Top 10 Ways you can help a Drug Addict

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6.  Reduce Drug Dosage


Some effective intervention shows may motivate the addict to leave the drugs completely, if not leave then definitely reduce the amount of intake. This would be a great sign of improvement. Take it for granted you will not be able to control his addiction in one go. This will happen slowly for sure. You have to keep a check on his dosage. You can be a little strict with this but don’t lose the trust of your addict friend. Be ready to face relapses in addict, you can get him proper medication for those events. You can continue reducing the intake until he leaves it all.

7. Hire an Intervention Specialist


Once the addict becomes comfortable with you, he may give your suggestions a thought. You can hire a intervention specialist depending on the signs and symptoms of drug addiction.  He can suitably stage an intervention show/play demonstrating  how the abuse has impacted him and his near and dear ones. An addict might not care about self-destructive behaviors, but seeing the pain on others can be a powerful motivator for seeking help.

8. Find out the Signs and Symptoms


People who use drugs tend to show signs of drug abuse in every aspect of their lives. It’s common for an addict to miss work, neglect family obligations and have financial problems. You might notice a sense of irresponsibility in him. You might notice a change in his sleeping patterns, some may become insomniac, some may sleep for longer duration. The physical symptoms vary from person to person.

9. Communication


Gradually find some suitable time to talk with him about the problem just like any friend would do. You need to know certain things like the drug which he is addicted to,  how did he got addicted, how mad he is about it and so on so forth. He must be able to talk about the secrets. This may take longer as the addict may not tell you everything at once. Just give him time to open with you.

10. Build Trust


To get started with, you need to first spend time with the addict, gradually build trust between you. This may seem easy to say but harder to establish. While doing this, avoid lecturing, criticizing, nagging him as it may appear that you are trying to control him. Let him be himself.


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