Top 10 Largest Coffee Chains in the World

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Coffee over the years has grown in sales, just equally the number of coffee plantations in the world. Seeing the popularity of coffee among people across different age groups all across the globe, many countries have focused on increasing their coffee plantations in order to meet this increasing demand and need for coffee. Coffee does not only taste delicious with the right kind of whipped cream or ice cream, but is also known to be one of the best and easiest stress busters for people at work or for students preparing for their exams. Coffee contains caffeine, which helps us to stay active and energetic for a longer duration of time, and which could keep you awake and working for hours. Due to this ability of the hot beverage, coffee shops have sprung like never before. Opening up various numbers of franchises in more than one location or country has been able to take this beverage to higher sales and greater love. Due to this growing love and demand for coffee, this hot beverage is also made and mixed with different kinds of other accompaniments such as ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips and a lot others. Coffee shops are one of the best places to interact and communicate, whether be it for work or for a date. Here is a list of the top 10 coffee chains in the world, which have grown tremendously over the years and won millions of hearts with their different varieties and flavours of coffee.

1. Starbucks


With more than 20,000 outlets all over the world, Starbucks remains unparalleled when it comes to coffee and bakery products. This American coffee chain has been considered to be the best global coffee store in the world, with most of their outlets and franchisees located in United States itself. There is no part of the world or any country which does not have a love for Starbucks coffee, because wherever it goes, it manages to win the heart and taste buds of people.

2. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

First started in Canada, Tim Hortons as a coffee chain has now established more than 4000 outlets and franchises all across the world, and continue to grow at that rate. Along with their coffee, they also specialize in selling some finger licking donuts and bakery products. Bagels and Timbits are some of their most popular bakery products sold all over the world.

3. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is not just a coffee chain, but also is famous for selling some amazing and delicious donuts all over the world. It was started by William Rosenberg in the year 1950, in Quincy, Massachusetts. Dunkin Donuts has established its presence in more than 36 countries worldwide, and has not only won hearts through their various flavours and types of coffee but some really tasty donuts which remain unmatched by its competitors.

4. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Started in London by two Italian brothers, Sergio and Bruno Costa, Costa Coffee is one coffee chain which has expanded and grown tremendously since its start up. This coffee chain has more than 1700 outlets all across the globe, with 1375 outlets in the United Kingdom itself. This coffee chain also holds the record of having a store which can accommodate the seating of 321 people at the same time, in one of its large outlets in Dubai.

5. Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans was founded in the year 1979 by Australian origins Ed & Gloria Jean Kvetko. This coffee chain has established more than 1000 outlets and franchises all over the world, most of them located in its parent country Australia and the second most number being in The United States of America. Offering some of the best espressos, coffees, tea and pastries, this coffee chain also provides nutritional information and ingredients of all their products.

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