Top 10 Civilizations that might have beaten Columbus to America

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6. The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar was supposed to be an intelligent civilization with good banking skills but were persecuted or dissolved in the 14th century. When they were persecuted, some knights turned for help to Henry Sinclair who was the Prince of Orkney Islands. Sinclair then began with an expedition with the knights to the New World and probably never returned to Scotland after setting foot in America. The Gnostic beliefs of the Knights Templar was supposed to have an influence on the Native Americans and their teachings brought about a change in the fathers of Native America, evidences of which could be found as a portrait of a medieval knight in Massachusetts and the remains of an old castle, a cannon and a stone wall in Nova Scotia.
7. Malians

The empire of Mali in West Africa was ruled by the richest man of all time and extremely powerful, Mansa Musa, who told the story of his predecessor Mansa Abubakari II who might have led himself and his troops to America. Abubakari had commissioned a voyage to the end of Atlantic Ocean, but not all the ships returned after the sail, the other troops who confirmed the news saying that a giant whirlpool swallowed up the boat. Then Abubakari himself led the voyage with 2000 ships and the fleet never returned. When Columbus set foot in America, he evidently found giant stone carvings of heads, called the Olmec Head, which were an evidence of the pre-Columbian America. He also encountered African traders and African spears in gold.
8. Siberians

Siberians are the people who could be given the most truthful and utmost credit for stepping foot in this land of America. Many Siberians were believed to have moved to the northern parts of North America during the Ice Age, which dates back to more than 20,000 to 30,000 years ago, who traveled to America across the Bering Strait. Recently in 2012, a team of anthropologists also confirmed that this theory could actually hold true as there have been a lot of similarities found and a shared mutation between the Altai people of Siberia and the Native Americans.
9. Semites

Semites were believed to have visited the land of America, especially the Phoenicians who were apparently solely responsible for the pre-Columbian Native American empires. The legend of Votan is popular and believable where it is said that this mythological figure had founded the land in the early 1000 B.C. and also there is a Carthaginian coin which may reflect a map of the world. Because Carthaginians are descendants of the Phoenicians, it is quite possible that this land was known to them even before Columbus had discovered it, though there are not established evidences found to support this theory. It is also believed according to the Book of Mormon that three groups of Isrealites settled with the Americans known as Juredites, together as they were believed to be the ancestors of Native Americans.
10. The Chinese

China was ruled by the Ming dynasty during the time period of 1368-1644. During this time, Europe was making developments to its shipping and sails, and therefore China didn’t remain far behind and conducted various naval expeditions, one of which could have been to America. In 1421, when China supposedly made landfall, a British historian Gavin Menzies found many similarities between the Chinese and American traditions. Conceptualized as the ‘1421 Theory’, the historian believed that even before Columbus made his way to the New World, the Chinese had already established their influence among major American tribes and were interbreeding with the American natives, though not much evidence has been found to support this theory.

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