Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies Based on War

There is a wide variety of genres that film directors could toss and make a movie on, be it crime, romantic, comedy or violence. Violence is usually portrayed by making movies on war, as they not only depict a sense drama but bring in a ting of realism into the characters as well as the story. Movies based on war are known for the depiction of reality and portraying things and facts just the way they are, and just the way they occur in a war. There have been a lot of movies directed on real life wars, such as the Vietnam wars or the World wars. No matter what type of a war the movie might show to the audience, such movies have a completely different impact on the audience. War movies are definitely poles apart from other movies such as romantic and comedy movies, because of the different feel and meaning to the characters, which could either be the villain domination over the characters or the heroism portrayed by the protagonist. Among all the war movies made, there are some movies which seemed to have created the best and the unforgettable impact on cinema lovers. Here is a list of the top 10 best war movies of all time made in Hollywood, which still stand as an inspiration of a good story and good filmmaking.

1. Apocalypse Now


Apocalypse Now is known to be not only one of the greatest masterpieces of the popular film director Francis Ford Coppola, but also remains to be one of the favourite movies till date when it comes to war films’ fanatics and lovers. Loosely based on the popular novel ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad, this movie successfully deals with the innumerous politics and lines of violence dealt during battles and post war times.

2. Paths of Glory


Paths of Glory stands out to be as a yet another incredible movies based on war, directed by Stanley Kubrick and which came out to the world in the year 1957. This movie tells the story of three privates in France, who are completely innocent and could not be blamed for anything, yet they fall into a trap and thus get court-martialed for something which is not their mistake. They get punished under the charges of cowardice and betrayal, and get executed.

3. Saving Private Ryan


A 1998 movie made by the greatest filmmakers of all time, Steven Spielberg became successful in capturing the truth and reality behind the D-Day invasion during the World War II. The realism of the story and the characters was extremely compelling and commendable, thus getting this movie into the list of the best war movies ever made in Hollywood.

4. The Thin Red Line


The Thin Red Line was a 1998 movie directed by Terrence Malick. This movie was based on the semi-autobiographical novel by James Jones and deals with the mass destruction of life and property through the World War I. This movie is considered as one of the best war movies as the director’s come back after a huge gap surely made him leave an impact on the audience through his very clear picture of loss and destruction during wars.

5. Platoon


Platoon was considered to be a breakthrough of the film director Oliver Stone and is claimed to be one of his best made movies. This movie released in 1986, and focused on a young college student who joins the Vietnam army. The movie revolves around his life as he works to fulfill his duties in the army, and his life in between the various culturally diverse groups and individual involved in the platoon.

6. La Grand Illusion


This movie La Grand Illusion was released way back in the year 1937, and was one of the greatest war movies directed by Jean Renoir. This movie focused on the lives and struggles of French prisoners of war during the World War I. the director was completely successful in depicting the hard life of the POW’s, and when the Nazis came to power, this movie was banned in France and all the copies and negatives of this war movie was seized.

7. Where Eagles Dare


Where Eagles Dare was a 1969 war movie directed by filmmaker Brian G. Hutton. Starring the very famous and popular actor at that time, Clint Eastwood, this movie focuses on how some army men disguise themselves as Nazi officers, and get out on the mission to rescue an American General. This movie is mainly known for its twists and turns, inspite of being a straight and factual movie based on war.

8. The Battle of Algiers


This movie directed by Gillo Pontecorvo focuses on the liberation movement by the Algiers, who were oppressed under the French colonization. The main realms of oppression and brutality were brought in light to the audience through the Battle of Algiers. This movie released in the year 1966 and deeply impacted the dimension of war movies through its depiction of violence and oppression.

9. The Big Red One


The Big Red One is basically a compilation of various small anecdotes and deals with the First Infantry Division from Africa to Europe, stretched between the time period of 1942 to 1945. This movie directed by Samuel Fuller was based on Fuller’s own personal experiences, due to which this 1980 released movie had won a lot of critical acclaim and appreciation.

10.  Das Boot


Das Boot was a movie released in 1981 and was directed by Wolfgang Peterson. This movie is known to be one of the best war movies ever made as it was made based on the autobiographical novel by German World War II photographer Lothar Guenther Buchheim. With epic battle scenes and intricate details of violence and strategy, this movie based on war is pretty gripping and catching. It grasps viewer attention, though the length of the movie is a little long to handle.


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