have eight arms on their soft body. They are found in green, red and orange colours. They are found in deep sea and hence are not hunted down by many animals. Their main predators are killer whales as well as sharks.

8. The Maned Wolf


Maned wolf closely resemble the fox because of their red fur but these canid belonging to South America are animals you might not know about. They are mainly found in grasslands. They have tall legs and have a tail of 11 to 18 inches. You won’t find them hunting in packs; they like to hunt on their own. They survive by hunting down small mammals, fishes and birds.

9. Tarsiers


Cute little creatures will be the words that will come out of your mouth when you will see these animals. They are just 5 inches long guys. Birds and insects are there favourite food. They are weird as they have long bony fingers which help them to move very fast. They are nocturnal creatures and another amazing feature about them is that they can turn their head 180 degree. These animals have large eyes and their brain size is equal to the size of their one eye.

10. Solenodons


Solenodons are one of the weirdest creatures you might not be knowing. These animals are venomous and hunt down only at night. They are insectivorous mammals who resemble very closely to shrews. Mainly they are found in rusty brown colours and their back and throat are black in colour. They are found mainly near the bushy areas in the forest. These animals are easily incited and when provoked bites and screams. These animals are very fast and can easily climb on trees.



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