Top 10 Most Terrifying Animals on Earth

The animal kingdom is extremely large, larger than what we could estimate or think of. In that animal kingdom exists various different types and species of animals which are loved, such as dogs, cats and other animals which could be kept as a pet or rather be trained. Yet, there are another set of animals which are known as the wild ones, which create fear among people. And then again, you have another set of animals which are extremely rare, probably one of its kinds because of their terrifying and dangerous impact on people. They are known to be the scariest and the most terrifying of all animals existing in the animal kingdom. They have the capacity to create a sense of fear and terror among people as well as other fellow animals around them, because they also have the ability to kill you within seconds. They exist because no matter how terrifying and dangerous they are, they still form an important part of our food chain and ecosystem. So here is a list of the top 10 most terrifying animals known to people on this planet.

1. Box Jellyfish


The Box Jellyfish is not only considered deadly but also looks weirdly strange and creepy. This strange and rare fish has 24 eyes and 5000 stinging cells in its tentacles. The box jellyfish is considered to be the deadliest animal because of its rare venom which gets activated when it comes into contact with chemicals found in the bodies of humans, shellfishes and other types of fishes. The effects of the venom are what make this animal so dangerous and terrifying. The venom could lead to cardiac arrest, death of skin cells and death of the nervous system.

2. Black Mamba snake


The black mamba snake grows up to 14 feet and has an amazing speed of 12 miles per hour, due to which even snake lovers are warned to not be playing around with at least a black mamba. These snakes do not really attack humans, but when they do, they bite with lethal venom which could only be cured and taken out through quick and immediate antidote; else there are hardly any chances of the victim surviving.

3. Saltwater crocodiles


Because they belong to the reptile and specifically the alligator species, saltwater crocodiles are considered to be dangerous to any living thing. As their name tells, these crocodiles usually reside in saltwater or near freshwater shores and swamps. They are likely to feed on different types of water animals such as fishes and shorebirds, but they are also known to feed on animals larger than their size and even human beings as their attack and bite is considered deadly.

4. Polar Bears


One definitely needs to come out of the cute and cuddly image of a polar bear and come face to face with their reality, which is basically that polar bears are one of the largest land predators alive today. Male polar bears are known to kill large amount of walrus and seals in icy regions, and they don’t attack humans that occasionally but when they do, it is considered terrifying and deadly.

5. Brown recluse spider


Spiders do send chills down the spine for people who fear them and are terrified of them, though most of them are regarded no dangerous. But the six eyed enormous spider with a violin shaped head, known as the brown recluse is one type of spider whose venom could lead to immediate death of any living being. Their venom is said to be so poisonous that they lead to the death of skin tissue, and thus their bite is extremely dangerous and fatal.

6. Gray Wolves


Wolves are not only considered to be extremely sly animals, but also one of the most powerful hunters and dogs of their kind, especially the gray wolf. Their sharp teeth and strong jaws makes it ideal for them to hunt for any kind of living thing roaming around them, be it a tiny deer or a human being. They are sharp predators and spare no life when they are hungry.

7. Lions


Thoguh lions are getting nearly to the verge of extinction; few of whatever exist are still considered to be deadly and dangerous. These large wild cats are known to feed to human and animal meat, and are known to show no mercy on their killings and hunting. These large predators terrify a large number of people due to their size and habits, and probably that’s the reason they are known popularly as the King of the Jungle.

8. Sharks


Sharks are considered deadly, and the most terrifying of them all is considered to be the white shark. These animals with their sharp and pointy teeth and their massive weight can easily outdo any normal person or any water animals for that matter. Sharks are known to feed on anything and everything, and thus are considered terrifying by humans.

9. Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes might be extremely tiny in size and therefore not at all look terrifying to you, but their habit of sucking blood off animals and human beings definitely makes them one of the most dreaded and terrifying animals in many parts of the world. These tiny animals are difficult to catch and kill, which makes their impact all the more deadly as mosquitoes are known to be carrying along with them various kinds of deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and a deadly virus which exist in Africa known as the West Nile Virus which has killed almost 3 million people in a year.

10. Vampire Bats


Vampire bats are scary and frightening, but do not top the list of the most terrifying animals as they are mostly known to feed on cattle and horses, though sometimes they are known to attack humans as well. They are small in size, equal to the size of our thumb, and with their 8 inch wings they rule the animal kingdom in the night. The heat sensors in their nose help them to smell and detect the blood flow of any living being around them. Once they detect, the bats bite onto the flesh with their teeth and feed on the blood.


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