Top 10 Best Episodes of Friends TV Serial

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This legendary sitcom started way back in September, 1994 and has been a rage ever since. It has catered to the humor of people across generations and continents. It had a successful run of ten seasons over the span of ten years and saw various life events and change in fate and lives of the characters. Ross starred by David Schwimmer, Chandler by Matthew Perry, Joey by Mall LeBlanc, Phoebe by Lisa Kudrow, Rachel by Jennifer Anniston and Monica by Courtney Cox, were friends both onscreen and off screen. Written by brilliant people- David Crane and Marta Kauffman, later added on by other writers, this sitcom is a staple for TV serials watchers.

I am always surprised to see how there is a stark similarity between friends and all other sitcoms present today. All episodes supplement to our daily dose of sarcasm and sometimes even the way we make decisions in our lives as if we were those characters. The awards it won and the ranks it acquired has very little to do with how we grew up on these episodes and how even still in our lives we think of what Joey might have done or Chandler would have said, or ponder over the trialed and triturated life of Ross and Rachel. Here’s bringing you some of the best episodes from all ten seasons. If you are ever feeling sad about anything or just want to pep up your mood, turn them on, on your sets and you are good to go. Even though with their genius storyline and impeccable acting in each episode, it was quite an impossible feat to choose these ten.


1. The One With The Football S03E09

The One With The Football

It’s Thanksgiving and the Friends decide to play an American Football game in the park, after watching pros on TV. However, Geller parents forbade Ross and Monica to play each other due to their rivalry for the vicious cup. The game turns spiteful and competitive as they try to win the game against the other sex


2. The One where It All Began S01E01

The One where It All Began

This doesn’t need any introduction. This pilot episode of the Friends season sums up the whole spirit of friends. The scene where Rachel runs into the coffee house wearing a wedding dress explaining that she left her fiancé at the altar and she had no one else to go to. That is where it all began and is definitely the best episode of all the seasons.


3. The One With all the Thanksgiving Flashbacks S05E08

The One With all the Thanksgiving Flashbacks

All the friends get together over the Thanksgiving dinner, recalling the worst thanksgiving dinners and who can win the ‘Sob story King’. They recall the hardest times of the year and the times they had to face them and end up being together all the time.


4. The One Where Ross is Fine S10E02

The One Where Ross is Fine

Ross is unable to accept about Rachel and Joey’s relationship and tries hard to deal with it or at least pretend to. He tries to be the better person and makes sincere even though unnecessary efforts to tell them that he is fine with them being together. He invites Rachel and Joey for dinner along with his current girlfriend Charlie. Ross quickly gets drunk and embarrasses himself. Joey stays behind to take care of Ross, while Rachel and Charlie leave. In the morning, Joey and Ross talk and Ross assures them that he will be fine. Chandler and Monica visit Phoebe’s friends who have adopted a son and Chandler ends up blurting it out to the child that he is adopted. Fran Jr. visits Phoebe with his triplets and tells Phoebe how troubled he is with them, yet he is unable to give up any of them.


5. The One with the Embryos S04E12

The One with the Embryos

Joey and Chandler happen to correctly identify the exact contents in Rachel’s shopping bag, Monica decides to have trivia contest to prove who knows more about whom-the men or the women. They place a real time bet on the outcome and eventually end up trading up the apartment at high stakes. Ross plays host to the game and puts together some questions. Meanwhile Phoebe has agreed to be the surrogate mother for her brother Frank who has an older wife (who happens to be Franks teacher), but is also concerned that she is taking a chance where the success rate is only 25%. The trivia result end up in the girls losing the apartment because they don’t know Chandler’s job. As the four packs their respective apartment with utter displeasure for the women, Phoebe announces that she is pregnant and they instantly turn into a mood of celebration.


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