Top 10 Mid Night Snacks We cant Resist

The most important and unusual time of a student is the time when they study time and when they chat at mid night. The best memory is made when we don’t have anything to eat but still manage with snacks. There are some snacks that we just cannot resist. They are the most favorite of students and especially they are our faithful friends. They are the snacks that are available for us to eat when we are unable to make anything or take less time to be made. Let us take a look over the 10 mid night snacks that we cannot resist. Here are few of them:

1. Tea with Parle G:


Tea is popular among boys and also with everyone else. When accompanied by a packet of Parle G it becomes the most wonderful thing one can ever have. Hot tea with a packet of Parle G is loved by all and is the favorite mid night snack of many. It is the famous Indian pass time snack.

2. Maggi:


So here comes the favorite of all. Whether it’s your mother, father, aunt or uncle, elder or youngest, sister or brother, it is loved by all. Everybody follows the 5 minutes trick and makes the very easy and very tasty Maggi. It is something that no one can resist. People consume it all over the country at any time of the day. Among students it is the favorite at mid night and especially when they feel hungry or they don’t want to have food. Maggi is the solution of all food problem that one is facing.

3. Coffee:


The best time to have coffee is in winters. When students feel drowsy coffee is the best solution. At home mothers prepare coffee for students while students living away from home make their own cup of coffee. This takes a very less time and usually liked by everyone. Even after coming from office many people consume it so that they can get rid of their tiredness. Coffee is always a something that you cannot resist.

4. Home made snacks:


There are many home made sacks prepared by our mothers or grandmothers that are our favorite mid night sacks. They are so tasty that we cannot resist. They include sankhe, gunje, and other variety of options.  Our mother made snacks are incomparable to what the market offers. They are the best option that we can have at mid night. May it be our home or we may be away from home, these home made snacks will always remain our favorite.

5. Chocolates:


Chocolates are the favorite thing of all of us whether it is your grandmother or the youngest kid I the family we all love to have chocolates. At mid night when we feel hungry we all have a very tasty option to consume, that is, chocolates. There are so many options that we get in chocolates that are countless. According to children they are the best thing that they could ever get in life.

6. Cakes:


Cakes are in nowadays among many students and even family. Many companies are providing a wide range of them like Britania, Good Day and others. They include flavors like mix fruit, chocolate and orange flavor. Cakes are becoming quite famous now and are irresistible.

7. Cold drinks:


Cold drinks also serve us with variety of options that we just couldn’t resist. They include pepsi, sprite, mountain dew, thumbs up and many others. Especially in summers they are our favorite. Cold drinks are most popular among college going students. They have a habit of having them. They are not only consumed at mid night but throughout the day across the country.

8. Namkeen:


One of the famous tucks that we love to have in mid night is favorite namkeen. We just couldn’t resist it. There are variety of options that we get in the market, that is, many flavors that come with it like the spicy, the sweet and the tomato flavor. Namkeen offers the most variety of options than any other snacks that we eat. it is famous not only amongst the new generation but has also been favorite of our parents.

9. Kurkure:


This is one of the famous snacks of all. Kurkure also offers us with variety of options in flavors now. Whether it is the spicy kurkure or the kurkure twisty that has the taste of Maggie, we just couldn’t resist them. This is also one of the favorite mid night snacks of the students which we cannot resist. In spite of the rumors that they were made of plastics they are still the favorite of many proving the rumor to be null and void.

10. Lays:


It is one of the most common mid night snack we just couldn’t resist. All the flavors that lays offers us are mouth watering. Whether it may be tomato flavor or the new garlic cheese flavor, we all love it. The best part of it is that we don’t have to do any extra effort to have them. We can get them in any shop and we just have to bring them home so that we can have them at mid night. This is one of those snacks that are students favorite.

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