Health Insurance and its Benefits

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6. Daily Hospital Cash Allowance


There is this belief in common mass that these policies cover only for hospitalization expenses. However, many health policies foot the bill for associated expenses for example, expenses incurred on food, refreshments or transportation charges incurred while commuting between hospital and home. These costs eventually add up to become a substantial amount and may loosen the wallet for a non-policy holder.

7.Tax benefits


In order to promote health insurance in India, the government has introduced impressive tax benefits on health insurance under sec. 80D of the IT Act on premium paid for a health insurance policy. Thus you can relax more with your health insured on one side and the tax benefits on the other.

8. Protection against Rising Health Expenses


There has been a drastic increase in incidences of lifestyle diseases. Public healthcare facilities are no more sufficient to meet the healthcare requirements of the entire population. Patients have to rely more or less on the expensive private healthcare services. Moreover, in certain critical illnesses, the cost of treatment can be heavy on your pockets. With the rising inflation, your saving also may not support you fully. In those critical situations, health insurance turns to be a life-saver.

9. Improves Health and Wellness


Health insurance not only takes care of your financial need during medical emergencies but help you and your family to stay fit and healthy. The health insurance plans offer benefits and resources that include coverage for annual check-ups and screenings, 24 hour nurse hotlines, discounts on exercise programs and alternative care treatments.

10. Builds the Habit of Thrift


Being a health insurance policy holder, you are bound to pay certain amount at some regular intervals depending on the terms of your contract. Thus it builds the habit of long term savings. You tend to plan your expenses more economically and wisely.

So, we saw how health insurance has become indispensable requirement of life. Now, I hope those who have not done it yet, get your health insured because you need it not just for you but for your family.


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