Top 10 Things you Must Carry While Travelling in Foreign Countries

Travelling foreign country is quite amazing and for enjoying those trips, you need to carry an appropriate baggage of all your essentials required. Travelling in your country is an easy and comfortable journey since you are regular with the stuff you can get in your country. But when it comes to travelling foreign countries then you are left with no other option then to carry all your essentials with yourself. Now while planning for the foreign trips packing, you have decided to carry all your essentials but you have to compromise some your stuff in order to reduce your baggage. You cannot carry your whole home with yourself. You need to make a list of most important things you need to carry. It is usually said that everything is essential to us, but some things are more essential than others. It is usually said that the happiest traveler is the one who can carry his luggage with him like he can put his baggage under his seat or he can carry it as a his handbag. Protection to baggages is the first priority of each and every traveler and then the second priority is given to enjoyment and fun on the trips. And this is the reason why every traveler wants to keep his baggage in front of his eyes throughout the journey. So before travelling you do need to plan a lot and the list given below can help you in great ways.

10. Other essentials

other essentials

Now you won’t deny that at least in one your journey, you forgot your toothbrushes at home only. This is really embarrassing when you are buying the most regular stuff from the foreign country. In this you have to think hard to keep your entire regular essentials in a small kit.

9. Magazines or story books or I pods


Now the main part of travelling is sitting idle and waiting for the destination to come. So it is always advised to carry some reading or entertainment stuff with yourself so that you do not get annoyed during the travel.

8. Go for universal adapter


Now different countries have different socket style so it is better to go for a universal plugging adaptor so that you don’t have to buy a separate charger there for your laptop or any other device.

7. Medicine


If you are suffering from some diseases then do not ever forget to take your medicines with yourself. Make a separate bag for medicines and keep them quickly in your bag. Even take your doctors prescription too so that in case you loose some medicines, you can buy them there.

6. Camera


If you want to fully enjoy your journey and want to keep all those beautiful and amazing moments with yourself forever then don’t forget to take your best camera with yourself. It is said that once the moment is gone, it will never come back so it is better to start preserving them as soon as possible.
5. Chargers


While going on your journey, if you forget the chargers of your electronic device then this will be most regretful that can happen to you on journey. Just think you are going on the most beautiful place and you see that you camera is lying dead, or give a thought that you want to contact your friends staying there and you see your phone fighting against battery low. Chargers are very important to take.


4. Travelling guide books


Now it is very to know that country where you going for enjoying. It is mostly advised that you should read all information available to you. This can even make your journey work easy since after going through all related magazines and guide books you will get a lot of information about the most famous and important place you should visit.

3. Travelling documents

travel doc

One of the most important things you need to take with yourself is your travelling documents. While going on foreign trips, the first document can come in your mind is passport which is a very important stuff and so like this take all your important documents. Check on the web about various documents required by the immigration and other authorities of the country in which you are going for travelling. Make sure that you also keep Xerox copies of all your important documents so that in case you loose the main document then the Xerox copies can help you out in great ways.


2. Mobile phone


Now a day mobile phones are so damn necessary things which you need to carry all the time with yourself. And it becomes compulsory to carry your mobile phones while travelling. You never know what can happen with you in the very next moment and so at that time mobile phones can become your great supporter. For example you are travelling by a bus and your bus gets hijacked by the terrorists then at least at that point of time you have some media to approach authorities for help but that needs to be done very cunningly. Not only in bad circumstances but in good situations too, mobile phones can prove to be a very useful device like if you visit a place where some of your relative resides then for approaching that relative, you need to have a media with yourself.

1. Small travel bag

small travel bag

Small travel bags are not similar to luggage’s they are very much different from them. They are small bags like hand bags or sling bags which you all the time carry with yourself. You should keep all your important stuff like money purse, few medicines etc in that bag so that you do not have to unpack your main luggages again and again for these items. Money is all time needy items and so it is advised to keep such stuff near with you in your handy small and this will also increase the safety level of those stuffs.



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