10 Ways How Office Life is Deteriorating your Health

Since childhood only, we think office life to be a great life. We used to picture it as some white collar people sitting on chairs looking into some documents and someone paying  paychecks to them . But when we get into a job, we come to terms with reality. The same fascinating office life seems extremely cruel to us except the “paychecks” part. To be frank a typical office life contains some work (which is not exactly “some” for us), a deadline (which is too near), constant pressure from all sides and yes a handsome salary (that too not handsome for everyone). Is this all you get? If you ponder over it a little, you will see that we have been ignoring the vital  aspects of our life i.e. health in this whole give and take story. Here is a list of some points which shows how office life is deteriorating our health.

1. Work Load


Quite obvious to be on our list, inevitably the work load keeps deteriorating your health for a dozen reasons. It keeps you consumed and busy. The enormous stress on your shoulders renders you with headache, dizziness and weakness. This stress when continues for long time, aggravates your mental condition. Besides, you have constant pressure to perform to keep your boss in tow.

2. Sitting for Long Hours


Well the office life is something that you have to get marriage with your chair till your position changes. It would not be wrong to say that you spend the maximum time sitting on that chair in office. All you move when you have to hand over a file or when boss calls you. The lack of physical activity eventually makes you a home for diseases. You often see fit people turning obese while they get into job.

3. Lack of Sleep


The job demands not only your days but at times nights too. You have to work even after the clock strikes twelve to meet your deadlines.  The health effects of too little sleep include decreased memory, increased weight gain, irritability and other mood problems, serious cardiovascular health problems, and possibly cancer, to name a few.

4. Work Environment


Though you may have cordial relationships with all your colleagues in your eye but what’s behind the back may be totally opposite. At the end of the day, they are your competitors. The work environment may include insults, back stabbing, scapegoating and belittling which can erode your morale. This negative work relationship has a dramatic impact on your stress levels.


5. Alienate you from Family


You always have so-much work to do and no time for your family.  All you say is hello and bye to them. Well I understand that you work for your family only but think about the last time you had gossiped with your grandparents on any topic. It’s been very long, right!! The matter of the fact is that you cannot give time to them which makes them feel ignored by you. Somewhere you also have that hole in your heart which craves for a happy life where you share whatever happened in the daytime with your family members.  You also want that satisfaction which is apparently never gonna come.

6. Lack of Appreciation

Clapping business people

Most of the employees are not quite appreciated for the work they do. They might feel underrated and depressed when their hard work goes unnoticed. The sense of worthlessness keeps them disturbed and impact on their further performance.


7. Food Habits


The culture of junk food is not just widespread in kids but it is quite prevalent in youth and employed population. Because of high competition, they try to cut down on meals time to save it for their work. The more work they do will bring them a step ahead of their peers. Most prefer to take junk food which is quicker to eat but they are losing the essence of meals.


8. Eye Strain


Staring at a computer screen all day is the most commonly cited cause of eye strain at work. Owing to this, most of the working population experiences some kind of vision symptoms, whether it’s eye strain, headaches, dry eyes or blurred vision.


9. Interaction With the  Bad


The office life gives you a chance to interact with so-many new people of different intellects, family background, and educational background and so on. The interaction tends to induce some good and bad habits in you. We won’t mind if you inculcate the good values but what about the bad ones. I suggest all this may not be healthy for you!


10. Only Sunday for Respite


To start with the list, we all need time to relax and refresh besides your daily work but are you getting it?!! An-off day is just not enough to relieve yourself from the pressure of last six days. Well you really can’t change the rules. The condition becomes extreme and acute in those cases where even that single day is not spared. You have to work incessantly for weeks.


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