Top 10 Advantages of Swimming for Health

Swimming is one such exercise which is preferred more than any gymnasium or a sport which requires a lot of running around and which could probably hurt your body, physically and mentally. Swimming is one of the best sports when it comes to maintaining good health and physique, and at the same time enjoy the cool waters along with your friends and family. This sport is considered beneficial for the proper functioning of various organs of our body, such as the heart, brain, skeletal system, sore joints and various body muscles. It is also known to tone down or lower the risk of various diseases which usually happens due to our lifestyle and way of eating. People suffering with acute or prolonged obesity also turn towards swimming because this is one exercise where you could lose the maximum weight without really tiring or working yourself out too much. Swimming does not only make you look younger but also makes you feel lighter, energetic and younger from inside as well. Here is a list of the top 10 advantages swimming has on our health and why we actually need to make it a part of our daily lifestyle to live healthy and long.

1. Live longer

live longer

People who swim regularly have been noted to live longer than the ones who don’t, as researchers have pointed out the advantages swimming has on our health and mental physique. Due to this long list of benefits, swimming makes us live a longer, care free and disease free life, and also keeps our mood lightened up and happier for a longer duration.

2. Stress free and a clearer brain

better mood

When a person swims, he is tend to become more happy and likely to be in a good mood as swimming releases some chemicals known as endorphins. This endorphin leads to a stress free body and leaves you with a higher spirit and a better mood. Also, you will realize that your head also feels lighter and that you brain is clear enough to process and perform activities for the day. This is because swimming helps the brain to replace the cells which were lost when you brain and body was under stress.

3. Lowers chances of diabetes

reduces diabetes

Swimming makes us burn a large amount of calories, due to which the insulin sensitivity in our body increases. Due to this ability of swimming, the risk of diabetes in people becomes less and the symptom slowly wears off. People who are not suffering with diabetes also indulge in swimming as it keeps this problem of diabetes away from the body by maintaining the right insulin level.

4. Reduces cholesterol level

reduces cholesterol

Swimming is also known to help us maintain the right amount of good cholesterol in our body. Our bodies are comprised of good and bad cholesterol and the wring balance of these two levels lead us to suffering with various cholesterol and heart problems. Swimming ensures the right balances of the good and bad cholesterol in our body, thus keeping our bodies free from any cardiovascular diseases.

5. Reduces risk of asthma

reduces asthma

Because swimming teaches you proper breathing techniques in its process, it largely reduces the risk of asthma symptoms in people. People suffering from asthma or snoring and breathing issues have been found to suffer less after indulging in swimming, as this sport helps in increasing the lung volume in our body and help us learn to take short and easy breaths while we are under water.

6. Reduces obesity

reduces obesity

Swimming is known as the biggest calories burner of all time, because it has the ability to help you loosen and burn up large amount of calories in those cool waters. Swimming helps you keep fit by keeping your weight under control. The more intensely and rigorously you swim, you tend to burn and lose m ore calories in the process of swimming.

7. Better heart and blood pressure

better heart

Swimming is known as a cardiovascular exercise because of its ability to make the heart efficient in pumping. Being the most vital organ of our body, swimming helps in the stretching up of the heart muscles, thus enabling it to pump more of blood in our body and maintain a good blood flow within us. Swimming can also combat our body’s inflammatory response, due to which the risk of heart diseases becomes much lesser in swimmers. Because of this benefit to the heart, swimming is also known to help in reducing blood pressure and maintain a proper blood flow system in our body.

8. Flexibility


Swimming involves the exercising of all our body parts in various ways, which involves the lengthening of these various muscles present in our body. As a result, our muscles tend to get more flexible and stretch themselves more with time with swimming. Our bodies need to be completely stretched out while swimming and a regular habit of swimming ensure that our muscles in the body get loosened up, due to which flexibility f our muscles increases.

9. Increased muscle tone and strength

muscle tone

Swimming helps you to exercise all your muscles in your body parts as it involves the movement of different sections of your body. Therefore, the muscles get trained to be stronger and toned than ever before. This is just an example of staying fit without feeling the need of any gymnasium or other aerobic exercises such as jogging, because they only concentrate on your hands or legs, whereas swimming is the perfect exercise for the overall toning of your muscles and increasing the strength of your body.

10. Work out all your muscles

WorkoutWorkoutworkout 1

When you indulge into the act of swimming, you will realize that swimming involves the movement and work out of all your body muscles at the same time, which is the upper, lower and the middle part of the body. This way, the muscle reflexes in all your body parts function and thus you get to exercise all your vital body parts without actually doing anything. Swimming is an easy exercise and therefore it provides you with the ability to do more work out by stressing yourself comparatively less than the other sports.

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