Top 10 Countries Famous for their Coffee

Coffee is one of the most famous and popularly growing commodities in the world. Due to the increasing chains of coffee shops and people developing a taste towards various types of coffee, the need and demand for coffee today has grown like never before. To meet this increasing want of coffee in different countries, coffee is imported from some countries which are known to have and grow some of the best coffee plantations in the world. Some countries have an extremely good growth of coffee beans, most of which taste really amazing and different in their own way. These countries have established themselves as the place best known for coffee due to more and more people liking the taste of differently flavoured coffee beans. Those countries which are known for their taste of coffee beans export their coffee to other countries and make money out of it, and at the same time spread the love and taste of their distinct quality of coffee. Here is a list of the top 10 countries which are known to be famous for their coffee and known for their high quality and flavoured coffee beans all around the world.

1. Brazil


Brazil has been one of the best quality coffee producing nations for over 150 years now and we are sure that there are many more years to come for this country known for its different blends of coffee. Brazilian coffee is known to be of extremely high quality, pure and the best when it comes to taste and nature, which also makes Brazil the largest exporter of coffee in the world. So the next time you visit Brazil, you know what to look out for apart from its beautiful beaches and dense jungles.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another country where you would find some of the highest quality coffee beans and a taste of coffee found in no other place. This country started producing coffee in the year 1779, and continues to be one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Costa coffee is extremely popular in various nations across the globe, and to meet this demand for this country’s amazingly delicious coffee, Costa Rica exports a large amount of its coffee plantations and earns revenue from it.

3. Columbia


Columbian coffee is known to be one of the best in taste and strongest in nature. The history of coffee in the country of Columbia is still unknown and vague, but today this country is known to be one of the highest exporters of coffee beans in the world. If you are a coffee lover, then the strong aroma and beautiful taste of Columbian coffee is sure to way its way in your heart.

4. Vietnam


Vietnam was first introduced to coffee by the French people during the French colonization in the year 1857. Since then, this country has never looked back from growing some of the best quality of coffee in the world and exporting it to different parts of the globe. The perfect and fertile climate of this country has enabled Vietnam to increase their revenue by exporting their high quality coffee to various countries of the world.

5. Ethiopia


Ethiopia is right known as the birthplace of coffee. The interesting story behind it goes back in the old times when a goat herder accidently stumbled upon a plant in an area known as ‘Kaffa’. His goat, when feeding on this particular plant was observed to be more energized than what It was usually, and thus led to the discovery of ‘Kaffa’ or ‘Coffee’ known today. Due to the taste of coffee beans, most of the coffee production is consumed domestically and the rest is exported. This country is also known to have almost four types of coffee production systems like no other country.

6. India


The South of India is one of the largest producers of coffee and also an area where some of the best coffee is known to grow. The major coffee estates in India are known to be Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This export and growing of coffee was established way back during the British rule in this country in 17th century, due to which the coffee export remains very strong and one of the best in the world. Being one of the oldest producers of coffee, India is famous for its Malabar variety and plantations of Robusta coffee.

7. Indonesia


Indonesia is one country where you will see coffee plantations done in small-sized farms by small farmers, but these little farms are large in number, which makes this country one of the largest exporters of coffee in the world. As a cup of coffee is termed as ‘Java’ in the US, there is literally an island named Java in Indonesia where most number of coffee plantations are grown, and are known for their beautiful aroma and high quality. The most important types of coffee available in this country is the Coffee canephora and Coffea Arabica.

8. Honduras


Not many people know, but the taste of coffee in Honduras is known to be one of the best and different in taste. Because this country has just the right type of climate and temperature for the best kind of growth of coffee plantations, the major cash crop of Honduras actually becomes coffee. Being agriculture oriented country, the lack of infrastructure and other equipments restrict this country from the massive scale of coffee export to various parts of the world.

9. Mexico


The country also know for growing a special type of coffee known as the Coffea Arabica, coffee was first introduced in Mexico by Antilles at the end of the 18th century. Mainly south and south central parts of this country grow large number of coffee plantations and today coffee is one of the most important export crops of this country. This country is known to export most of its coffee to The United States of America.

10. Peru


Peru is a South American country, known for its fair trade of coffee beans around the world. This country is also known to export organic coffee beans, which are free of chemicals and other inorganic substances, due to which their coffee beans have a very distinguished taste to them. This country has a large number of small coffee plantations spread around acres of land, and thus export their coffee to other countries and earn huge revenue out of it.

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