Top 10 Not so Good Things about Being Single

Being single is fun, no doubt. There is nobody we are answerable to, no second thoughts before flirting with attractive people around us, no lies, no infidelity and no dominating partners. Being single teaches you to love yourself, which you eventually forget in the process of loving your partner. Being single gives you enough me-time and also the chance to hang out with people of the opposite sex. Also, it is easier on the pocket. So many good things about being single. But what does the other side of the coin say? Is being single that good? No, says majority of people who are single. And you cannot deny it. Break ups, are one of the worst things we face. Let us look at the flip side of the coin and discuss elaborately what are the not-so-good things about being single.

10. Couple Pass Problems


Okay, so we have a huge friend circle where everybody is a somebody. Thanks to them, we keep getting passes to every happening place in town. Or we participate in events and get movie passes or party passes or even passes to concerts. All well and good till now. The problem arises when we receive couple passes to such events. All our friends seem to have dates already. We are left to ourselves to wonder whom to ask out! Grrrrr!

9. Nobody to call you Cute Names


No matter how mushy it may seem, but giving weird names is an integral part of any relationship. And though we hate to admit it, but a part of us likes those names. Don’t we absolutely love it when we are called “baby” or “darling” and what not? The flipside of being single are the times when we miss that special someone calling us these names. Yes, we secretly like these names.

8. Stalking on Social Networking Sites


We hate to be stalked, any day. But haven’t we all done it at some point of our lives? Stalking our exes on social media? ‘Stalking’, the term itself gives out a creepy feeling. But at times the memories and loneliness tends to take over the better part of us and we forget the sanity we have been gifted with. Result? We stalk our exes on Facebook, Whatsapp etc. We keep checking their profiles, their pictures, the new friends they have added, all secretly. And later curse ourselves for being so cheesy. Sorry, but being single often does that to us.

7. Nobody to make the Small Demands to


We are truly blessed to have the friends we have who take care of every need of ours. But remember that time when you used to demand for an ice cream on a chilly winter morning and it was promptly taken care of? Or that last minute snacks you wanted to buy just before the train starts to depart? Yes, these might sound crazy but when you were with your partner, nothing seemed weird, as every demand was fulfilled, irrespective of how small or big they were. When you are single, you miss those times and demands you used to make.

6. Nobody to Share the Deepest Secrets With


You agree or not, you share your deepest secrets only with your partner, without the fear of getting judged. No matter how close we are to our friends, there is always a hesitation when we have done something wrong or crazy and are willing to confess it. Our partners are like an open book with many blank pages where we can we write down everything without any second thought. Being single, we miss that. Yes, friends are always there to listen to us. But the heart craves for more!

5. Romantic Weather Days


Even the best friend you have is sure to remain busy with his or her partner on days when the weather is just perfect for a romantic date. You hate being single on such days. The mind drifts off to some distant Utopian land where relationships are perfect and there are no break ups. You hate being single on such days and no matter how hard you try to divert your mind from thoughts of your past relationships, the mind just refuses to respond to your efforts and you turn to a miserable soul. Is being single good?

4. Memories


Memories are unapologetic and cruel. They pop up in your mind at any moment and have the power to depress you for hours at a stretch. That’s what being single does to you. One definitely has countless memories of a relationship and those can pop up anytime, anywhere. The mere mention of a name, a song or even a tune, particular places, movies, all can seem dangerous in bringing back memories. And you have to agree, friends are of no help when such occasional interferences of your memories occur. You secretly wish you got back together but maintain a tough look on the outside.

3. Loneliness even when with Friends


Though we love hanging out with our pals, going places, but when loneliness creeps in, it is hard to actively participate in anything your friends are doing. The loneliness takes over the better of us and we suddenly start missing the guy or girl we had been with. Nothing seems to interest us at that moment and we enter in a strange shell. Even our friends get tired of explaining us after a point of time. So we are left to feel lonely and miss ‘them’!

2. No Date on Valentine’s Day


The whole world has a date on 14th February. But alas! Single people are poor creatures. They will come up with all sorts of excuses for not going on a date. But within, they hate the fact that even the nerdy boy has a date. Poor people! Valentine’s Day is the day when all of us wish we had somebody. People who are single are devoid of this fun. Sad but true!

1. Nobody to come Home to


This is the worst thing about being single. You stay out all day and have fun, or go to college or work, but after a day’s work when you come home, there is nobody who would open the door for you. Worse for people who stay alone. These are the times when we miss being in a relationship the most!


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